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Chapter 488 The Punishment of All Rebellions

 A white shadow hidden behind the woman slowly came out from the shadow and snorted, "Are you in love? He is just a tool!"

The woman stared at the white shadow coldly and put the mask back on, revealing the highest majesty of Zhiwu forest. It even made the white shadow also suddenly pause in hesitation.

"I only promised not to help him, but if you dare to do it here, my army will do whatever it takes to shred your people into pieces!" The woman's voice was not loud, but it was domineering and overbearing. In the end, she added a coldly, "and, whoever he is, you are in no position to judge him!"

The white shadow's face was livid. Facing the woman's back, she said angrily, "Don't forget who you are!"

At this moment, a message came, the white shadow's expression instantly changed again.


Location: Sky City, the highest command center.

A fat man kicked away the guards, who tried to block him, and yelled at the back of a man who suddenly seemed to become very old, "Why? Why did you send her!?"

The man didn't turn around. His sight passed through the transparent window, overlooking at the city from above, and he was standing there silently for a long time.

"It is her own choice." He replied softly.

The fat man sneered and said, "If you don't allow her to go, how was she able to leave!"

The man turned around slowly and stared at the fat man coldly, "What I could do, I have already done it! The battle that year, how many people have died for the Chu family, the entire city was asked to put on mourning apparels! Everyone in Jin Ling city has already done enough for him. But... you also saw what The King Insect... with your own eyes... Now, you want to blame me? Then I can tell you, Jin Ling city has already used countless lives to repay the debt we owed him!"

"Use lives to repay him?" The fat man felt deflated, he lowered his voice but still stubbornly said, "He is him, the insect is the insect! All I know is that that is the debt we can't pay off!"

After he finished, he left straight away. Looking at the back of the fat man, the man in the room seemed to become even older. With a hint of firmness in his eyes, he murmured in a cold voice, "Whether you admit it or not, we could not go back now. Everything has already changed. You have changed too! Everything has changed!"

The body of the fat man, who had already reached the door, suddenly shook a little...

He stopped and wanted to say something. But it was suddenly interrupted the blinking lights in the command center. Many urgent messages began to flood in...


Chu Yunsheng had already prepared himself to end everything before he approached the Zhiwu forest. But somehow, even after he left, he did not see the army that he had expected. However, in the air, the sixth nerve-like line could still faintly detect the movements in the surroundings, it was like the wild beast, that was about to be released, was suddenly pulled back into the cage.

"If you don't do it now, you won't have any chances later!" facing the dark surroundings, Chu Yunsheng murmured. However, he still did not stay.

In any case, if he did not want to be discovered by others, no one would be able to find him in the wild. Even those crystal dressed beings would not be able to find him back then, let alone those people. Therefore he went back to the mushroom forest that was near the pumpkin filed with Yuan Xuejian.

With the faint connection with Yu Hanwu, he quickly found the scarred, but increasingly strong, Yu Hanwu in the deep of the forest. Just a simple glance, Chu Yunsheng immediately knew that this kid was working very hard to increase his power.

The flying head monster did not change much, apart from becoming slightly more vigorous.

Yuan Xuejian was asked to stay in the mushroom forest. Staying with Yu Hanwu and the flying-head monster was much safer for her. Moreover, she was able to heal Yu Hanwu.

However, Chu Yunsheng did not tell her that the "monster" in front of her was Yu Hanwu. He didn't trust anyone now!

He knew that eventually, he would have a battle with aliens. And now that everyone he knew had already expressed which sides they were, this coming battle was basically becoming he versus the entire world.

But he was not afraid, because he had nothing to fear. He just quietly waited for that moment to come.

At the same time, in the mushroom forest, he began to prepare a large number of armors, talismans, and seal a large number of flying creatures. Time was quietly passing by before the storm arrived.

The time he spent on practicing cultivation alone became longer and longer, but the time he spent on looking at the sky was even longer.

When he was still at a very young age, he often lay down on a mat in his aunt's house, huddling together with Jing Tian and Jing Yi, and looking at the distant stars outside the window. He often thought that there were so many stars in the sky, but did every star have strange creatures living in there? In the faraway places, that even the most advanced rockets could not reach, what did it look like over there?

At that time, he really wanted to be like a character in the science fiction movie, piloting a spaceship and going to the vast starry sky to see the places that he might not be able to reach in his lifetime.

The universe was too big and boundless. It was said that Americans could only land people on the moon, let alone out of the solar system. At that time, he had already begun to wonder what the outside world looked like. Was it full of barren planets that filled with all kinds of gases, except oxygens, or planets with mountains and water but no lives? Would there be many footprints of aliens, spreading out of milk way...

Later on, he gradually realized that even if he spent this entire life in a spaceship, based on the level of technology at that time, he could not even reach the Andromeda Galaxy, let alone the Centaurus galaxy cluster.

Seeing the stars in the sky, and thinking that no one would ever be able to get there and no one would ever know what it looked like over, everything could only be imagined...

Chu Yunsheng really wanted to see the world "outside" now. There was nothing, deserved him to stay in this place. Once everything was over, he would leave this place.

He could not find Dark anymore. In the past six months, there had been no signs of its existence. He also did not want to find Edgar anymore. Even if he found him, then what. He only wanted to take the little tiger, take Yu Hanwu, find the relics that left by the senior practitioner, leave here and leave as far away as he could to find Dark, and find his new life.

He was tired, physically and mentally, as if he just wanted to sleep and never wake up again.

This feeling of tiredness made him think more and more about the tiger.

Even if the whole world had turned against him, he knew that little tiger would not.

However... 'Where are you in Huzai? Are you still alive?'

Sitting alone on the top of a mushroom plant, Chu Yunsheng stopped his cultivation practice and slowly opened his eyes. Gazing afar into the far west, it was still the dim world, blurry and heavy...

Suddenly his pupils shrank. A light dot that was fuming smoke, covered in flames, slantingly fleeing from the blurry horizon.

Behind it was three shadows that were also seemingly covered in flames.

Chu Yunsheng frowned his brows and activated his tier three armor. As he leaped forward, the armor's levitation ability instantly activated. With the armor's ability, he began to run through the mushroom forest fast.

Soon he arrived at the edge of the west side of the mushroom forest. But he did not reveal himself. Instead, his eyes were tightly fixed on the three aircraft that were getting closer and closer.

"You two stay inside, don't come out!" Chu Yunsheng's brows were knitted even closer, and he quickly passed a message to the flying head monster and Yu Hanwu.

"Huh? three severely damaged aircraft?" Chu Yunsheng felt very strange. Why there were three aircraft here, and what could possibly damage them to such an extent.

But he did not wait long to know the answer. As the three aircraft with heavy smoke getting closer and closer, in the blurry horizon, revealing a gigantic body. It was like a huge dark cloud, floating in the sky, and it was chasing the three aircraft fast with its giant body in the air as if it did not have any weight at all.

The floating dark cloud beast seemed to contain the powerful ice elemental energy, that was many times powerful than the Ice Horned Dragon in the Poyang Ze.

Wherever it went, even it was still at the height of a kilometer above the ground, the ground below was still rapidly frozen, making the world around it a world of ice.

"What creatures is this. Why it has such a powerful force!" Chu Yunsheng's face was changed from cautious to highly vigilant.

It was at this moment, strange light suddenly flashed brightly behind the floating cloud beast, revealing its true body. Then an earth-shattering noise suddenly came out from the cloud.

At the same time, a feeler that was several hundred meters long was quickly shot toward those three aircraft like a gigantic whip.

Around the whip, the energy in the three-dimensional world was like boiled water began to turbulent violently. Even Chu Yunsheng, who was standing far away from them, was still able to feel the tremendous powerful ice elemental power sweeping across the air.

Under a whip, the closest aircraft was instantly frozen, and then broken like glass.

Chu Yunsheng was holding his breath. But in the next second, his face was filled with shock.

On the back of the cloud beast, standing on a sacred and solemn crystal dressed being, holding a dazzling light mass.

"The Lament for the Fallen, the return of the souls, the punishment of all rebellions!"

The sound of majesty filled the entire world. In that instant, a crack suddenly appeared in Chu Yunsheng's mind, and he seemed to realize something...