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Chapter 480 My name is Chu Yunsheng

 It was a quick glance, but it was filled with condescension. And it also left a faint of aloof pride and indifference when she flew past him swiftly, as if she was a mysterious powerful master, who looked down everything that existed on the ground.

Watching her flew past him on a bird, Chu Yunsheng was reluctant to give up, but he also felt helpless. The body of the timid monster was currently taken by Yu Hanwu. Otherwise, with its power, he would not need to run on the surface of the lake at all.

This also made him secretly regretted that if he had sealed some more creatures that could only fly, he could have used them to help him.

As he was thinking, the magnificent prehistoric-creature-like colorful bird that was more than ten meters long, spread out its wings and glided through the air above the lake like a gorgeous streamer of northern lights, heading toward an old fishing boat that was looming deep in the lake.

It was at this moment, many dark water monsters broke through the surface of the lake with their long necks one by one, spewing many icy water columns, covering the entire center of the lake, as if it was a forest that was made of ice. It was constantly sending out the freezing air, which made the people around the lake feel like they had fallen into an ice pit.

The magnificent bird was moving through the ice forest nimbly, dodging many sharp columns that suddenly broke out from the water. With its ability to flying in the air, it was able to quickly ascend to a safe distance in the sky.

However, Chu Yunsheng, who followed the bird, did not have the ability to do so. He had to use all he got to calculate when and where the icy sharp columns might break out from the water surface quickly. So he could dodge the attack in time.

However, although he had the power of Yuan Tian stage three, plus there was armor and some other stuff to help him, it was still very difficult for him to move further.

"Qiu Lingjie, leave the body and Bentley! I will spare your life!"

In the air above the lake, a powerful and dignified female voice suddenly resounded from all sides. The voice was not ear-piercing, but somehow it could make everyone's hearts beat nervously, as if it were an invisible drum stick that beat everyone's hearts.

Chu Yunsheng instantly raised his head while his brows were tightly knitted. The person was able to force its voice to pass through the entire three-dimensional space. Only the Yuan Tian stage three master and above was able to do something like this!

"YiCheng HongYi Don't you dare think that I'll be afraid of you because you have Yun Sect behind you!" On the bow of a small fishing boat, a man said coldly as he used a rocket-launcher-like weapon to lock down the colorful birds.

Chu Yunsheng had already stopped chasing at the moment. The woman was clearly stronger than him, plus she had the advantage of being in the air. Fighting with her was definitely not worth it. His purpose was only to see whether the cultivation propagator was Edgar or not. There was no need for him to waste offensive talismans here unless Edgar was still alive!

Moreover, the closer he got to the center of the lake, the more obvious the restlessness of the sixth nerve-like line was. There seemed to be something lurking deep below the surface of the lake. It was nothing like those water monsters he had just seen now.

After a few seconds, he chose to retreat temporarily and headed back to the shore. He wanted to wait until their fight finished.

Hearing what the man said, the elegant woman, who dressed in red clothing, suddenly laughed on the magnificent bird.

"Laugh! Laugh my ass!" as the man on the bow pulled the trigger, the weapon, that he retrieved from the battlefield of the human race and god, instantly shot out a dazzling blue light to the colorful bird.

The elegant woman in the red dress suddenly lowered her head. The smile on her face had disappeared. It was replaced with arrogance and disdain. And as she casually raised two of her fingers and waved them gently in the air, she said coldly, "Hit it!"

A frightening red arrow appeared out of nowhere and shot down from the sky, while constantly making ear-piercing noises.

The powerful impact of the two lights made a deafening noise, and the violent energy shockwave instantly burst out in mid-air like fireworks in the night sky.

"You? You have leveled up again! That's crazy!" The man on the bow was shocked.

"Hit it!" The woman in the red dress on the colorful bird did not respond to him. She just casually waved her fingers several times in succession. And several red arrows appeared out of thin air and shot toward the man again!

As the red lights hit the boat, many painful screams rang out from the small fishing boat.

At this moment, Chu Yunsheng had already retreated to the shore. Seeing what the woman did, he could not help but suddenly blurt it out, "Dongfang Bubai!? (AKA: Invincible East)"

In his knowledge, the red dress, that posture, that imposing manner, attacking methods, it was exactly like Dongfang Bubai in The Smiling, Proud Wanderer!

"Dongfang Bubai!?" "Who is that?" No one knows when Yan Ge and others arrived at the shore. But they seemed to have heard what Chu Yunsheng just said.

Chu Yunsheng did not say anything. He just raised his chin slightly to signal them that he was talking about the woman in red.

Yan Ge, Luo Qing, and others had seen some of Chu Yunsheng's strength. They could guess the origin of Chu Yunsheng and his real age. However, when they realized Chu Yunsheng was talking about the woman in red, they were even more confused. "Senior practitioner. Isn't that YiCheng HongYi - the most powerful master of Yun Sect besides the elders of Yun Sect!? Is that her other nickname?"

"YiCheng HongYi?" Chu Yunsheng gave up trying to think who she might be. In fact, he had never heard of this woman before. Probably she just became well-known in recent years.

Luo Qing nodded her head and said with full of admiration, "In the battle between the human race and god, she once took part in the suicide squad to lurk thousands of miles in the dark to kill God Warrior!"

"It is that war again... Huh?" Chu Yunsheng suddenly clenched his sword and stared at the center of the lake surface. The monster under the lake seemed to have run out of its patience.

"Senior practitioner?" Yan Ge suddenly pulled his arm and said.

Just when Chu Yunsheng wanted to turn around, he saw a Ban Lan bird, that was smaller than the one that the woman in red was riding, descended from the sky. When its huge body covered everyone's head, a young girl's voice appeared from the back of the bird. "Who are you?"

"Who I am is not you little kid's business!" the people on the boat was much weaker than he had expected, and they could not do anything to the woman at all. Seeing there were no advantages he could take, Chu Yunsheng suddenly came up with another idea. The monster underneath the lake might be able to do something.

Although he did not know why the monster under the lake wanted to surface now. He felt that it might have something to do with the woman in red.

Because only after she appeared did the monster below the lake started to move more frequently.

So Chu Yunsheng had to wait a little longer to seize the best opportunity to get it done as quickly as possible.

But he couldn't fly, and the speed of using his armor's levitation ability to run on the surface of the lake was way too slow. The monster might dive into the water again very quickly. However, the Ban Lan bird that just appeared in front of him helped him to solve his problem.

The girl did not realize that she had become Chu Yunsheng's "prey". After hearing Chu Yunsheng's arrogant tone, she pointed her delicate arrow at Chu Yunsheng and said angrily, "How dare you! Tell me who you are or die now!"

"If I say I am a friend of your sect leader, would you believe it?" Chu Yunsheng laughed while he was watching the movement on the lake.

The girl originally didn't believe it at all. However, when she saw the mysterious armor that Chu Yunsheng was wearing, and all the other Loose Practitioners around him were looking at each other in the epiphany expressions, she did not know why she hesitated.

"What's your name?" She thought for a second and asked.

"Chu Yunsheng!" Chu Yunsheng said coldly. He suddenly had an idea and he wanted to test it out if it would work or not.

"Chu Yunsheng?"

"Why does this name sound so familiar?" The girl was dazed for a second. But then her face quickly turned red with rage. "HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT THE ORIGIN! DIE!"

Chu Yunsheng slightly turned around and noticed that everyone's face behind him was filled with shock. Even Yuan Xue Jian was also the same. No one could believe that he would dare to say such a thing.

'As I expected, even if I tell them who I am, no one will believe me!' Chu Yunsheng laughed at himself secretly. He had actually guessed this already a few days ago. The reactions of everyone had just confirmed his guess.

It was at this moment, the center surface of the lake suddenly exploded. Then an ugly and huge monster's head that was as big as a building, broke out the surface of the lake. Its mouth was so big that it was swallowing all other water monsters.

Most of the men on the small fishing boat had been killed by the woman in red. And she was currently flying back with a body and a figure who seemed to be extremely frightened. She did not seem to have any intention of fighting the monster.

"The body and the life force are both mine!" Chu Yunsheng gazed at the lake and said quietly. He no longer expected the woman to fight the monster anymore. Because he knew that this world would always disrupt his plan, and it would never help him. However, he was already used to it.

Bending both knees, Chu Yunsheng suddenly jumped up and used his hand to grab the icy arrow that the girl shot at him. As he got on the back of the giant bird, he hugged the girl tightly from behind, so that she could not move. After restraining the girl, he pointed at the center of the lake and said sharply, "Fly over there! If you don't, I'll kill you!"

Chu Yunsheng's action was too sudden. Moreover, no one could believe that with a large number of flying birds of Yun Sect above him, he still dared to attack one of them? Is he courting death!? YiCheng HongYi was also here as well!

The girl also couldn't believe that someone would dare to do this to her. Although the sharp sword was pointed against her throat, she still gritted her teeth and said angrily, "I Dare You!"

"You think I did not dare to do it? I even killed those God Warriors before, let alone your Yun Sect!" Chu Yunsheng snorted coldly.

The girl did not care if Chu Yunsheng was lying or not, she just said resolutely, "Kill me now, I will never do anything you said!"

"If you don't do it now, I will kill this animal first!" Chu Yunsheng suddenly raised his sword and was about to stab downward.

"No! Don't hurt Feiyun, I'll go!" Suddenly, the girl panicked. She gritted her teeth and controlled the flying bird to fly toward the center of the lake.

Other flying birds had already noticed the strange behavior of the bird that the girl was riding, they all quickly began to fly toward the girl.

Seeing someone was holding a sword behind her, they immediately realized that she was being forced to leave her position. However, fearing the girl would be hurt, no one dared to attack the man.

At the moment when two Ban Lan bird flew past each other, there was a faint surprise flashed in the eyes of the woman in red, but she immediately waved her fingers and said, "hit it!"

"Hit my ass!" Chu Yunsheng stepped on the back of a giant bird, and suddenly leaped toward the giant monster's mouth.

"Sword Qi?" the woman in the red was surprised.