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Chapter 491 The Initial Arrangements Have Failed

 Chu Yunsheng rolled up the strip of farbric, while having mixed feelings inside his mind. Since the man from the sky city told him that the cultivation propagator in Poyang Ze was just a clone, he already began to have a faint feeling that Yuan Xuejian might be Jing Tian's clone. This was also the reason why he could not just leave her alone.

However, he did not expect that it would end like this.

He was slightly sympathetic towards her. Regardless of what happened to him, he was still able to live like a free man. However, Yuan Xuejian's life was much more strategic than his. She was like a puppet being controlled and manipulated by others. She had no right to love, no right to hate, and no right to have any kind of feeling. And what she wanted the most was just to feel what it was like to be a free person. Chu Yunsheng did not doubt her words, because of what she had written behind the cloth, and those words that seemed to be hurriedly added by her, "I only know faintly that the thing about your disappearance that time was not an accident. It was a trap planned by many people together. They tricked you go to that island. But no one expected that you are still able to survive."

This kind of secret, he did not think anyone would dare to tell him, apart from her.

Upon finishing reading the information that Yuan Xuejian left to him, Chu Yunsheng felt a spine-chilling coldness. He thought that everything was just a coincident, but he did not expect that.he had already fallen into someone else's trap. Having thought it again, indeed, such a big island, how could those aliens, that had many advanced aircraft, did not know anything about it? He was too naive.

At the same time, he was also extremely furious. Those bastards did not even let go of the body of Jing Tian. They even cloned her! If they did that to Jing Tian, that meant his aunt, and Jing Yi would also be treated the same after they died.


Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng's body began to shake, and he instantly stood up from the rotten ground. While his eyes were wide open, a very scary thought slowly began to emerge from his mind. That thought was like a sharp knife slashing his heart making its bleed in pain.

If what happened twenty years ago was just a secret plan, then the location of his parent's grave would be exposed as well!

And based on what they had done to his aunt's family. His parents!... He still clearly remembered, that the shadow in the yellow mountain said, that even if humans were turned into ashes, they would still able to extract the things they needed form the ashes.

And if they needed ashes, they must dig up the grave...

"They have dug up my parent's grave!"

"They have dug up my parent's grave!"


As he gnashed his teeth while reciting the words repeatedly in anger one by one, He was slowly losing his mind as if he was falling into the dark abyss.

It was at this moment, a black gas suddenly burst out within its body and began to spread outward. Wherever the black gas went, trees would fell and grass would wither, even the soil below him lost all its vitality in that split second.

The flying head monster let out a shrill scream and retreated madly in panic. Yu Hanwu was dazed for a second. And when he came back from the daze, a thin black gas had already wrapped him around. Before he even started struggling, he already began to lose his life force rapidly. The continuousness of the timid monster was so frightened that it broke the restriction of the monster seal talisman, constantly sending messages to Yu Hanwu, asking him to run as fast as he could, and as far as he could.

Yu Hanwu did not know what happened. But he still escaped from the black gas' wrap and caught up with the flying head monster. Behind them, all the plants began to wither in a speed that was visible to the naked eyes.

Eventually, the black gas stopped spreading. However, within a few hundred meters around Chu Yunsheng, it became a forbidden zone.

"Master!" through the connection between the monster seal talisman, Yu Hanwu shouted loudly.

But all he got was Chu Yunsheng constantly murmuring, "They have dug up my parent's grave..." His voice became colder and colder as if it came straight from the hell. And in the black gas, only the pair of eyes that were filled with cold gleam was visible.

Suddenly he made a heavy stepped forward, and just when he was about to lift another leg, the ancient book, that had six divine nails stabbed on it, appeared in front of him and stopped him.

"You also want to stop me!" Chu Yunsheng gnashed while his hands were clenched into fists.

The ancient book was radiating a soft light, and still floating in front of him as if it did not understand what Chu Yunsheng had just said. Because of the six nails, it was no longer able to do anything to the black gas. It was only able to constantly turning its pages in the air, and then, many symbols began to fly out from the book strangely, forming sentences in the air.

At the same time, what was even more bizarre was that when the six nails just touched the black gas, they were like a drought met with rain, they became very active and extremely excited. Even the seventh nail in Chu Yunsheng's body also began to absorb the black gas that coming out from his zero-dimensional space greedily...

"If you can see this text, it means that most of my initial arrangements have failed... Sigh, things are always changing, that is something I also can't help... Before reaching Yuan Tian stage four, cultivating life force is extremely dangerous!

In order to avoid the inheritor of my book disregarding the warnings and seeking the methods of obtaining long life and excessively increasing the speed of cultivation progress, the method of cultivating life force was removed from the previous three stages. But I did not expect that...

You have reversed all the cultivation sequences, and your life is in danger.

Only after Yuan Tian stage four, can practitioners cultivate life force, and only after Yuan Tian stage nine, can practitioners cultivate Yi Shi Yuan Ti(Conscious Core); whoever reverses this order, will die. And this has been proven since ancient time.

The cultivation of Yuan Qi is to consolidate the stability of dimensional space; the cultivation of Lifeforce is to consolidate the carrier of life, and only until the third step, can the practitioner touch Yi Shi Yuan Ti(Conscious Core).

Consciousness exists in life force, and life force exists in dimensional space. Only by following those three steps, a diety will be born.

But you... sigh... You have completely reversed this sequence...

You don't have much time left now. From today, you must not touch your life force again. And do not even think about trying to touch Yi Shi Yuan Ti(Conscious Core). Only by following the steps I laid out, will you have a slight chance of surviving. Do keep it in mind!"

Chu Yunsheng sighed slightly. After reading the text, he miraculously calmed down, "Senior practitioner, just like you said, things are always changing. Although you have left a warning, you did not expect that I still do not know many texts on the book. It is not something I wanted, I don't even know how I obtain the black gas... Now that my life is even worse than death, I have no more fears."

"They all want me to die, but I don't know why I still survived. Since God also does not let me die, and he wants me to live in this misery world that is full of tortures, then they need to die."

"Sorry, senior practitioner, I know that the road you have arranged is the correct way, but without using life force, I won't be able to do anything. Without using the seventh divine nail, I can't kill them! Even if I don't kill them, and even if I runway now, do you think they will let me go! I have no other ways!"

"If I don't do it, I am not worthy of being the son of my parents. If I escaped, I will not have a peaceful day both in my mind and in this world!"

Chu Yunsheng raised his head calmly, and a faint shadow of the old man, who sighed in the Monolith several thousand years ago, was reflected in his eyes.

"Come back!" he said as his face was changed into stone-cold expression again.

All the black gas that was spread around him, seemed to have received the command at the same time, they all flew back and went back into Chu Yunsheng's body at an incredible speed, leaving a few threads of black gas looming around his body.

"Hanwu, do you want to come with me?" Through the seal mark, the voice of Chu Yunsheng went into Yu Hanwu's mind.

"Master, I will listen to you!" Yu Hanwu gazed at the direction where Chu Yunsheng was looking and murmured.

"Okay! Wait here, I will be back very soon!" Chu Yunsheng said and quickly leaped toward deeper into the forest. Over there, there was a powerful monster that once almost killed Yu Hanwu and the flying head monster. Originally, he did not want to attack that monster. However, he urgently needed a powerful helper now. Since Dark was not here, he decided to seal that monster instead.

Half an hour later, Chu Yunsheng stood in front of a creature that he had never seen, but only heard from Yu Hanwu before. The threads of black gas were extended and wrapping around Qian Bi sword. With the sword pointing directly to its chest, and hundreds of offensive talismans floating around it, Chu Yunsheng said.

"live or die! You choose!"


An hour later, Chu Yunsheng walked out from the deep mushroom forest with the broken armor. The arrogant metal elemental creature eventually chose to fight with him!

In this battle, with the help of the black gas, that had not completely disappeared from outside of his body, he forcibly sealed the monster that was almost as powerful as a peak Yuan Tian Stage Three monster.

When he returned to Yu Hanwu, he had already replaced a new armor, and the black gas outside his body had also completely faded.


"Huang Bei Ying! Do you really think that I don't know who you are? When I studied the Mayan calendar, I have already learned their calculation methods! 95827, I am an engineer, do you really think that I can not figure out the vigesimal system! And 13 is not only the thirteen gods in their myth but also the starting point of their Long Count calendar. From to, how many of you are out there!

The thirteenth Baktun...

I don't know what relationship you have with the ancient human race, but to me, you are still aliens!

If you dare to stop me, I will do everything I can, to kill you all together!"