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Chapter 485 Hes Really Back!

 "Zhao Qinyan, you are no match for me. Leave now! And ask the twelve people in the Ice and Fire combat team to come!" YiCheng HongYi said arrogantly.

The middle-aged man smiled and said frankly, "I'm indeed no match for you, but at the cost of five of my shuttles, I may be able to take the old man away!"

After that, he did not look at the reaction of the arrogant woman. He just directly looked at Chu Yunsheng on the ground and said respectfully, "Old man, if you want, We can help you to leave this place!"

"Ice and fire Combat team?" Chu Yunsheng muttered as he was trying to think who they were. It seemed like he had heard this name somewhere, and it was a long time ago. Then all of sudden, he raised his head and said, "You are from Jin Ling City!"

The middle-aged man unnoticeably shook a little. Nowadays, only a few people actually mentioned this name. His eyes flashed a very complicated complex look as he nodded slowly.

"Jin Ling... Jin Ling!" Chu Yunsheng's lips were filled with bitter smiles. A painful memory instantly filled his mind, almost making him go insane.

A moment later, he looked up again, while his eyes were full of heavy killing intents and hatred, and he said coldly, "You are the second person I have met that came from Jin Ling City in many years. Tell me one thing, or you will die!"

The middle-aged man seemed to realize something, he slowly and nervously nodded his head, "Old man, I will do my best to..."

At this time, even YiCheng HongYi was frightened by the enormous hatred in Chu Yunsheng's eyes. That look, she also seemed to be very familiar!

Chu Yunsheng ignored the first flying team, making heavy steps forward and said sternly, "I have only one question. How did Chu Han's family die?"

In the holographic projection, the middle-aged man's instantly went pale. He couldn't help but step back, while a flash of panic appeared in his eyes.

Chu Han!

This name had become a taboo topic of the sky city. Not just the sky city, but there were only a few people around the world that still dared to mention this name and recall this event. This was an eternal wound of the sky city and a wound that could never be able to be healed. Otherwise, the world leader would have been already decided.

At that time, the cultivation propagator came to the sky city with an overwhelming amount of insects that could easily sweep all the forces in the whole world. But he didn't attack Jin Ling city. Instead, he only asked one question. However, this question, later on, became the only weakness that all the forces around the world used to against Jin Ling city during the world leader election.

And that question was exactly like the question that the old man just asked, "How did the Chu Han's family die?"

The answer, that Mayor gave at that time did not satisfy the cultivation propagator. But he did not carry on asking any more questions. However, he still clearly remembered from deep inside the sea of insects, appeared a raging roar that terrified the souls of all living beings on Earth. The voice was filled with immense rage as if the only way to vent it was to destroy the city below.

If it hadn't been for the cultivation propagator, who argued with the roar at that time, the sky city would have already fallen, becoming a pile of dust now.

No one knew what they were arguing about at that time. Neither did anyone know what they were arguing about in the sky above Yun Sect. But everyone knew the root of the argument.

It was the most powerful man in the world! The Origin!

In the years after his disappearance, the rest of his power and his force almost overturned the whole world!

Later, most major forces gradually learned that the heir of Yun Sect, who was appointed by the cultivation propagator, had fallen in love with a woman that he shouldn't have loved. He was even willing to give up everything and sacrifice himself for that woman.

If it hadn't been for this reason, Yun Sect would have been able to win the world leader election already.

The middle-aged man was always known for his steadiness. After experiencing that life-and-death situation, he thought that nothing would be able to scare him anymore. Even in the first battle between the human race and god, with his outstanding mentality, he was able to maintain a remarkable battle record, and rapidly rise to the top.

However, today, because of the same sentence, although he was only facing one person, he almost couldn't suppress his fear.

Just because this person was probably really the most powerful man in the world.

He never once made his conclusion hastily. Even if the mayor kept pressing him, he would not make his conclusion, unless there was sufficient evidence. With the same appearance? Chu clan's disciples could make the same clones; having similar power?, many major forces could imitate him; as for armors and other weapons, after the videos of about him, was released onto the world, countless Practitioners had already started to make similar weapons.

But some things couldn't be faked, some words couldn't be faked, and some emotions in those eyes couldn't be faked!

He still remembered that in the darkroom, when he asked the mayor if he had any way to determine the identity of the man. However, after a long silence, the mayor still did not answer his question. Instead, he just sighed, "he will not forgive me..."

He was one of the few people who actually knew the original cause of "the sword attack in Shu Du", it was a battle that even shocked those gods.

However, at this moment, he was unable to answer this question. The consequences of answering this question were too heavy. It was not the type of consequences that he was able to bear. Moreover, he also knew that he was not qualified to answer this question.

With his silence, the air over the lake was thickened every second. Everyone's eyes were fixed on the white-haired old man. The old man's face was twisting and his hands were shaking. At first, he was just murmuring something. However, as time passed, he began to let out audible growls. His eyes were slowly quickly turned red and as the energy in the area began to fluctuate his grey hair began to fly everywhere in the air.

Just when everything put their hands on their weapons and prepared for a fight, the energy fluctuation suddenly disappeared. As the old man's hair slowly stop floating, he let out a hollow laugh, "What's the use of asking you? What's the use of asking Ding Yan? Is there even hope? Even Zhao Shanhe also admitted that..."

He retrieves the Talismans and lowered the ancient bow, and headed toward YiCheng HongYi, "Let me have a look at Edgar." He said slowly.

YiCheng HongYi suddenly hesitated.

While she hesitated, the middle-aged man had finally recovered his composure and said, "Origi... He is not the cultivation propagator, it's just a clone."

While he was saying, the shuttle-like flying machine slowly landed. The man also appeared from the flying machine as well. Eventually, he stopped himself from saying that the man, who was in front of him, was Origin. Before Chu Yunsheng told him, he didn't dare to say it. However, although he was hesitant, he didn't dare to still stay in the air above Chu Yunsheng. That was a huge disrespect!

But what he didn't know was that Chu Yunsheng had already told everyone that he was Chu Yunsheng. But no one believed him.

"Clone?" Chu Yunsheng looked at the body and said, "nowadays, even clones can be made! It is a shame that..."

After that, he did not intend to inquire about the things about true Will Of Cambrian again. He just turned around and began to leave the place. Some things were too complicated to be fully understood by him, which were only able to make him worried.

This time, those flying riders didn't keep chasing, all of them were still in a great shock.

Moreover, the News of returning of the Origin began to spread fast around the world.

"He's back!"

"The Origin was at Poyang Ze!"

"The most powerful man in the world reappeared"


Within just a few days, the world was in shook, hidden forces began to emerge, and the masters of the major forces went completely crazy...

"Brother Ding, It is really him!" What should we do?' A fat man rushed into the top command center and shouted.

"Did you really come back? You shouldn't have come back..." Deep in Zhiwu forest, a woman was in tear when she heard the report from a watcher plant.

"That time, you didn't want to stay. But now, why are you coming back?" On a tall building in the Western Shu, a woman looked silently at the dark sky.

"I'm sorry, Grandpa, I..." At Yun Sect headquarters, a man slowly raised his head.

"Will you hate me?" Chu Clan's headquarters, a trace of sadness flashed in a woman's eyes, but it was quickly changed into a cold and indifference.

"I have brought him up according to the agreement of that year, but..." On Jing Ji Island, an old man said in great pain.

"You've never seen me before. Should I hate you or thank you..." In a building by the sea in Shen Cheng City, a woman touched the window gently, however, a gleam of coldness like a sword appeared in her eyes.


"Sheng, do you still remember me? Do you still hate me? You won't understand it, and you can't understand it, you can't come back..." A black-haired woman stroked an old photograph of a young man, who had a sunny smile, in a heavily guarded city in a small European country.


"How will you choose?" Deep in the ice of Antarctica, ten miles under the ground, in a huge ice cube, an extremely beautiful woman opened her eyes, closed the information transmission display, and said lightly.


When all the major forces were still shocked, a piece of rumors began to spread far more rapidly and widely than the news of the back of the origin.

"You know what, I heard that the origin can't swim and he was almost drowned!"

"For real? Definitely some bullshit!"


A few days later, in a place less than a hundred miles from Zhiwu forest, several people searched vigilantly to make sure there were no dark monsters in the area. After a while, they gathered in front of a small campfire in a barren house.

"Is it that strange that I can't swim? I did not know how to swim since I was a child!" Chu Yunsheng was slightly annoyed. He had answered the question of Yuanxuejian more than a dozen times. If she asked again, Chu Yunsheng prepared to leave her alone.

"But you are the most powerful man in the world!" Yuan Xuejian still said curiously. She could not believe that Chu Yunsheng would come back to find them, and once again admitted that he was Chu Yunsheng. Her blood was almost coagulated together by the answer, and Yan Ge's eyes almost popped out!

"I wasn't, I am not, and I will not be." Chu Yunsheng ate the roasted monster's meat and said.

"Can you teach me the sword form?" Yuan Xuejian asked carefully. She always wanted to say it, but she did not dare to. But eventually, she still said it.

"No, you will not be able to learn it, even if you peaked your wooden elemental cultivation. When you get to Zhiwu forest, if you can stay there, just stay there. Because of my involvement, they will almost likely want to catch you. But it is not safe to stay around me anymore. So far, this is the eleventh time they are trying to kill us!" Chu Yunsheng looked into the dark night and said coldly. With the sixth nerve-like line vibrating again, his eyes were filled with cold gleams. "who is it this time? I just want to know how many people can still be trusted in this world." he murmured.