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Chapter 484 Talisman Attack

 Chu Yunsheng's first reaction to this sentence was, that they finally realized, it was him.

Although he had admitted it before, he did not think that people would treat his words seriously. However, base on this situation, it was most likely that they began to suspect his words.

But Chu Yunsheng did not plan to hide. As long as he kept using life force to recover himself, sooner or later, they would find out who he was.

Therefore, he thought for a second and raised his head and said to YiCheng HongYi "Who is your sect leader?"

Although Yuan Xuejian had mentioned some information about Yun Sect, Chu Yunsheng also had a rough guess that Yun Sect was most likely established by the group of people who stayed in Wu city twenty years ago. However, he was not a hundred percent certain. And he also didn't know who was the one that was in control of this force. Jiang Qianqin, Cao Zhengyi, or that Ji Qing?

YiCheng HongYi squinted her eyes and stared at Chu Yunsheng as if she wanted to see through him. However, although she had great strength, she was as uncertain as others in the matter of "the most powerful man in the world", because when she was very young, she had personally witnessed Chu Yunsheng herself in that earthly shocking battle!

In that battle, in her childhood memory, except for the bloody massacre and the piled-up corpses, all it remained was the image of the unyielding figure.

But the truth of a legendary person, was often concealed behind many rumors and myths. As she grew older, the memories of childhood gradually overlap with these legends and myths. They were intertwined into a single entity, and it kept growing bigger and bigger. It reached a peak when she saw the video of "the sword attack in Shu Du city".

Therefore, when she saw Chu Yunsheng's panicking behavior and the images of him desperately trying to swim, she couldn't relate him with the heroic image of that person in her memory. The legend had been shattered and the myth was on the verge of collapsing. The great sense of difference made her unable to accept it. In order to maintain the perfect image of the most powerful man in the world in her mind, she subconsciously refused to believe that that man was him.

If that man was really him. How could he disappear for so many years and still stayed at Yuan Tian stage three, and were even almost drowned in a lake!? She couldn't believe it, and she didn't want to believe it.

But she had an extremely calm mind that was completely different from ordinary people. This kind of calmness and ruthlessness was planted deeply by her father when she was still a child. So under her heroic appearance, was always a cold heart.

The miraculous thing about human being lay in the fact that contradictory things could coexist in one body, and somehow the body could still work without any problems.

While she subconsciously refusing to admit that the person was real, her clear mind constantly analyzed the information and told her the person in front of her looked like him a lot. The unusual shape of the armor at the beginning didn't mean anything, and the Sword Qi he unleashed, later on, might raise some of her suspicions. But the scene of the fierce battle between him and Ice Horned Dragon made her pupil shrink instantly!

That was the legendary Talisman Attack! So far, only a few people were able to do it! But none of them was able to cast out Talismans in such quantity. So apart from that man, who else would be able to do such a thing. Apart from him, who else would have so many similar features with the most powerful man in the world? So there was only one way to explain it! It was that the man in front of her was most likely real.

Therefore she decided to bring the man back to the sect. Real or not, once they got back, it would be clear.

Having thought of this, YiCheng HongYi replied with an indifference tone, "once you get there, you will know."

"Is it Jiang Qianqin or Cao Zhengyi? ... forget about it, whoever it is, go back and tell them that I don't want to see them now. Tell them that they can do whatever they want, but stop coming after... Huh?" At first, Chu Yunsheng was saying it coldly, but at the end of his words, he suddenly seemed to be interrupted by something.

His tone of voice inadvertently carried a hint of "warning" in the beginning, which immediately provoked the anger of all Yun Sect flying riders, including YiCheng HongYi. Before his identity was determined, they could not allow anyone to disrespect Yun Sect. The dignity Yun Sect was their dignity!

"Go or not, it is not up to you to decide!" YiCheng HongYi no longer looked at Chu Yunsheng. She turned around indifferently and ordered, "The first flying team, take this man back."

Chu Yunsheng's eyes glimmered with cold light. He didn't want those flying girls to interrupt his thoughts.

Just now a faint of strange feeling flashed through Chu Yunsheng's body. As he began to focus on that feeling, he realized that it seemed to be caused by the Reversed Yuan Qi. This feeling actually already appeared at the moment when he was drowning. However, at that time, he was trying to save himself, so he didn't pay much attention to it.

Moreover, this feeling seemed to have happened before as well. It was at the time when he almost reached Yuan Tian stage four in Shu Du city!

But his thoughts were interrupted by the woman.

Chu Yunsheng's face instantly dropped, "if you dare to interrupt my thoughts again, I'll kill you!"

At the same time, nearly ten talismans were cast out, floating in the air. Then he ignored them and immediately began to carry on where he had stopped. Since his cultivation went wrong at Shu Du city, he hadn't had any answers to it. He had a strong feeling that this might give him an answer.

With these ten talismans floating quietly before a bow, that was constantly glowing in mysterious ancient patterns, the first flying team stopped in mid-air and looks at Chu Yunsheng in shock. Including YiCheng HongYi, perhaps it was the first time for them to see complete Talisman. And there were ten of them!

So they hesitated again!

It was at this moment, many streams of shimmering light rays shone through the dark clouds in the sky, and shed on the Poyang Ze.

YiCheng HongYi seemed to have already discovered them. As she let out a contemptuous sneer, the colorful bird under her screeched loudly and flew straight up.

Behind her, two groups of flying riders formed a V formation and followed her closely into the sky.

Many streams of light suddenly stopped in a place high above the ground, revealing many shuttle-like flying machines with many lights constantly flickering around their bodies. In a twinkling of an eye, a holographic image was projected from the main command flying machine in the center of the fleet. "YiCheng HongYi, since old man doesn't want to go to Yun Sect. Why do you need to force him?" The middle-aged man with a steady appearance said calmly in the hologram image.