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Chapter 483 Bring you back to Yun Sec


The speed of Yuan Qi energy being injected into the monster seal Talisman to heal the sealed monster was not fast enough to solve with Chu Yunsheng's dangerous situation. The lack of oxygen, plus extreme body movements made his face extremely red. Although there was Yuan Qi supporting him in a fight, it would not last long. He was still a living organism, and his body needed oxygen. If he couldn't get any Oxygen into his brain anytime soon, his brain would force his body to open the respiratory tract, then the result would be very obvious.

Therefore Chu Yunsheng did not want to wait anymore. He immediately unleashed a round of sword Qi to blast all the water monsters around him into pieces, and then summoned the water monster he had sealed earlier.

Although the wounds on the monster's body still had not recovered, Chu Yunsheng infused his life force into the dying monster, and forced it to swim away as fast as it could.

He urgently needed oxygen now, but he still could not order the monster to directly swim straight up. Otherwise, he would be dragged down by other monsters again.

It was already hard enough to force a dying monster to swim in the water. If there were more monster appeared, he did not think that the water monster he sealed would be able to kill them.

The monster was trying its best to swim as fast as it could in the water, under the seal mark's control. Its body was blown up like a balloon by Chu Yunsheng's life force.

Of course, there were also some monsters chasing them from behind and a few had almost crashed into them. However, unless it was really necessary, Chu Yunsheng would not use his sword Qi to kill any monsters that were chasing him.

The monster had already used up its energy. However, it still had to swim because of the seal token's command. And because of that, the life force of the monster was burning away at an incredible speed.

Fortunately, the water monster's swimming speed was not slow. It soon got rid of other water monsters and began to swim towards the surface quickly.


As loud noise appeared on the surface of the lake, Chu Yunsheng finally reached the surface.

As soon as Chu Yunsheng came out of the water, he opened his mouth widely to breathe in as much air as possible. Regardless of the poisonous fog that was produced by some strange phytoplankton in the lake, he just wanted to breathe all the air into his lungs.

The battle in a distance still continued, and the flying riders from Yun Sect were still circling high in the sky, searching for Chu Yunsheng. However, the condition on the lake simply made their search impossible to do.

The Sealed monster was still trying to get to the shore. Spending a second longer on the lake, the danger would be a second closer to him. If a group of water monsters discovered him, then all the previous efforts would be in vain!

Chu Yunsheng breathed deeply again and again, and only after a while did he finally slowed down his breathing pattern. However, he still didn't dare to let his guard down.

It was at this moment, his sixth nerve-like line suddenly vibrated violently.

He immediately turned around and hurriedly took out the bow and pulled the string of the bow to unleash an ordinary light arrow at the place where he had detected the danger.

The originally calm surface of the lake suddenly had a whirlpool. A tall conical-shaped monster's head with many sharp spikes broke out of the lake water. Its huge head and the ten meters long dark neck, instantly reminded Chu Yunsheng that he had seen this water monster before.

When he was still in Jin Ling City, in order to blow up the tombs outside the city, he hid himself in the gap between a golden shelled insect's shell and sneaked across the Yangtze River. While he was crossing the river, this kind of water monster appeared once. He clearly remembered that in order to stop that monster from killing other insects, the insects outside Jin Ling city suffered huge losses. Although he did not know if that water monster was killed by the insects at that time or not, he knew for sure that that monster was not a weak monster.

As the memory of the monster slowly coming back to him, Chu Yunsheng began to remember the monster's skill as well. The cold air it breathed could easily freeze the water within at least 50 meters in an instant!

And that was still twenty years ago, Chu Yunsheng had no idea how powerful it would become now. While he was forcing the water monster to burn all its life force to swim to the lakeshore, he was also unleashing as many arrows as possible.

The arrows were shot out one by one. However, it still did not seem to slow down the water monster. The distance between them was getting closer and closer.

Chu Yunsheng was on the back of the sealed water monster. However, he could clearly hear the sound of water being frozen rapidly behind him, as well as feel the cold air through his body. The ice elemental energy had already begun to fluctuate violently on the surface of the lake. If Chu Yunsheng hadn't cast out an energy shield on himself in time, he might have already been frozen into an ice sculpture.

Fortunately, the seal water monster he sealed was also an ice elemental monster, so the freezing air didn't have much effect on it.

Despite that, If Chu Yunsheng didn't do something, the monster would catch up with him. Seeing the arrow didn't slow down the monster, Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and took out a fiery talisman.

He used the Talisman as the new arrow and pull the string of the bow, and shot it towards the monster.

As the arrow hit the monster, the talisman instantly exploded. The overwhelming fire energy instantly emerged in the area rapidly, forming countless fireballs as if it was raining fireballs from the sky. The icy surface of the lake was quickly melted by the fireballs when they landed. Chu Yunsheng and his monster were instantly able to move faster again.

The monster that had the Cone-shaped head roared in rage. It raised its head high, and suddenly slammed its head down to spit out a fierce white ray of cold air from its mouth. A freezing icy ditch was quickly formed on the water surface below its neck and moving fast forward toward Chu Yunsheng. Even the water splashes and waves were also frozen while still having their forms.

Chu Yunsheng only had time to cast out another firey talisman to his surroundings to protect himself. In the next second, the temperature around his area dropped instantly as if he was standing on the north pole naked. That kind of coldness could not be withstood by any humans. Therefore in the blink of an eye, Chu Yunsheng and the sealed water monster were instantly frozen by the extremely cold air. He and his water monster were still maintaining their previous postures inside the ice.

Around him, the falling fireballs were strangely wrapped in the transparent and strange ice balls, and the flames of the fireballs were still dancing wickedly in the glittering ice, sparkling like many icy lanterns.

Chu Yunsheng could see, but he could not move. The coldness penetrated into his body through every capillary hole and was confronted with the energy inside his body.

This was no longer the ordinary ice elemental energy.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng and the other water monsters had been captured, The water monster, that had a conical-shaped head, opened its huge mouth, that was still emitting the white cold air, and began to lower its neck. The last step of hunting was obviously eating. This was also any animals' instinct.

However, there was no way Chu Yunsheng would want to give up. While its head was slowly approaching Chu Yunsheng, Chu Yunsheng had already summoned his sword and began to use his energy to cover the sword, forcing the sword to spin like a drill to drill all the ice around him.

When his hand was freed, he instantly cast out five fiery talismans at the same time at the monster's mouth.

"Boom!" a huge explosion appeared right below the monster's chin, blast a huge chunk of the monster's meat off. At the same time, Chu Yunsheng was also knocked away by the shockwave, and all the ice pieces around his body began to shatter as well.

Chu Yunsheng did not dare to check if the monster was injured or not. He immediately turned around and began to run toward the lakeshore on the surface of the lake that was already frozen. There was no way he was able to defeat this monster at the moment. He had just used the seventh divine nail no long ago, he could not use it at the moment. His armor was also broken. So he had to escape without saving the sealed water monster.

Fortunately, he was already not far from the lakeshore. With a few rounds of sword QI's pushes, he soon landed on the land on the lakeshore.

Only after that did he finally dare to turn around to check what happened on the lake. The recovered water monster swallowed the sealed monster into its mouth angrily and glared at Chu Yunsheng. However, it could not do anything to Chu Yunsheng now. It could only swim for a while and gradually sink to the bottom of the lake reluctantly, leaving many cold ice blocks on the lake.

But Chu Yunsheng did not want it to leave so easily. He immediately took out the monster seal talisman and force the monster that had been eaten by that powerful icy water monster, to explode while it was still inside its stomach.

After a dull explosion noise coming from the bottom of the lake, the blood of that monster floated up to the surface and dyed a large area of the lake black.

Seeing the body of the monster did not float up to the surface, Chu Yunsheng guessed that it was probably just heavily injured. However, even if it was not dead yet, the monster would not be able to survive in the lake with this kind of injury in the future.

Standing on the shore, Chu Yunsheng used his storage talisman to store some of the strange ice cubes that had Yuan Qi fireballs inside. After that, he took a quick glance around the area to determine his location, and prepared to leave the place.

But he did not walk very far. Hearing the explosion that happened on the lake earlier, the flying riders from Yun Sect had already headed this way. So before Chu Yunsheng was able to leave, many Ban Lan birds flew over his head one by one and had him surrounded.

The woman in the red dress, flying through the layers of other flying riders who dressed in white and said in the air.

"I don't care if you are the real one or not, I have to take you back to Yun Sect!"


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