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Chapter 492 An army of Mins

 Yu Hanwu was more and more afraid of his master. There was a feeling that he did not know how to describe it. Since the dealy black gas disappeared, he could always feel a freezing dark aura on his master, full of oppressive and death feeling, making people suffocated. But this type of feeling seemed to be familiar to him, it seemed like he also had it before.

"Hanwu, I can't stay here for long. They will find us soon. You and the flying head monster hide deep into the forest first. At the same time, try to find out the strength and distribution of all the living things in the ten miles radius here as soon as possible, and wait till I come back!"


Master only left this sentence, before he left the forest.

That night, after master left, many celestial beings came to the forest. According to master, the things that they used to travel, were called aircraft. I had never seen so many aircraft before. One of them was even several times bigger than the pumpkin filed!

"They are here for master," I told the flying head monster before we flew deep into the mushroom forest.

I remembered that at that time, I asked Chubby Head, that if master would come back?

During that time, only the round meatball-like monster accompanied me all the time. So I privately named it Chubby Head, so it could become a pair with the timid monster.

However, the flying head monster had no self-awareness and never understood what I told him. Instead, the timid monster, that was sealed inside the monster seal talisman, sometimes responded to me once or twice.

Before master came back, I was always spending as much time as possible on improving my strength with Chubby Head. It was bloody, savage, but simple. However, when master came back, he also brought many things, that I did not understand at that time, with him.

I knew that Chubby Head could not speak. So I just disguised himself as a plant stem and looked at the sky most of the time. I really missed the pumpkin field, my younger brother and young sisters, and Dong Er.

Every now and then, I would imagine that if those men in black cloaks hadn't come, if I could live with Dong Er forever in the pumpkin field... How wonderful would that be?

Unfortunately, I could never go back.


The night was getting darker and darker, it was scarily silent. All the light in the sky seemed to have hidden themselves somewhere, and no one was able to find them. The various creatures that often wandered around in the forest in the past, seemed to have also disappeared without any trances. Their animal instinct told them that there was a trace of dangers in the air, even Yu Hanwu could also detect it.

However, nothing happened during the first evening. When there were hazy shimmers in the sky, those celestial beings at a distance also left. But his master had not returned yet. Yu Hanwu was silently searching for the habitat of other monsters with Chubby Head deep inside the forest. He faintly knew what master wanted to do.

Only until the next night, where the sky was as dark as the first night, his master finally came back.

But he was covered with red blood. Even his hair was covered with the smell of blood. His face was even more livid. Chubby Head did not dare to even get close to his master at all.

His master brought back two people, one with broken bones all over his body and was bleeding constantly. However, the person was still standing unyieldingly with the help of his remaining fire energy. His face was twisted, however, there was also a mocking sneer on his face. While the other had almost no wounds on his body, but somehow he peed himself. Keeping kowtowing to the master, he was constantly murmuring something in his mouth as if he was praying for something.

His master did not say a single a word, and always held a broken stone tablet, which was also covered with blood. Yu Hanwu did not know what kind of magic it had, his master could wipe it with a clean cloth over and over again, as if everything in the world could not disturb him at this moment.


After a long time, Chu Yunsheng pointed to the man, who was standing on his feet with broken bones over his body and said lightly, "Hanwu, he is one the celestial beings you talked about, kill him!"

"Mas?..." Yu Hanwu suddenly raised his head.

"Kill!" Chu Yunsheng's eyes instantly became extremely cold. Chubby Head was startled and immediately flew out to bite off the man's head and swallow it in.

The man lost his head, but strangely his headless body did not fall. It was still standing as if it was still mocking at Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng looked at him indifferently. Taking a new gun from the storage talisman, putting it against the man's chest, he pulled the trigger and blasted the headless body into pieces.

"Fire Race, all of you are deserved to die!"

"Hanwu, remember, they are not celestial beings! They are just a group of animals!"

As he said it, he pointed the gun coldly at the head of another man who was kneeling on the ground shivering.

"Tell me or keep your mouth shut forever!"

The face of the man, who had peed his pants, was as pale as a white sheet. He stuttered in fear, "Lord Origin, I really don't know. I'm just a civil servant. Please, I'm begging you."

"I don't have much time left. Tell me!" Chu Yunsheng said coldly and pushed the gun forward again.

"Lord Origin, Please, I am telling the truth, I really don't know, the people from the top never once told us anything, your parents' ashes, I really don't know who has it, Please..." the man replied hurriedly in panic.

Chu Yunsheng leaned back, lowered the new rifle and waved to Chubby Head.

Chubby Head was ordered to approach the man with its mouth opened. In its bloody mouth, the hair and eyeballs of the former Fire Race were still stuck in between its teeth.


The man quickly crawled to Chu Yunsheng and cried, "Don't eat me! Don't eat me! I will say it, I will say it. Lord Origin, I really don't know the details. I only heard some rumors. At that time when you crashed in the pacific ocean, Fire Race and Duo Neng race... Later on, I heard that some were killed by God Warriors on the way back, some parts were lost..."

"Veiled woman! Tan Ning!..." Chu Yunsheng was so angry that he instantly kicked the man away. But in the next second, he suddenly vomited blood.

But strangely, as soon as the blood came out, it disappeared instantly as if It just went into a different dimension.

Chu Yunsheng knew immediately that this was the indication, that the collapse of the dimensional space inside his body. If dimensional space collapsed, all the matters within it would disappear. The blood he vomited was rejected by the collapsing dimensional space. He was reminded once again that he was running out of the time.

He took a deep breath, forcing himself to calm down. Carefully placing the broken tombstone into the storage talisman, he gnashed his teeth and said.

"Even if I give you my flesh and blood, what results can you get?"

The reason why he was able to cultivate pure Yuan Qi, was entirely because of the book. It had nothing to do with his untalented body.

"Once I am dead, I will make sure none of you can get the book!"


At a distant place.

Where the whole world was bloodred, and full of screeching insects, fighting against each other. The corpses that had been accumulated under their feet were already enough to cover the entire earth.

In the dark red sky, there was a dark shadow standing domineeringly in the sky, holding a spear that was covered by dark lightning, looking down at the vast battlefield. Its millions of troops were roaring and tearing the other side's line of defense one after another!

It was silent, motionless in the sky, but its eyes were revealing the dealy bright red gleams that were powerful enough to pierce through any enemy!

"It's the end, it has already been 10 years in that place, why are you still..." In the sky, a vague shadow slowly appeared.

"You have forgotten the mission of our race!" The second shadow showed only one purple eye in the bloody sky.

"You have been fighting us three for so many years, but never once we were able to defeat you. You have proved your ability. It's time to finish." The third voice came from farther away, but there was no shadow could be seen.

The dark shadow was still standing silently as if the long spear in its hand was its answer.

The third voice sighed, "What exactly is it in the land of sin, that deserves you to do all of this?"

"I'd rather die in battle!" The sound of dark shadows said coldly.

The third voice sighed again, "We can help you to open the last portal, but once the Land Of Sin returns to its original dimensional coordinate, we will never be able to do it again. So you only have one chance, but you can't go back. As a price, you need to unite Five Sources and leave with us to guard the Forbidden Realm for three hundred years!"

"This is your only chance!"


Location: Hawaii.

Time: Midnight.

In the center above an active volcano, a dazzling mirror-like portal was suddenly opened. Then many Mins that were in their final-form flew out of the portal one by one...

At the same time, a voice, that was worshiped by this army of Mins as if it was made by their god, came from behind the portal.

"Follow my order and protect the master for me!"