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Chapter 486 Uncle, Run!

 Chasing and killing!

No other nonsense, no tentative attacks, there was nothing that wasted times!

Upon encountering, it was either life or death.

To Yuan Tian Stage Three Masters, the first wave of attacks they cast out was their strongest combat techniques.

The fighting scenes, that started out with ordinary fighting moves and ended with the strongest blow, would never happen in real life. It would only appear in the Ultraman TV severies in the age of light.

However, in the last ten times, Chu Yunsheng did not give them the opportunity to attack him. Whether it was an aircraft or someone lurking towards him from the ground, he just unleashed light arrows. Below Yuan Tian stage three, no one was able to stop light arrows.

In the battle between the book and the divine nails, he had already learned to master the bow. Through the detection of the sixth nerve-like line, he was able to hit targets every time.

This time was also the same.

As a bright light arrow pierced through the dark world from the roof of a ruined building like a meteor plunged into darkness, a figure, that was dashing forward rapidly was hit by it and flew all the way back, crashing into many ruined buildings. The figure let out a short muffled grunt and then stopped moving.

It was again just one arrow. The attack was still that fierce, that ruthless, and that fast.

Storing the bow, taking out the sword, activating the armor, as if Chu Yunsheng had already calculated his move, he was like a light swallow, leaping into darkness while restoring his energy.

In these few days, people had attempted to chase and kill him more than ten times. In addition to the special armor that those people were wearing, the residual material of the aircraft that he shot down, had also become the material of his new armor. He almost did not need to search for monsters in the dark to get materials. Of course, even if he did want to, he also did not have time to do it

Chu Yunsheng had to admit that in the past two decades, the materials refined by human beings had become more and more sophisticated and its quality had also become better and better. Especially the protective casing of aircraft, the degrees of hardness was almost comparable to his tier-three armor. If he hadn't used the bow to continuously attack those aircraft, he would not have been able to destroy them.

With the top quality "raw materials" they had brought to him, Chu Yunsheng had enough materials to refine a new tier-three armor.

As the levitation ability of the armor was activated, Chu Yunsheng was once again able to move shortly in the air again.

Thinking of the flying mount that those people from Yun Sect had, Chu Yunsheng wished that he could encounter one flying monster on the way. It would be great if he could seal one Ban Lan bird as well. However, he did not wish to see them chasing him. Otherwise, if meant that the people that worthy of his trust would become even less...


Just when he wrapped himself in the cold sword Qi, and rushed into the battle formation of those people, who had been chasing him, and when their combat techniques collided with each other, in a distant sky high above him, outside the detection range of his sixth nerve-like line, appeared three giant birds, diving down fast towards him.

"Sword Qi"

"Be careful with his sword Qi!"

Some people shouted, but it was too late. With the first sword form condensing the pure sword Qi to break through all the protection of the chasers, two people's heads were instantly cut off.

The sword Qi still carried on flying, heading toward the last terrified chaser, who was attempting to escape.

However, the sword Qi went straight into his chest and blasted him into pieces.

Gazing afar into the sky, Chu Yunsheng sighed in his mind, 'eventually, they are still here.'

At the same time, he cast three fiery talismans outwards, heading three different directions.

As all the talismans exploded, all the people that still were hiding in dark screamed in pain while they were burned by the fire.

Standing on the roof of a building in a distant, Yuan Xuejian put down her Hyperopic Imaging Device and sighed.

And the face of Yan Ge, who was next to her, was very calm this time. The same slaughter, he had seen ten times already. At the first time, he was shocked, the second, he was amazed, the third time, it was total respect... After ten times, all it left was calmness. It was the same move, the same process, no matter how different the chasers were, the result was still the same!

With his wisdom, when the second round of chasers appeared, he knew why Chu Yunsheng wanted to take them with him.

The purpose of this legendary man was very simple. He just wanted to use them to attract the chasers!

However, no one knew the motive behind this. If it weren't for the fact that he was the origin, everyone would have thought that the person must have lost his mind.

Similarly, the brows of Luo Qing, who was on the other side, were pressed together closely. She also did not understand why those forces still wanted to chase the origin, knowing that they would suffer huge losses.

Strange! Odd! Not only just Chu Yunsheng, but also those chasers and the forces behind them as well.

Suddenly, she did not know why, she seemed to have realized something. And that something began to help her to understand why they were doing it. 'So it is...'

The same question also existed in Chu Yunsheng's mind. He also did not understand them. If they wanted to kill him, why didn't them just gather all their forces, just like what they did in Shu Du city? The new generation may know very little about him, but those old people should know. How would this small group of people be able to kill him?

He wanted to ask those people, who were still alive, why. However, from the unswerving determination in their eyes, he knew that he would not be able to get anything out from those people. He even suspected that their minds were controlled by someone just like what the divine realm did in the yellow mountain. However, no matter how he examined them, there were no signs of mind control at all.

"Since, you want to die..." Chu Yunsheng stared at the battlefield after it was swept by the fiery talisman and said. At the moment, there was only one person that was still standing, three other people were heavily injured and kneeling on the ground, and five people had already died on the spot!

"LEAVE!" he suddenly stepped forward and said coldly.

As his voice just dropped, he quickly took out the string and pulled the bowstring back to unleash a light arrow into the sky.

In the air, the first giant bird, that was whistling down, was suddenly slowed down for a second, then a bloody wound appeared in its chest. Although the power of the light arrow was weakened, it still blew up the head of the terrified girl, who was sitting on the back of the bird.

The giant bird whimpered and crashed into the land behind Chu Yunsheng!

He slowly walked toward the last standing fire elemental practitioner, who had already reached the middle layer of Yuan Tian stage three, a step by step.

"Say it, or die!" he said coldly. At the same time, he unleashed the second arrow into the chest of the second giant flying bird in the sky.

The man's eyes were filled with determination, and he laughed wildly, "The most powerful man in the world? Is this all you got!"

Chu Yunsheng let out a cold sneer and stood still, watching him holding a long burning spear, rushing to him desperately.

When the man rushed past the two heavily injured people, he suddenly kicked the two people towards Chu Yunsheng, and at the same time, used the spear tip to unleash a fire tongue at those people!

"Boom, Boom, Boom..."

The two people seemed to have some kind of high-explosive fire energy bombs on their bodies. And the explosion was so powerful that as if the entire three-dimensional space in this area was shattered by the explosion, and shaken violently.

The power of the explosion was even more powerful than his fiery talismans. The flames that were caused by the explosion were shot everywhere, burning everything in the surroundings.

The body of the last standing man was still burning. However, he still did not stop. He went straight to the center of the explosion while holding his spear straight forward. This was his only chance!

However, when he cast out his strongest combat techniques, Chu Yunsheng, who should have been in his attack range, was gone!

He was shocked. But in the next second, as if he knew where Chu Yunsheng went, he immediately looked up in the sky. All he saw next was that Chu Yunsheng was getting higher and higher in the sky.

Chu Yunsheng landed on the last giant bird and pointed at his arrow at the nose of the girl who was riding it.

"You have helped me once, I will not kill you, but if you carry on chasing me, you will die!" he recognized the girl's appearance. It was the girl who was forced to help him in Poyang Ze a few days ago.

Right after he said it, he cast out an ice trap talisman to trap the girl with her bird inside, and stop her temporarily from moving.

Then, he dived downwards at the speed that was three times faster than the speed of the free-fall, with the big ice cube. The bow had disappeared already, and the sword was taken out and lunged downward at the last standing man.

The man's face was twisted in pain, while he was trying to withstand the sword attack. Although he was able to block or knock away sword Qi sometimes, his speed was eventually not fast enough.

"Sword Form!"

As Chu Yunsheng cast out his Sword Form from above, the sword form instantly went into the man's skull and went through his body, splitting the man in half.

After the man was dead, the chaotic firey energy instantly engulfed the man's body.

Looking at the sea of burning fire, Chu Yunsheng was about to turn around and leave.

It was at this moment, in the sea of fire, a dying girl stopped him: "Uncle... run... they... are... coming..."

Chu Yunsheng slowly turned around and saw the mask fell off the girl's face in the fire. Seein the familiar faces, and hearing the familiar way of addressing him, all the memories about the girl began to flood into Chu Yunsheng's mind, forming a raging flame, burning his sanity.