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Chapter 493 The order of the origin

 Dark Blood Age Volume 8 The World Is My Enemy

Chapter 493 The Order Of The Origin

Chu Yunsheng had never been so calm before. Although he knew clearly that he was preparing for his "death".

The senior Practitioner said that he needed to get to Yuan Tian Stage nine as fast as he could, and he could only save himself that way. The senior practitioner was definitely able to do it, and the people, who were as talented as him, may also be able to do it. But he knew that with his aptitude, it was simply impossible for him to reach Yuan Tian stage nine. He could not even reach Yuan Tian stage four, let alone Yuan Tian Stage Nine.

Therefore, from the moment he saw the message that was left by the senior practitioner, he completely gave up the hope, that he would survive this time.

But he didn't know why he became calmer as the death approached. He himself was also terrified by his own calmness.

As if this was the most moment of his life, Chu Yunsheng wanted to put all his focus on it.

Slowly increasing his own body strength by practicing the cultivation method was useless to him, who probably only had a few months left. So he decided to stop the cultivation practice and focus on the method that could help him to increase his combat ability in a short amount of time.

After removing all the bloodstains from his body, he began to prepare many monster seal talismans. Those were not his blood, but the blood of people who he killed.

He had tried to modify the method of making monster seal talismans to increase the speed of making it. But at the same time, he also had to make sure that the failure rate would not be increased because of that.

At this moment, he felt like he had returned to the days when he was still in Shen Cheng city. At that time, he had to calculate every single unit of Yuan Qi energy he spent like a stingy businessman.

While his mind was extremely clear, he also knew that on this planet, no one was able to defeat him in a one-on-one fight. Even if it was those crystal dressed beings that those people called God's Warriors.

But his great weaknesses was also because of this. He was always alone! Therefore, the monster seal talisman became the key to his plan.

If Dark was here, then it would not be a problem for him at all. It could help him to breed as many combat units as possible to help him fight. But now there was only him, Yu Hanwu, the flying head monster, and the metal elemental monster that he had sealed no long ago.

Of course, Yu Hanwu might not be able to help him much. Even if he had returned to his original body, at most, he would be a Yuan Tian Stage two master. So he had other plans for him. He wanted him to hide in the mushroom forest and provided him with an army of unlimited sealed monsters.

When the flying head monster was sealed, it already had a power that was equivalent to a Middle-Layer Yuan Tian Stage three master. Although at the moment, it still hadn't fully recovered yet, Chu Yunsheng believed with the help of a large amount of Yuan Qi nourishing it, it would be recovered very soon. And then based on the knowledge, about how monsters increased their strength, he learned in the past, he might be able to help the flying head monster to become as powerful as a peak Yuan Tian stage three master. It might become one of his trump cards.

In terms of the sealed metal elemental monster. He had two plans for it. It would depend on situations. If the flying head monster couldn't increase its power by itself, then it would let the flying head monster eat this metal elemental monster to force it to level up.

If the flying head monster did breakthrough, then, it would let this metal elemental monster assist the flying head monster in a battle. He believed that with those two working together, they were even capable of fighting Ying of Huang Bei Ying. Two days ago, Chu Yunsheng personally experienced how strong the protection of this metal elemental monster was. Even with the help of the many offensive talismans, sword Qi, black gas, and the seventh divine nail, it still took him more than an hour to finally seal it.

Therefore, it could be said that once those two were able to assist each other in the battle, below Yuan Tian Stage four, no one was able to defeat them.

Of course, this was definitely not enough, because he had too many enemies. His second plan was to let go of the man who peed himself and asked him a spread a message. If anyone left major forces and joined him, he would reward them with the cultivation methods that were in the will of Cambrian. Not only that, but he would also give them high-quality armors, weapons, and even talismans. If anyone brought the heads of those aliens, he would reward them even more heavily.

Not only just that man, but he also planned to find Yan Ge and Luo Qing those people, to spread the message to summon all the loose practitioners again.

This is his second strategy -"The Order Of the Origin"

"All of you want me to be some kind of powerful man in the world? All of you want to give some kind of origin title? Then I will make sure that you will regret it!"

What he wanted to do was that he wanted to make the current world situation as messy as possible. The messier it got, the more advantages he had.

There was also the last resistance force behind Qin Qiying... He wanted to use as many forces to his advantages as possible...


While Chu Yunsheng was planning all of this, what he did not know was that in his zero-dimensional space, there was an invisible "seed", that had been hidden in his soul for a very long time, causing all his negative feelings and torturing him repeatedly, and making him almost go insane many times in his past, had been activated by something.

Inside it, there were Chu Yunsheng's primitive desire and many other complicated feelings...


Sorry for the long wait.

this volume is the most difficult volume to translate.

the conflicted personality of MC is the most extreme in this volume.

you will see him angry at one second, laughing at the next second and then crying all of sudden, thinking about one thing, doing the other thing. It made me want to give up translating several times.

but then, whenever I thought about the story plot and a guy who had been isolated for twenty years, I came back to translate again.

everything will get better after this volume.