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Chapter 490 A Warning That Spans Millenniums

 "Follow me, I will help you clear the residual Hun Yuan (Soul Source) in your body! It is really satisfying to be able to clear and kill a Ying Sequence that has not yet returned." the man continued laughing.

Chu Yunsheng's pupils suddenly shrank, and he stepped back instinctively while shaking his head.

The man was speaking in the same language as the crystal dressed being! 'Did they use to the same race?' Chu Yunsheng did not know, and he did not want to know. Since both of them were mortal enemies, and they were all aliens, it was best for him to just watch them fight each other. He did not dare to say that he would be able to take any advantages from it nowadays. But at least, both of their forces would be weakened.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng's reaction, the man raised his brows in annoyance. Flames suddenly burst out from his hands, as he reached one of his hands violently forward. Aiming at Chu Yunsheng's head, he clenched his hand into a first, as if he was grabbing something in the air. Chu Yunsheng only felt that the zero-dimensional space was slightly shaken. But then the black vortex instantly destroyed the invading force.

"Huh? A fragment of a dead sequence? No, it was shattered 5,000 years ago! You are just an ordinary human now!

It's no wonder, that with you lowly lifeform, you can still use the 'the retrospective technique' to forcibly expel the Forced Summoning of Huang Bei Ying!

But... who could actually make such a sophisticated operation on a Hun Yuan (Soul Source)!?... That should not be possible at all! Even if it was the first Baktun and even with the help of the most advanced computing system, it still couldn't separate Hun Yuan (Soul Source) that had already been fused into the host's body, without damaging the Original Soul. Who was it! How did that person do it!"

The eyes of the man were filled with shock.

"If I can discover it, that means that crafty woman Huang Bei Ying can also discover it! No... probably she already knew about it. But why she did not do anything?"

"Is it because? ... Since it was possible to easily kill the source of Ying Sequence 5,000 years ago, why not completely remove the residual of the dead sequence? Comparing to separating it and then killing it, It would not difficult to completely eliminate a dead sequence with this kind of skill..."

"I understand! It is deterrence! This is an utter deterrence! It is a warning that spans five millennia!"

The man suddenly moved back in fear. In the twinkling of an eye, it had already retreated hundreds of meters away. "This is the warning to the person who set the Ying Sequence! It is no wonder that Huang Bei Ying did not take him away by force, and still wanted to give him a chance. Huh! She is really as crafty as she used to be..."

But soon, as if he suddenly remembered something, he began to laugh again, "this should be Huang Bei Ying's trouble. Why do I need to worry about it? The less happy they are, the happier I will be! Hahaha!"

Then, he shouted to Chu Yunsheng, "Young man, you really don't want to leave with me? With your current strength, you can even defeat me. Once Huang Bei Ying found out the ins and outs, it will catch you sooner or later. Follow me, at least, I can keep you safe! "

"Young man, the man from five thousand years ago will not be able to protect you forever. Although I don't know who the man is, you people are just lowly creatures, even if you have a connection with that man, you are most likely just a chess piece of the man's grand plan. Huh! If it had been for the retrospective technique, Huang Bei Ying might have already forced you to return back to them. Don't underestimate her ability, even if the sequence inside you was already dead, she can still embed a live one into you again!

I am not going to lie to you, the reason why I want to take a lowly creature like you away is to fight Huang Bei Ying. In terms of other things about you? I don't give a shit."


The man was constantly saying something, and everything he said, did not leave his main objective, which was to spite Huang Bei Ying. But Chu Yunsheng just pretended that he did not hear him.

Perhaps he was really a chess piece of the senior practitioner's plan, but at least, no only did the senior practitioner not harm him once, but he also "saved" him many times. Moreover, since he read some text of the ancient book, he was slowly influenced by many ideas of the senior practitioner. Just like how Yu Hanwu was influenced by him...

Of course, he would not tell the man in front of him about this.

Seeing the man was still constantly talking, Chu Yunsheng bent his knees and gently jumped, and quickly disappeared into the mushroom forest.

"Haha, a really interesting human, not bad, not bad." said the man before he turned into a flame and flew away.

If Chu Yunsheng was still here, he would definitely be surprised that this person could even use the phantom flame ability without using the cloak of the fire race. What was more important was that whether it was the stability or the duration or the intensity, they were all much greater than using the cloak.

Chu Yunsheng retreated very far, even after the sixth nerve-like line could not detect the man anymore, he still spent another half an hour, heading deeper into the forest, before he changed the direction and returned to Yu Hanwu.

However, his mind was not calm at the moment.

Ying Sequence was killed five thousand years ago? The person, that was able to do this, must be the senior practitioner. In conjunction with what the man said and how he behaved when he discovered something in his body, although the man did not know the senior practitioner, he was obviously scared of him. Moreover, that man was probably right, it was probably because of this fear, did Huang Bei Ying give him another chance.

But there was another thing that still confused him.

He was confident with the senior practitioner's cultivation method, plus there was an energy shield to cover his life signal, there was no way that Huang Bei Ying just came here to look for him. Otherwise, If the crystal dressed being had this kind of technology, they would have already found him.

So, they definitely found him through other means.

And he only realized how they found him after he met with Yu Hanwu.

"Master, Yuan Xuejian said that she was going to take a short walk. I, I don't know... her..." Seeing Chu Yunsheng's cold face, Yu Hanwu instantly stopped.

Then he signaled the flying head monster to pass Chu Yunsheng a white strip of fabric.

"I saw she left this." Yu Hanwu said quietly.

Chu Yunsheng snorted. 'So it was her!'

Taking over the strip, he looked at it.

"Ge(Brother in Chinese), please allow me to call you this way. Although I know that I am not her, and I am not qualified to be her, please allow me to call you older brother on behalf of her just once. It is said that this is her dying wish... Maybe you have already guessed it, yes, I am just a clone, a poor clone who has no soul... Do I really look like her, your cousin?...

I know you want to kill me now, but I am not afraid of death. I want to have a soul that belongs to me before I die. I have been living like a puppet, constantly being manipulated by others. Only after you cast a strange talisman on me was I able to resist, struggle, and only until now was I able to finally break free and write down those words.

I didn't betray you. But they know everything I know, and they are able to see everything I see. Although with your help, my mind is freed from their control, they are still able to stop me from warning you... I am sorry.

Thank you for taking care of me for so many days. No one has treated me like a real person before. You made me understand what is it feeling like to be a real human. Thank you...

I can feel that they are trying to regain control of me, I can feel that I am slowly losing. So before I am still myself, and before... I need to leave.. as far as I could."