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Chapter 481 Hes back!

 The milky white light from the roof of a Yun Sect's secret chamber gently painted the whole room into white color. In the middle position of the room, a few sofas were neatly placed to form a semi-circle. In front of the sofas were a smooth dark black metal platform. At the moment, all kinds of signal instruments on it, were constantly blinking in different colors.

There were a few people sitting silently on the sofa with haggard faces. They had gathered here to discuss something since the last night. However, after spending the entire evening, they still couldn't come to an agreement.

After a long time, a weak young man, who sat at the far corner of the semicircle sofa, lifted a half-full cup and broke the silence. "Three days ago, I have given you my thoughts, three days later, my judgment is still the same! If you don't make any decisions now, I'm afraid it will be too late!" The man said lightly.

A man sat on "her" right side, habitually took out his cigarette box. However, in the next second, his hand suddenly froze in the air. He paused for a few seconds, before he slowly put the cigarette box back, "It is not that we don't believe you. It is that Sky City had tried to deceive others many times already in the past. We are just worried that it is another lie to deliberately disrupting our plans and deployments."

As if the extremely weak young man didn't hear what he had just said. "She" said weakly, "Calling back Wind master and Fire master at the same night they received the information, and dispatching all the members in their Ice and fire Combat team? Yeah... It might be another lie... I have fought him for so many years, and I know him better than anyone else. He never worries about what kind of information I have received. Because he will just lay the information in front of us and let us choose whether to believe it or not. But no matter what you choose, he's always in the lead!"

At this time, the bun-hairstyled woman, who sat in the middle, said coldly "I can also choose to ignore it!"

The weak young man laughed softly, "Maybe that's what he wants to achieve... Anyway, I'm sure that it is real this time! The thing about the slaughter of the fortress in the west of Yellow Mountian was no longer important. It's just a waste of time to investigate it... Stop all tasks immediately and get yourself ready for the worst. Whoever finds that person the first and confirms his identity, will have the lead. Deception or not is no longer important. Because to me and him, and those gods, the only unpredictable element of the whole situation is that person. As long as he is proven still alive, everything will be changed overnight!"

As a strange luster flashed in the eyes of the man, who had a cigarette box, he said, "But if it's true, why doesn't he come to us? Where has he been all these years?"

The weak young man frowned slightly. After a moment of silence, "she" opened the holographic map, pointed at a place and said, "If he's still alive, and if I am not wrong. This is the place where he wants to go!"

"Zhiwu Forest!" A woman who sat at the other end of the sofa was surprised.

The young man held the back of the sofa and slowly stood up. "She" nodded weakly and sighed, "This is the only place I can think of, based on his personality. And if I can guess it, the person in Sky City can also guess it. The ice and fire combat team may have already arrived there, but that's not the best way to do it... Ask Hongyi to come back. The world is about to change. Other things are no longer important.

By the way, all of you should think about how to deal with his anger. His personality... I think you know better than I do."

The last sentence was like a heavy hammer that struck everyone's hearts. Instantly, In the secret room fell in silence again. But the young man took out a glowing mass from his pocket and watched it carefully as if he was trying very hard to study it.


Three hundred kilometers away from Yun Sect's headquarters, the dim light in the sky slowly opened the corner of darkness. The distant mountains and rivers slowly showed their looming shadows.

On the surface of lake Poyang Ze, at the time when Chu Yunsheng blocked the red light attack with his sword Q, and leaped towards the mouth of the water monster, the people along the shore and the Yun Sect's flying riders in the sky all gasped in shock.

The girl who was forced to help Chu Yunsheng also couldn't believe that he really just jumped off her mount.

'What is he doing?!'

In the mouth of the vicious monster, it was filled with many sharp teeth in various sizes. Those teeth were wriggling and rotating non-stop to suck in and crush all other water monsters and human bodies on the surface of the lake. Heavy blood smell mixed with disgusting putrid smell quickly spread out on the surface of the lake.

Chu Yunsheng fell from the sky like a cannon shell. When he reached a few meters above the bloody mouth. The chaotic current began to crush his armor, making loud metal-bending like noises.

Yuan Xuejian also screamed out loud. She used her hands to cover his mouth to stop herself from screaming.

"Sword form!" Chu Yunsheng gave a soft shout and suddenly stabbed his sword downwards to unleash his attack.

The sword Qi instantly smashed some of the teeth in the monster's mouth.

"Roar!" The giant water monster made a loud angry roar.

The powerful shockwave that was made by the monster's roar instantly threw Chu Yunsheng into the air again.

This time, all the people finally understood what he was doing!

However, no one still understood why he would want to attack the powerful water monster.

It was understandable that if he wanted to get the Will of Cambrian. However, what could he possibly get from the water monster?

Of course, Chu Yunsheng would not tell them that he needed a large amount of life force to recover his body. Without a sufficient amount of life force, he was not confident that he would be able to get Edgar's body.

When dealing with the people from Yun Sect, at most, he would use offensive talismans. The main reason was that they had too many people. Especially that Yicheng Hongyi, without using talismans, he would not be able to get the body at all.

Using any talismans frequently would put huge pressure on his body. If his old body couldn't withstand the pressure, he might collapse during the battle.

Therefore, killing the monster was the first priority!

However, the water monster bellow didn't seem like it could be easily dealt with. Although he had unleashed his sword form, it only destroyed its teeth. So even if he wanted to use the seventh divine nail, not only would he not able to kill the monster and take its life force, but it might also probably damage his seventh nerve-like line!

Therefore, before unleashing the seventh nail, he must do his best to injure the monster and weaken its strength, so that the seventh nail could kill it and successfully take its life force.

Chu Yunsheng slightly frowned. If once didn't work. Then twice or three times... No matter what, he had to get it.

As long as his body could withstand the stress, he did not mind to unleash as many sword form as it needed to kill or weaken this monster.

Having failed to kill Chu Yunsheng several times, and having its teeth destroyed by Chu Yunsheng constantly, the water monster was getting angrier every second. It started to chase Chu Yunsheng from below the lake towards the shore.

All the loose Practitioners on the shore all moved back quickly in horror. They did not have Chu Yunsheng's levitation ability. Once they were sucked in, they would not be able to escape at all.

The people from Yun Sect also began to speed up collecting all the manuals that had been taken away by those loose practitioners. It seemed like they were planning to leave soon.

It was at this time, the lake monster seemed to have run out of the patience. It roared loudly and suddenly shot out countless tubes with sharp teeth around it and began to surround Chu Yunsheng from all directions. The powerful turbulence that was produced by it was like powerful shredders, wanting to shred Chu Yunsheng into pieces.

Chu Yunsheng also noticed the movement on the shore. He had to use the seventh divine nail as soon as possible now. Otherwise, even if he might be able to kill the monster soon. The people from Yun Sect might have already left.

Chu Yunsheng immediately made up his mind, leaped towards the monster's mouth like an arrow.


The monster also took the opportunity to close its mouth and attempt to swallow Chu Yunsheng in.

It, who finally ate the creature that provoked it, did not pay much attention to the rapid movements in its mouth. It just thought that it was the last struggle of its prey. It believed that the corrosive liquid in its mouth would definitely be able to corroded the prey into a puddle of liquid.

Excitedly, the monster proceeded to move towards the shore. There were so many more preys waiting for it on the shore.


Suddenly, it had a sharp pain appeared in its big mouth. An acute burning sensation, like a blazing fire burning fiercely inside its mouth, destroying many of its teeth. It was so painful that it instinctively wanted to open its mouth and spit anything in its mouth out.

But in a moment, the body of the monster suddenly became stiff. And then it's half-open mouth fell on the shore and it completely stopped moving!

All the Loose Practitioners who were preparing to escape earlier, all stopped.

'The water monster is dead!' all of them were shocked. It was killed!

How was this possible? How did that man do it? He actually killed a giant water monster by himself.

While everyone was still surprised, an area on the body of the monster suddenly exploded. Then a silver shadow appeared in everyone's sight.

The rotten armor, the rotten clothes, the rotten weapon, and the rotten smell couldn't hide the man's silver hair and his face that many people on the shore were familiar with.

The area suddenly became extremely chaotic, whether it was in the sky or on the ground!!!

"My God! It's him! He, he's back!" Bentley, who had just recovered his consciousness, stepped back instinctively. However, he didn't realize that he was still on the back of a Ban Lan bird. So he instantly fell off the bird and landed on the ground.