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Chapter 489 We Will Wait For You To Come Home

 At the end of the majestic voice, the second aircraft was caught up by the gigantic feeler. As the ice elemental energy suddenly shrank, It was wrapped up by it and instantly crushed into pieces. The third one, which was the one that fled the fastest, was desperately trying to fly toward the mushroom forest where Chu Yunsheng was. With a long trail of smoke behind it in the air, it was as if it was going to explode at anytime soon.

It was at this moment, a white bright beam suddenly shot down from the back of the dark cloud floating beast. As the flying machine was hit by it, it instantly exploded in the air, forming a huge flaming fireball.

Chu Yunsheng, who witnessed all this personally, had a chill run down his spine. The white beam attack just now, was far more powerful than the crystal dressed being, that he had encountered for the first time. Even the current power of his bow was far less powerfull than this! How could it be that powerful?!

"Who is this crystal dressed being?" Obviously, it had absolute power. But why did it just kill the three aircraft now! Chu Yunsheng's heart instantly sank. He seemed to have realized something again. And he could not help but slowly staggered back into the forest.

But he did not know why there was a feeling telling him that hiding was useless.

Sure enough, the crystal dressed being, that destroyed the three aircraft in an instant, did not leave. It stood at a high altitude and looked down at the frozen land. Its gaze went straight through all obstacles and directly landed on Chu Yunsheng.

This was the forth dimensional space tracking method!

The sixth nerve-like line clearly felt that he was being targeted. This was the first time, that Chu Yunsheng had this kind of feeling.

"Heaven and Earth will be split again, and Yīnglíng(spirits) will not die! Ying Sequence, 13,11,19,11,7... 95827, Reset!"

Seeing the situation was getting worse, Chu Yunsheng was preparing to retreat. But the majestic voice appeared from the sky again. However, different to the last time, this time it went straight into Chu Yunsheng's mind.

Chu Yunsheng staggered on the around. Just one voice, it seemed to have summoned something that was hidden deep inside his mind. The strange force was coming out quickly as if it wanted to swallow all his consciousness in.

"FUCK OFF!" Chu Yunsheng suddenly roared. The sixth nerve-like line and the seventh nerve-like line began to intertwine with each other while glowing in bright light. It instantly lit up the entire zero-dimensional space. It had never been so bright before!

At the same time, the pure life force began to gush out from from the zero-dimensional space from the first nerve-like line to the fifth nerve-like line, like countless cavalries charging outwards at the same time, sweeping everything on its way.

"Huh? The retrospective technique?" The crystal dressed being on the back of the dark cloud beast was surprised.

"Who are you!? How did you find me?" Chu Yunsheng was finally able to get rid of the force that was caused by that noise. He also walked out of the forest and said coldly. At this point, there was no need for him to hide anymore.

"The Ying of the thirteenth Baktun! My people, in the name of Baktun, I am now calling you to reset!" The voice of the crystal dressed being was still that majestic. It was like the eternal suppression from Heaven making him hard to breathe.

Chu Yunsheng's sank even deeper. "You are Huang Bei Ying."

"Ying Sequence 95827, the long time of displacement and drifting has made you lose so much of your Yīnglíng (Spirit)... I am The Ying of Huang Bei Ying - The thirteenth Baktun, Huang and Bei have not awakened yet. You made a huge contribution to my awakening. You now can be promoted to the last sequence of the Bei sequence - the 99th. For your outstanding achievements, I came to give you a special award, I will personally restore your soul!" the crystal dressed being said in a majestic manner.

Chu Yunsheng was extremely shocked. Huang Bei Ying was not just one person!? And, when did he wake it up? There was indeed this kind of arrangement in the past, but because of the accident, the plan was terminated. 'Did it happen during the time when I was in the zero-dimensional space?'

"I am not your Yīnglíng (Spirit), I think you got it wrong!" he said with a shivering voice. Since he knew the exitance of life force, there was a clear feeling of extreme anxious inside his mind. In fact, this type of feeling existed a long time ago when he first met with aliens. However, he did not want to think about it. Because he was terrified to think about it. And that fear seemed to come from his soul. However, at this moment, he faintly felt that it was time to face it.

"Ying Sequence 95827, even if your 'ego' learned the retrospective technique, it can't cover up the fact... don't you feel strange that why you can understand my language? Burying your head in the sand will not let you escape the reality! I don't have much time, just follow me to suppress the rebellions, and make up for the mistakes we made!" said The crystal dressed being.

Chu Yunsheng's brows were knitted tightly. He didn't know why the crystal dressed beings, including the veiled women, all thought that he was one of the crystal-dressed beings. 'Is it because I could hear and understand that 'Lament for the falling sky'?' But his life source clearly told himself that he was not! 'What is going on!?'

"Who is the rebellions?" Chu Yunsheng raised his head and asked. He felt a hint of enlightenment. He realized that there were some problems, that he would never able to escape from them.

The crystal dressed being did not move. As a white beam swept through the wreckage of the aircraft, it said, "All the heresy... I knew your past, the aliens you swore to kill are the rebellions! Reset with me, and accept the 99th Bei sequence, and kill all the rebellions! "

Then, it threw a small radiant cube from the air to Chu Yunsheng and continued, "This is your Ben Yuan Fang Ti (source cube), my people, put on your armor and let's fight together. It is time to fulfill your oath!"

Chu Yunsheng's body shook slightly. He had to admit that the crystal dressed being's words were extremely tempting.

At this moment, as long as he reached out his hand and took over the radiant cube, perhaps he would really become or "reset" Ying Sequence or Bei sequence or whatever the sequences it said. And he would be able to use their forces to take revenge on those aliens that he hated the most. Then his promise would be fulfilled!

But he also felt that the fact might not be like what the crystal dressed being in front of him said. He was deceived by many people in the past. He feared that this might not be another lie. So although it was very tempting, in the end, he still did not want to take the risking of being using by them.

And it was not just that.

In his eyes, the ice race was an alien race, the fire race was an alien race, and the Duo Neng race was also an alien race. But even then, he still did not like the crystal dressed beings, who seemed to have conflicts with those alien races from the beginning. Especially at the time when he was in Shen Cheng city, he saw how they slaughtered other humans. In his mind, the crystal dressed beings were not any better than the ice race, the fire race and other alien races in the five elemental alliances. Because in the end, they were also aliens.

And all the disasters were brought by them!

The confusion in his eyes slowly faded. It was soon replaced with the gleams of resolution.

His oath, he would try to fulfill it by himself. Even if he was not able to fulfill it, he would not ask help from other aliens.

Therefore, he stepped back and said, "Sorry, I think you have mistaken me as someone else. I am not your people!"

The crystal dressed being became silent for a few seonds, and then it said, "Ying Sequence 92827, you have forgotten too much... But since you have made great contributions to our race, I would like to give you another chance... Those people have already turned against you. Although I don't know what your 'ego' is still worried about, one day, you will remember that we once shared happiness together, bore difficulties together, we fought together tirelessly together until we no longer... Remember, we will wait for you to come home! No matter what..."

After that, the crystal dressed being flew away with the cloud floating beast, and disappeared into the blurry horizon, as if it had never appeared before, leaving only the wreckage of the burning aircraft on the frozen land.

"Who am I!!" After it disappeared, Chu Yunsheng raised his head and looked at the endless sky for a long time. His eyes once again became confused, but there was still had a faint of firmness inside.


"Haha! Huang Bei Ying, you have sealed me for many years, But did you know that my Hun Yuan (Soul Source) is so rich, I can survive to this day! "

After the crystal dressed being flew away, an old and hoarse voice came out from the wreckage of the third aircraft.

Chu Yunsheng lowered his head and looked at the aircraft coldly.

In the wreckage that was still on fire, walked out a man that was covered with fire and blood. What was more strange was that although the fire was still burning its body, it did not seem to be affected by it. As the blood around his body slowly went back into its body, it was like a phenix respawning in the fire.

"Huh! I have already tempered my Hun Yuan (Soul Source) with my elemental fire, and I am now only half a step into Shuji Yuanmen, Huang Bei Ying, your three Hun Yuan (Soul Sources) only awakened one, you can do anything to me now!"

There was infinite hatred in the eyes of the man as he said.

"You keep saying that you have made a big mistake. And you are telling me that we are deserved to die because of your mistake?"

The man's eyes were filled with burning flames. He glanced at Chu Yunsheng, and suddenly laughed wildly, "Haha, young man, although I don't know who taught you the top-level technique - the 'retrospective technique', but I like how you can make the thirteenth Baktun retreat like that. She can't even do anything to you. Did you see it's helpless expressions? Haha... Haha... That was beautiful! BEAUTIFUL!"

The man was constantly laughing as if he wanted to laugh out all the hatred that had been suppressed for countless years. However, Chu Yunsheng noticed that while he was laughing there were two streams of flames coming out from his eyes and running down from his face.

"However, it was a pity that the 'Id' of humanity has already been sealed and suppressed forever. Even if the thirteen Baktuns gathered together, they still could not open it! This is the secret of eternity... and young man, you have just discovered your 'ego'!"