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Chapter 482 The battle in Shu Du City

 Chu Yunsheng was not able to tell how much he had recovered immediately. However, he was still able to feel the vigorous energy rushing inside his body. It was a type of feeling that had been missing from his body for a very long time. Although he couldn't specify the degree of recovery, he felt like he was much younger now. At least, he no longer felt like a zombie.

However, the corrosive liquid, that erupted from the stomach of the lake monster was far more powerful than Chu Yunsheng had expected. The monster did not just rely on its powerful suction skill and sharp teeth's shredding ability, its corrosive liquid was also extremely deadly.

When Chu Yunsheng was swallowed into the monster's stomach, the corrosive liquid not only severely damaged his armor, but his energy shield was also on the verge breaking. If he hadn't used his Sword Form combined with several offensive talismans together to penetrated the monster's tough skin, he would not have been able to escape from the monster's stomach. He would probably have become a pile of blood inside the monster now.

After getting out of the body of the monster, that was still under the water, Chu Yunsheng immediately used the levitation ability to surface as quick as possible. The armor was severely damaged, and the corrosive liquid seemed to have affected the armor's ability as well. He had a strong feeling that if he could not get to the shore soon, the armor would completely stop working. And by that time, he, who did not know how to swim, would definitely be drowned to death.

But what he did not know was, that when he appeared on the surface of the lake and rushed toward the shore, it caused a great commotion on the lakeshore.

That face, that silvery hair, plus the way he unleashed his skill earlier, and most importantly that sword Qi... If those things existed separately, it might not be a big deal. But when they appeared on one man altogether, everyone on the lakeshore could not help but think of one man. Especially those who were slightly older than others, their hearts were beating rapidly and they began to breathe heavily quickly, while their hands were clenching onto their weapons tightly.

They had seen this man before and they could never forget it. In the darkest and the most difficult time during the first war between the human race and gods, the video about this man was repeatedly played in the battlefield to encourage the people to keep fighting and do not give up. It was the video that gave them hope and helped them to survive in the war. Especially the video of what this man did in Shu Du city. The scenes of him unleashing the powerful sword technique, destroying countless enemies, inspired so many practitioners to pick up their swords again in the battle. Even those Gods were also amazed at that time.

It was at the moment before Bentley fell to the ground and when he shouted that he was back, the order on the lakeshore instantly collapsed.

People rushed to get near the lake like a sea tide. It was so chaotic and crowded that Yun Sect's Jia Tie Flag had completely lost its deterrence effect. Even those females on Ban Lan birds from Yun Sect also ignored YiCheng HongYi's order and flew toward the lake.

However, no one was more shock than Yuan Xuejian and the girl who was forced to help Chu Yunsheng. But Yan Ge and some of his companions did not seem to know what happened. Only after Luo Qing explained excitedly did he finally gasped in shock. His eyes were wide open as if he had seen a ghost.

However, although there were so many people, so many eyes and hands, so many flying riders, no one seemed to want to help Chu Yunsheng to get to the shore! Actually, in their minds, the most powerful man in the world did not need any help at all.

Chu Yunsheng was desperately trying to get to the shore. However, to those people who were standing on the shore, Chu Yunsheng was just showing his power as the most powerful man in the world.

Watching Chu Yunsheng approaching the shore closer and closer, the Loose Practitioners on the shore gradually became more and more excited. They had spent huge efforts to come to Poyang Ze just for a glimpse of the Will of Cambrian. No one would ever imagine that they could witness the return of the most powerful man in the world who had disappeared nearly 20 years.

In the past 20 years, since The Cultivation Propagator began to spread the cultivation methods, and from the final war between the insect and the human race to the war between the human race and gods, the name of Chu Yunsheng had been repeatedly used by many forces in all sorts of power struggles. In the end, it led to countless talented young men and women to set their lifelong goals, which was to surpass "The Origin".

Now that this most powerful man in the world was just right in front of them! The legend that many people had been constantly talking about, was just before their eyes! How could they not be excited!

However, just when everyone wanted to witness the imposing demeanor of "the most powerful man in the world", Chu Yunsheng, who was running on the surface of the lake, did something that crashed everyone's dream.

Chu Yunsheng's eyebrows were pressed together closer and closer. As he took at a quick glance at the shore, he realized that he was still very far away from the shore. He regretted that he went into the monster's body earlier. If he had stayed in the monster's mouth, he would not have so many troubles. But then again, he also did not know that the body of the water monster could be that long.

However, regret was useless now. The levitation ability was getting weaker and weaker until it completely stopped working.

Having suddenly fallen into the river, made Chu Yunsheng instinctively panicked. And panic led him to do all sort of struggling movements to save himself. But no matter how hard he tried, he was still sinking rapidly.

For a moment, everyone was dazed. No one would actually believe that the most powerful man in the world would be drowned in the river. But they still could explain why the most powerful man in the world would want to act like a drowning person.

'Am I hallucinating?'

'No! That's not possible!'

'Then, the man is not the real origin?'

Finally, someone started to think this way. And then this thought, which clearly could not be passed around spiritually, began to spread like a plague in the crowd at an incredible speed through the eyes and expressions of the people in the lakeshore.

Those who were in the air and those who were near the river began to sense something. And soon, some shadows dashed out of the crowd and headed toward Chu Yunsheng, who had already sunk into the lake.

"Fuck!" as Chu Yunsheng cursed, he swallowed another mouthful of lake water. He just remembered that he had boats in the storage talisman.

He did not dare to delay it any longer. So he immediately recited the incantation in his mind searching for the talisman that had boats in there.

But he forgot another a bigger crisis. The bloody smell caused by the death of the monster had spread the entire Poyang Ze. At the moment, all the other monsters, both near the surface of the lake or from the bottom of the lake, were flocking toward the place where the monster's body was.

He was still late. Just when he was about to take out a boat, a water monster wrapped his legs and dragged him deeper into the lake.

Chu Yunsheng immediately used his sword to unleash several sword Qi to attack the water monster. All the sword Qi hit the monster and made several bloody holes on its body.

As he waved his sword again, he cut off of the part of the monster that was still grabbing his legs. Then he quickly moved all his legs and arms, trying to swing to the surface. Although he couldn't breathe, and he knew that he did not how to swim, he did not panic now. Because he knew that in this kind of situation, the panic would only get himself killed.

But everything he did, did not make his situation better. And what was worse was that the monster he killed, instantly made several water monsters, that originally wanted to swim toward the location of the first monster he killed, to swim toward him.

As a result, he was grabbed by another water monster and swum toward another different direction. Chu Yunsheng immediately unleashed his sword Qi to kill that monster again. However, the more he killed, the more monsters appeared.

Yuan Xuejian did not dare to get deep into the water. The fierce fight between the monsters over the dead bodies made her and Yan Ge and other people swim back to the shore. The girl on the back of Ban Lan bird in the air, who had been forced to help Chu Yunsheng, also did not dare to fly any lower as well. Otherwise, the water monsters, that were able to cast out icy water columns, might attack her and her mount.

Chu Yunsheng began to realize that he could not stay like this anymore. If he did not do anything, he would be really trapped here forever.

However, what could he possibly do? He couldn't help but think about Dark. If it was here, he would never be able to encounter this kind of situation. Even if it was not here, if he had "the timid monster", he would not be able to fall into such a helpless situation.

In fact, it was not that he was fear of death. Sometimes when he was depressed, he even wanted to end his own life to free himself. But he still had things that he needed to do. He couldn't die like this. He couldn't accept it if he really died this way.

It was at this moment, he was hit by another water monster. And when he was hit, it instantly reminded him of something. As the idea appeared in his mind, his body immediately began to move.

Then the first sword form appeared.

The second, the third.

After that, the monster seal talisman suddenly began to glow brightly underneath the lake.