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Chapter 476 Dispatch The Combat Team

 Nowadays, Poyang Ze was very big. The length of the entire lake from its north to its south had increased more than 200 kilometers. Its length from its east to its west had reached more than 100 kilometers. There were snows everywhere on the lakeshore. And the lake itself was covered with white fog. With elegant water creatures jumping out the lake surface from time to time, it was like a fairyland in the real world.

Of course, it would be one, if there were no broken ships on the lakeshore and collapsed buildings that were looming in the distance.

When Yan Ge took the crowd and found the peripheral contact point for the meeting, the hazy shimmer already disappeared from the sky.

The contact point was located in a village that had been abandoned for many years. Only a two-story farmhouse and the tractor that had been dismantled next to the door of the farmhouse could still prove that there used to be people, dogs, and fields existing in this area.

It had been more than twenty years, and everything Chu Yunsheng saw still indicated how fragile the "modern" civilization was. When Chu Yunsheng picked up a mobile phone, with its brand still clearly displayed on it, from a remote corner of a farmhouse that had more than a dozen big holes on it, Yuan Xuejian's eyes were full with curiosity.

However, what she was surprised, was not limited to this. Chu Yunsheng found a family that seemed to be a rich household from the many other ruined farmhouses very quickly. To him, this was not too difficult. Because it had a rusty car parked outside its door. And he could still recognize that the brand of the car used to be a luxury brand.

Yuan Xuejian was always following Chu Yunsheng. She was very surprised that Chu Yunsheng seemed to be very familiar to the things that came from the distant Age Of Light. maybe it was because of his age, but it was very rare for someone to live to his age nowadays.

Chu Yunsheng wanted to find himself a mirror. It was not a difficult task, since everything that could be eaten, and anything that could be used to get warm was already gone. No one would be interested to take a minor away with them, apart from Chu Yunsheng. Soon, he found one, although it was a broken one.

Wiping off the thick dust from the mirror, and looking at the old face that was reflected in it, Chu Yunsheng smiled and then put it aside. He then found some simple tools, boiled some hot water, and washed the bathtub before he poured the hot water in. He asked Yuan Xuejian to leave the bathroom before he started to have a hot bath.

There were still two more days before the "meeting" of the cultivation propagator, and the seventh nerve-like line still hadn't fully recovered yet. Chu Yunsheng suddenly found that he had some spare time. Therefore, he decided that it was time to clean himself. After all, since he came back alive, he hadn't properly cleaned himself.

It wasn't that he was lazy. He didn't have time to consider this in the past few days.

Taking out the soap, that he had bought from Shu Du city, form the storage talisman, he cleaned himself thoroughly. He then took out a knife that was made of a monster's sharp shell to shave his nails and beard. After he changed a new set of clothing and stood in front of the mirror, he felt like even without absorbing life force, he was still a few years younger.

When he opened the door and came out again, Yuan Xuejian's face was filled with surprised smiles. Chu Yunsheng had to admit that Yuan Xuejian had a very pretty smile. Especially those white teeth. However, she didn't attract much of Chu Yunsheng's attention. That made Yuan Xuejian felt very gloomy. She even began to suspect that if Chu Yunsheng was really a man.

"Where is everyone?" Chu Yunsheng glanced around in the torchlight, noticing that apart from Yuan Xuejian, Yan Ge and other people had all disappeared.

"They went out to exchange manuals. To Loose Practitioners, of course, they wouldn't let go of this kind of opportunity." Yuan Xuejian replied inattentively. She was looking at the new clothing that Chu Yunsheng was wearing, and she seemed to be thinking of something.

"Then, why didn't you go with them?" As he asked, he immediately realized another question. So before Yuan Xuejian replied, he carried on, "I forgot to ask you. You have any plans?"

She was taken away from the fortress by him. In a way, her life path was changed by his sudden appearance. However, Chu Yunsheng didn't plan to keep her next to him forever. Before, the reason why he wanted to keep her was to find out if she was related to his cousin. But now, there was no reason for him to take her with him

"I..." Yuan Xuejian's face instantly dropped. A moment later, she resumed her composure and forced herself to put on a smile and said, "actually becoming a loose practitioner is not a bad thing. At least, I can travel around the world. Maybe one day I'll die because of this. But it is still better than becoming a gift that people want to send to each other."

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. He didn't say anything. There was a faint of disappointment flashed in Yuan Xuejian's eyes. It was not that she liked to stay with Chu Yunsheng. Comparing to traveling around the world alone, staying with a Yuan Tian Stage Three master was a much safer option.

Any girls at her age would still have unrealistic dreams. She was also the same. She still occasionally fantasized that that white-cloud armored hero would appear in front of her in the snow, wearing the dazzling armor, and stepping on powerful monsters to take her away. Just like what she heard about what the most powerful man in the world did.

However, what she didn't know was that Chu Yunsheng was not a protector at all. He was a ticking time bomb.

In terms of Chu Yunsheng, he didn't care what she would think. He just left her and found himself a room to practice his cultivation.


While Chu Yunsheng was practicing his cultivation in Poyang Ze, a hologram clip had already caused a huge stir in the Sky City.

In a round white command building, a man with a gloomy face was looking at the video over and over again. Every detail, every movement, and even the pronunciation of every word that was made by the person in the clip had already been extracted and sent to scientists to analyze. The report had also been piled up on the man's desk.

Meanwhile, a few key people that were originally dealing with some important missions outside the city, had been urgently called back tot he city. They were extremely shocked when they received the secret notice of an emergency recall.

The gloomy man rubbed his tired eyes to force himself to stay awake. He had been watching this video for the entire three days already.

Picking up a cup of hot water, he stood up and walked to the smooth and transparent window wall. Overlooking at the entire city that was under his control, his brooding eyes revealed icy gleams.

After a while, he walked back and pressed the communication panel on his desk. After three faint green light beams met in the air, a holographic image of a woman wearing a top-secret uniform was revealed in front of him.

"Has everything been dealt with properly?" The man said without any expression.

"We have clean up the entire fortress. Roughly a thousand people, no a single person escaped!" The woman answered coldly, as if they were a thousand ants, not a thousand human beings.

"That woman's information, I will send it over to you. From now on, her father's Fortress needed to be closely monitored 24 hours. Once you discovered her trace, report it to back me immediately. I will grant you the highest authority for reporting. You can directly contact me at any time!" The man suddenly changed his tone and said sternly.

"Yes, sir! What if that person appeared? What should we do about him?" the woman still asked coldly.

"I will arrange it. you just need to complete your task. Now go do it!" the man said coldly.

"Yes, sir," the woman solemnly saluted.

The gloomy man turned off the image and then adjusted the communication panel to another frequency band, then a holographic image of a steady middle-aged man appeared.

"I am very disappointed." The gloomy man reproached coldly.

"There was an accident on the way. They intervened. In order to avoid revealing the highest secret, I had to retreat at the time." The middle-aged man explained.

"I don't want to hear any explanations. Within three days, you must find the target and determine his identity." The gloomy man raised his voice and said resolutely.

"Yes Sir, I already have a lead!" the middle-aged man immediately replied.

The gloomy man no longer looked at him. He just turned off the image and switched on a red device. He hesitated for a few seconds, but eventually, he still said, "dispatch the combat team!"