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Chapter 478 Assassination!

 Outside the building.

"You seem to be very happy that you can stay here." Chu Yunsheng looked at the back of Luo Qing and said casually to Yuan Xuejian.

Yuan Xuejian hurriedly shook her head and said in a coquetry manner, "it's not that... It is just that I also want to see the cultivation propagator. After all, it can enlarge my views."

Chu Yunsheng smiled. As he looked into the building again, he didn't know why, but he suddenly said, "I think it is because he looks like Leslie Cheung (Note)." He said while signaling Yuan Xuejian that he was talking about Yan Ge, who was standing into the corner of the hall.

"Leslie Cheung? Who is he?" Yuan Xuejian couldn't help but frown. She thought about it for a few seconds. However, she still couldn't find anyone by that name in her memories.

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. Then he just realized the girl he was talking to no longer familiar with the movies that he used to watch.

Time truly flies...

After a moment of silence, he rubbed the raindrops, that had turned slimy, off him and changed the topic, "after we get to Zhiwu forest, we will encounter some old acquaintances of mine. There is something I need to let you know first..."

The things that Luo Qing wanted to discuss, surprised Chu Yunsheng slightly. It involved in a strange incident that happened several months ago in Zhiwu forest.

According to Luo Qing, in an area somewhere around Star Sand city that was controlled by Zhiwu forest, all the plants were suddenly sucked into the ground by a strange force. Although Zhiwu forest suffered heavy losses, Zhiwu forest didn't back away from that area. They just pushed their forces into that area again and again.

No one knew how many resources exactly Zhiwu forest had wasted trying to push into that area, neither did anyone know why the steady Queen of Zhiwu forest would suddenly act so recklessly.

Only until two months ago, roughly the time when Yu Hanwu's village was slaughtered did a shocking rumor began to spread by a group of people, who had escaped from Zhiwu forest.

It was said that a gigantic spaceship, that was probably buried under the ground millions of years ago, was discovered in Zhiwu forest.

At that time, as soon as all the major forces heard the rumor, all of them immediately speeded up finishing the things that were in their hands, and tried to get to Zhiwu forest as soon as possible. At the same time, they all sent out many powerful masters trying to enter Zhiwu forest and explore the area where they had discovered the spaceship, in secret.

And what Luo Qing wanted to discuss was exactly this. She wanted to use Chu Yunsheng's relationship with Zhiwu forest to help her to get into Zhiwu forest after finishing the meeting with the cultivation propagator.

Although Chu Yunsheng wasn't interested in it, he indeed needed to go to Zhiwu forest. Staying with Luo Qing could help him to cover his real identity. Before he saw Xiao Chuan, he didn't want to expose himself and have troubles coming after him because of that. In terms of how he could use the"relationship" to get into the forest, he just wanted to wait and think about that once they got to the forest.

Therefore he agreed to temporarily join her group. However, in order to prevent any accidents from happening, Chu Yunsheng felt that he needed to tell Yuan Xuejian something first.

However, halfway through his conversation, he suddenly saw Yan Ge running towards him quickly.

"What's wrong?" Seeing his anxious expression, Chu Yunsheng frowned and asked.

Yan Ge hurriedly said, "Senior practitioner, someone just attacked the cultivation propagator!"

"Attack?" Chu Yunsheng's heart suddenly dropped. "How is he! Is he dead?"

Yan Ge swallowed very hard and slowly nodded his head. His eyes were filled with anxiousness.

Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath and asked sternly, "so, what are you planning to do?"

"Senior Practitioner, the situation is extremely bad now. The people in the primary meeting point have probably already started to fight each other over the Will of Cambrian. Even if we want to get in there, it is already too late. Once the people from the outer circle heard the news, they will definitely flood in. So the people from the primary meeting point will definitely try to find a way to break out! At that time..." Yan Ge gritted his teeth and said.

"So, you want us to get into the fight?" Chu Yunsheng suddenly interrupted him.

Yan Ge didn't deny it. He nodded his head and said sternly, "as long as senior practitioner work with sister Luo, plus lady Yuan's wood elemental energy, we will definitely be able to get one or two pieces of the Will!"

Chu Yunsheng didn't respond to him this time. He squinted his eyes and stared at Yan Ge, "Xiao Yan, to be honest with you, I'm not interested in that Will."

"Ah?" Yan Ge didn't expect Chu Yunsheng would say this. His face was filled with confusion.

The same as him, Yuan Xuejian also looked at her fake "grandpa" in confusion. She had more and more questions about this old man.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and carried on, "but if you want me to help you, I have two conditions. Tell me, how can you be so sure that that cultivation propagator is the real one. I know you are not telling me everything when I asked you the same question earlier. Secondly, I'll need to borrow that Yang Xixi girl for some time after this thing finished."

Hearing Chu Yunsheng offered his help, Yan Ge's face was lit up. However, after hearing the conditions he hesitated again. But eventually, he still couldn't resist the temptation of the cultivation method.

"Senior Practitioner, I have a close friend who works for Chu Clan. Some time ago, a person, who had been secretly imprisoned by Chu Clan, was taken away by a mysterious man.

This person isn't some ordinary man. He used to follow the cultivation propagator for a while, and he was deeply trusted by the cultivation propagator. Originally, Chu Clan was hunting this person everywhere, after he was taken away by the mysterious man. However, no one knew what happened, Chu Clan suddenly withdrew all their forces overnight. And the information about this meeting came from that prisoner!"

"What's his name?" Chu Yunsheng frowned and asked. Who would be deeply trusted by Edgar? Was it Dark? But how could Dark be imprisoned by Chu clan's disciples?

"Senior Practitioner, I'm afraid that it will put my friend in danger, so even if I won't be able to get the Will of Cambrian, I'll not disclose my friend's name. However, I can tell you the name of that prisoner. His name is Bentley!"

"Bentley?" Chu Yunsheng's brows were knitted even closer. After a while, he finally remembered who that person was.

"It's him! Edgar, how foolish you have to be. Didn't I already tell you not to trust that person?" Chu Yunsheng murmured. So it was one of the American he saved back in the yellow mountain area. He clearly remembered that he had told Edgar not to trust that man.

"What did you say Senior Practitioner?" Yan Ge didn't catch what he said, so he asked.

"Nothing, I'm thinking that if this person is still alive or not." Chu Yunsheng changed the topic and said.

"Earlier on, there was one brother came to tell us about what happened. He also mentioned that he was still alive and he was still arranging the breakout before he came back to us. But I don't know about his situation now." Yan Ge nodded his head and said. He also secretly hinted Chu Yunsheng that time was pressing, he needed to act as soon as possible.

"Okay, how about the second condition." The reason why Chu Yunsheng was so calm was that he always felt that the person that had been assassinated was not Edgar. Although he didn't know why he would have this kind of feeling.

But things had already become more and more complicated, and whether Chu clan was behind all of this or not, he still wanted to see Bentley once. As long as Bentley was still alive, Chu Yunsheng believed that he would have ways to get the information he wanted from him.

Yan Ge was dazed for a second and said, "Xiao Yang will be more than happy to be taken care of by Senior Practitioner. This is not a big deal. I can give you the answer on behalf of her."

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. Looking at people moving out of the building fully armored, and Luo Qing was leading the way, it seemed like Yan Ge had already persuaded her. Therefore he just replied, "Let's go."

However, after he said it. Yuan Xuejian didn't move at all. So he frowned and asked, "what's wrong?"

Yuan Xuejian suddenly panicked as if she was a timid bunny. "No... nothing..." she answered nervously.

Chu Yunsheng's heart suddenly dropped. He realized that what he murmured earlier was probably overheard by this girl.

And what he thought was exactly correct. While facing Chu Yunsheng's cold stare, Yuan Xuejian's mind was in a turmoil. 'a man who dares to call the most powerful man in the world by his name. A man who despises the will of Cambrian. A man who dares to disrespect the cultivation propagator. And more importantly, a man who dares to call the cultivation propagator a fool and claims that he once even reminded the cultivation propagator not to do something. Oh my god. Who is he exactly? Was he one of those masterful figures who used to exist at the same time with the most powerful man in the world and the cultivation propagator?'

It was just a thought. However, this thought got her adrenaline pumping.

"Are you alright?" noticing her strange behavior, Yan Ge also asked with concerned.

"I am alright, Let's go!" Yuan Xuejian shook her head. She did not even dare to look into Chu Yunsheng's eyes again.

"Someone is coming!" one of the scouts, who had been sent out by Luo Qing, suddenly ran back and said.

Because the dim light in the sky had not yet appeared, in order to stay in the dark, everyone had already turned off their cold light sources, the light sources they had at the moment was the light that came from campfires in the abandoned buildings.

Just when the scout reported, a burning shadow, that was chased by a group of hungry wolf-like Loose practitioners, rushed towards them at full speed with a red-burning long spear.

"FUCK OFF OR DIE!" the man roared.

As soon as he finished, Luo Qing sneered and hopped forward. "Let's me see if you have that ability or not!" Luo Qing said coldly as she unleashed a bright golden energy sword that seemingly unstoppable at the burning shadow.

The shadow was instantly hacked into halves.