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Chapter 477 Begin The Chaos

 Chu Yunsheng woke up from a light sleep. However, the hazy shimmer still hadn't appeared from the sky yet. But it began to rain non-stop, and it was getting bigger and bigger as if it was going to become a rainstorm soon.

Today was the third day in Fuyang Ze. But everything looked unusually calm. It was scarily calm that it gave people a strong sense of foreboding. Chu Yunsheng, who was very sensitive to the dangerous atmosphere, always felt something was amiss.

However, he couldn't tell where exactly this feeling came from. It was as if there was a big net over his head in the sky, and he couldn't see the end of it.

Shaking his head, he decided to leave this feeling aside and focus on his cultivation first. Instead of guessing the unpredictable dangers, it was much more realistic to prepare himself for the incoming danger.

Since Reversed Yuan Tian Stage Three was constructed in Shu Du city, it had already been a very long time. If it didn't count the time that he had spent in the zero dimension, it had roughly been half a year since he had reached stage three. His cultivation progress towards the middle layer of stage three was very stable. There was no thrilling rapid advancement of his cultivation, or disappointing and slow advancement of his cultivation. It was a step by step, smoothly and steadily progression.

Actually, this was the progressing speed that Chu Yunsheng wanted. Although he still hadn't figured out what Reversed Yuan Qi was, and what would happen if he tried to breakthrough reversed Yuan Tian stage three.

After checking the number of the talismans he had stored, Chu Yunsheng stepped on the stairs that were already wet by the rain and got to the ground floor.

Today was the last day of the meeting, whether that cultivation propagator was going to show up or not, Chu Yunsheng decided not to wait anymore.

The reason why he was here, was to confirm if that person was really Edgar.

However, if the person didn't want to show up, he still had other things that he needed to do. For example, restoring his life force.

The heavy rain brought great inconvenience to those Loose Practitioners. This was not an ordinary rain. According to what Yuan Xuejian told him yesterday, some people call this type of rain "Dirty Rain", while others called them "Poisonous Rain". People from different places would call it differently. But its nature was the same, it was a type of rain that contained different types of strange poisons.

Once there was this kind of weather, ordinary human beings wouldn't dare to come out at all. Even Yuan Tian stage one masters also needed to be extremely careful during this type of weather. Only the masters that were powerful than Yuan Tian stage two were able to move freely in this kind of weather.

It was because of this rain in the past two days and because of Yuan Xuejian's rare wood elemental ability, she became very popular in this peripheral contact point. Because of all types of poisonous injuries, and all kinds of wounds that were caused by all sorts of reasons, people kept coming to her and seeking help from her non-stop. She also made a "fortune" out of this.

When Chu Yunsheng got down the stairs, Yuan Xuejian had just sent away an injured Yuan Tian stage one master. And before he was able to talk to her, they both saw Yan Ge leading a woman, who dressed in nimble garments, into the building excitedly.

The woman had an average appearance. Just like Chu Yunsheng, she looked very ordinary. However, not only Yan Ge, but everyone else, was all very respectfully towards her. Even that Yang Xixi girl was also very well behaved in front of her.

"Senior practitioner, please let me introduce you to Mrs. Luo Qing. She is a powerful Yuan Tian Stage Three master, who come from the North. She used to heavily injure one god warrior with other masters during the war." Yan Ge walked towards Chu Yunsheng and introduced her while his face was filled with admiration.

No wonder why they were so respectful towards her. Not only did she join the war, but she also injured one. In terms of the woman, she seemed to be very modest about her achievements, she did not show any signs of arrogance. While Chu Yunsheng was looking at her, she was also sizing Chu Yunsheng up.

"Sister Luo, this is Senior practitioner Yuan, a Yuan Tian Stage Three master. This is Xiao Yuan, the wood elemental loose practitioner I told you about," Yan Ge carried on introduced them to her.

Chu Yunsheng slightly nodded his head to greet her. But he did not say anything. Although other people might admire her ability, to him, it was nothing.

However, his blank facial expression instantly caused several men and women, who followed the woman in, to stare at him in disdain, as if he had been disrespectful to someone that they worshiped.

Luo Qing did not say anything. She only swiftly glanced over Chu Yunsheng a few times. After finding nothing special about the old man, she began to check Yuan Xuejian, who was standing next to Chu Yunsheng.

Just at first glance, Luo Qing's eyebrows unnoticeably pressed together slightly. As she let out a surprised noise, she walked closer toward Yuan Xuejian and stared at her delicate face closely.

Her reaction made Chu Yunsheng worried that the real identity of Yuan Xuejian might be exposed. And then it would lead to the exposure of what happened to the fortress. It would also lead straight back to him. Since he had already planned to leave here, he did not want anyone to follow him. Therefore, he pulled Yuan Xuejian away from her and used his body to block her view and said, "Xiao Yan, I have already discussed with my granddaughter. Since we don't know if the cultivation propagator is really going to show up, and we also have other things in our hands. So we have decided to leave early to meet up with my disciple."

As soon as he finished, he grabbed Yuan Xuejian's hand and pulled her away.

Before Yan Ge was able to react to what Chu Yunsheng had just said, Luo Qing suddenly said, "Mr. Yuan, please wait for a second."

As soon as she finished, the people who followed her, immediately stepped back to block the exit.

"Huh! What's wrong?" Chu Yunsheng squinted his eyes and his voice instantly dropped. If they really discovered Yuan Xuejian's identity, then he must prepare for a fight.

"Are you familiar with someone from Zhiwu forest?" Luo Qing stepped forward and asked. She didn't seem to worry about that if Chu Yunsheng wanted to attack her.

In fact, she was confident that the old man in front of her would not be able to injure her. Although they both were Yuan Tian stage three masters, often young people were more powerful than the old ones, not to mention that she had awakened powerful combat techniques as well.

Of course, Chu Yunsheng wouldn't know about this. Hearing the woman asking about Zhiwu forest, he realized that he had mistaken her intentions.

Feeling slightly relieved, Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and replied vaguely, "Yes."

Hearing the answer she had expected, Luo Qing smiled. Although she couldn't feel the pure Earth elemental Yuan Qi from the mask, like what Yuan Xuejian did before, she had seen a mask like this one in the first war between the human race and god. So she was still able to tell something from it.

But she didn't point it out. Instead, she waved her hand to signal the people who followed her, to make the way and said, "I'd like to discuss something with Mr. Yuan privately. There are too many people here. Can we talk outside?"

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and followed her out of the building with Yuan Xuejian.

After they left, Yan Ge's group instantly fell into an awkward silence. Especially Yang Xixi. When she heard that the old man was related to Zhiwu, she couldn't help but nervously look at Yan Ge.

Yan Ge was slightly irritated by how the situation progressed. The reason why he wanted to invite Luo Qing was to increase his chances of getting the cultivation manual. However, he didn't expect that with just a few words, Yun Xuejian and her grandpa left with Luo Qing. If them two grouped together, then his efforts would be in vain.

The sound of heavy rain outside concealed the conversation of the three people. When Yan Ge and others were anxiously waiting for them to finish, a man, whose entire body was wet by the rain, suddenly ran into the building from outside. His face was filled with nervous expressions, and as he ran into the building, he glanced around quickly and vigilantly. When he finally found Yan Ge amongst the group of people, he quickly pulled Yan Ge to a corner and began to whisper to him.

"What!" Yan Ge suddenly lost his composure completely.

"It is true! It is extremely chaotic there. Everyone has lost their minds!" the man said nervously.

Yan Ge's eyelids were twitching rapidly, and he was trying to think of a solution as quickly as possible while pacing back and forth.

"You need to make a decision now. Otherwise, we will not be able to get anything. This is our only chance!" seeing Yan Ge could not make a decision. the man urged.