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Chapter 479 Yun Sect Jia Tie Flag

 Chu Yunsheng was slightly surprised. The famous phrase "you can't judge people by their appearance" once again reappear in front of him. With just one sword attack, Luo Qing killed the red shadow that tried to breakthrough. It seemed like he might have underestimated the power of this woman.

"Drag it aside and search the body!" Luo Qing kicked the body that had already been split into two parts behind her and said emotionlessly. At the same time, her eyes were staring coldly at the group of loose practitioners who followed the red shadow here.

"Yuan Tian stage three master?" One of the men stepped out of the group and said sternly. After a quick glance around, he said sharply, "Don't be afraid, we have three times more people than them! Let's fight them together!"

The people, who were intimidated by Luo Qingyi's sword, quickly recovered their composure, under the man's loud encouragement. The huge temptation of the Will of Cambrian could not be underestimated either. Taking advantage of having three times more people, slowly they all began to move again. However, these people were not stupid. When facing the Yuan Tian stage three master, no one wanted to make the first move and be the cannon folder of others.

While no one was making the first move, the Loose Practitioners in Chu Yunsheng's side immediately began to surround the bodies of the dead man. They quickly formed two circles with the people in the inner circle searching the bodies, while the people in the outer circle holding different types of weapons, guarding the people inside, preventing others from seeing what was happening inside.

"You want to challenge two Yuan Tian stage three masters?" Surprisingly, Luo Qing didn't attack this time. Instead, she pointed at Chu Yunsheng and said coldly to those people opposite her.

In this early morning when the cold gleam hadn't appeared yet, her words were like a snowstorm, sending chills down their spines.

Two Yuan Tian stage three masters!?

The loose practitioners apposite them began to breathe heavily and sweat started to appear on their foreheads. If there was one Yuan Tian stage three master, with their manpower, they might have a chance. But if there were two, then there would only be death.

Stalemate, silence, hesitation!

It was at this moment, Chu Yunsheng suddenly moved. He leaped over the heads of the people in the outer circle and landed inside. Before Yan Ge reacted, he unleashed Yuan Qi energy grab to grab the piece of blood-stained paper from Yan Ge's hands.

"Senior Practitioner Yuan?" Yan Ge instantly became very nervous. If Chu Yunsheng wanted to leave with the paper, not many people would be able to stop him.

'Huh? It really is Edgar?' After quickly glancing through the paper, Chu Yunsheng's heart instantly sank.

He was familiar with the paper and the words that were written on it. Even the marks that were left by the insect's slimy substances were still clearly visible.


The only reason for this was that this paper was real. It was the paper that he personally handed to Edgar at that time. Then the cultivation propagator that was assassinated...

"Store it carefully, this one is real!" Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath and passed the paper back to Yan Ge. "I need to go to the primary meeting location! Take care of Xiao Yuan for me temporarily!" He said sternly.

As soon as he finished, he jumped out of the circle again before Yan Ge even responded to him. While he was still in the air, many pieces of armor quickly appeared on his body one by one. When the full set of armor appeared, he had already arrived before the group of loose Practitioners that were chasing the red shadow earlier.

Everyone was instantly startled by his move. No one knew if he was really a Yuan Tian stage three master or not, but his speed and aura didn't belong to an ordinary Practitioner! Therefore, they quickly formed a defence formation while clenching their weapons tightly.

However, they didn't expect that Chu Yunsheng didn't plan to fight them at all. And he also didn't plan to wait until their formation was completely formed to block his way. In a split second, he unleashed another Yuan Qi grab to grab the weapons from the people in the first row of the formation.

After a cluster of metal hitting sound and people's short grunts, many types of weapons were pulled away from them and thrown into the sky. Some people probably clenched their weapons to tightly, they were thrown into the sky with their weapons.

"Ah!" A Loose Practitioner in the air suddenly shouted in panic.

His shout instantly woke up everyone else that was still in the formation. However, before they could react, Chu Yunsheng also grabbed that person, and flew past them quickly.

Just one move, and no one was even able to stop him!

Whether it was those loose Practitioners that chased the red shadow earlier or Luo Qing and Yan Ge's group, everyone didn't know how to react anymore. What kind of skill was that? How could someone retrieve something in long-distance! And what was that armor?

Yuan Xuejian's beautiful eyes were filled with exciting lusters. She believed her judgment even more.


After Chu Yunsheng disappeared, all the weapons were dropped on the ground. However, none of those people, who had lost their weapons, dared to retrieve their weapons.


"Stop shouting! I just need you to lead the way! Which way is towards the primary meeting location?" Chu Yunsheng asked sternly and put the Loose Practitioner, whose face had already turned pale, on the ground after he arrived at a three-way junction.

The Loose Practitioner's heart was still beating rapidly. At the moment when he was caught by Chu Yunsheng, he thought that he would be dead for sure. But he didn't expect that Chu Yunsheng just wanted to ask the direction towards the primary meeting location. However, although he knew that now, he still couldn't calm down. Pointing at a small passage to his right, he said nervously, "that.. that way..."

Chu Yunsheng squinted his eyes and picked up the man again. Before he moved out again, he said coldly to the man, "I think you understand the consequences of lying to me!"

The Loose Practitioner hurriedly nodded his head.

Chu Yunsheng didn't think that he would risk his life to make up a lie in this kind of situation. So he quickly headed towards the passage.

After a few minutes, he began to hear the noises of fighting and people shouting.

"It's in his hand!"

"Don't let him run away!"

"Stop him!"


As Chu Yunsheng approached closer to the primary meeting location, the place was already covered by the fire and people were chasing and killing everywhere. It was as chaotic as hell.

Those who got the paper were killed instantly before they even had a chance to take a look at what was on the paper. And the location of the body would quickly be stormed by many other people.

Shouting and killing didn't stop a single second, every once in a while someone would be shouting loudly, "it is over there!"

Chu Yunsheng was constantly dodging people that were running towards him in the chaotic crowd.

Kicking away a loose Practitioner who ran towards him, he put down the man in his hand and said quickly, "where is the cultivation propagator!"

"I, I don't know." Looking at Chu Yunsheng's cold expression behind the mask, the man was scared. He hurriedly added, "Grandpa, I, I really don't know. Maybe, you can try to search that area."

He pointed at the direction where the lakeshore was and said.

Chu Yunsheng paused for a second to think. Although he didn't know if this man's information was accurate or not, he still wanted to try. He didn't want to waste time here, because Edgar was definitely in this place!

On the way to the lakeshore, he would catch anyone who he bumped into, and use force to make them give him the information he needed.

The heavy blood smell was blown towards him along with the cool breeze that came from the lake. Deep below the water, many vicious monsters began to approach the surface of the lake quickly.

Suddenly Chu Yunsheng noticed something on the river. And just when he let out a confused noise, a man who still had some distance from him at the lakeshore, pointed at the lake and shouted, "they took the body of the cultivation propagator away!"

"That boat!?"

Chu Yunsheng snorted coldly and threw away the man in his hand. He covered himself with a red cloak and began to charge toward the lakeshore quickly. As soon as he arrived at the lakeshore, he activated the levitation ability of the rumor and began to run on the surface of the lake.

However, soon after he touched the surface of the lake, many strange ear-piercing screeches began to appear in the sky, and they were getting louder and louder.

The people who had been fighting each other slowly stopped on the ground. However, one of the men, who was already blinded by the killings, raised his head and roared, "SHOW YOURSELF!"

One second, two seconds, three seconds passed, but there was still no movement.

However, at the fourth second, a huge pole with a flag attached to it fell down from the sky quickly and crashed the man who shouted earlier into minced meat!

Then countless icy arrows began to shoot down from the sky as if it was raining icy arrows!

"Yun Sect Jia Tie flag, those who don't want to surrender themselves, will be killed immediately!"

A cold indifferent woman's voice suddenly appeared in the sky. And as if her voice was as powerful as the Grim Reaper's scythe, all the loose practitioners' faces instantly went pale, and all of them couldn't help but kneel down.

Those who didn't bend their knees on time, were instantly penetrated by many icy arrows!

Soon after everyone knelt down, many Ban Lan birds began to descend and appeared above all Loose Practitioners' heads. As they approached closer to the ground, the wind that was caused by their powerful wings, blew away many people.

On each one of those giant birds, there was a heroic woman who dressed in white and had a delicate bow in her hands. However, when they saw the boat on the lake, they just flew over people who were still kneeling on the ground, heading to the boat!

Chu Yunsheng also heard the noise. However, he was not interested in other people's conflict. He just wanted to know if the person was Edgar or not.

It was at this moment, an unusually beautiful Ban Lan bird flew past him. In the split second when the bird flew past him, he noticed that the woman who was on the back of the bird seemed to have taken a quick glance at him...