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Chapter 475 There Is Still A Future

 Although Chu Yunsheng had heard about The War Between The Human Race And God, he still didn't expect that it would progress to this extent.

Even if all of the human beings worked together, they probably still wouldn't be able to defeat the crystal dressed beings, let alone a group of loose practitioners. Other people might not know about it, but Chu Yunsheng had seen the internal of the cubic flying machine. Their technologies were simply unimaginably powerful.

Under such a critical situation, those major forces were fighting each other over a position? And the small forces were still fighting each other over a woman?

"A bunch of bastards!" Chu Yunsheng couldn't help but murmur.

"What did you say?" Yan Ge didn't catch what Chu Yunsheng had just said. So he frowned and asked.

"Nothing. But I have a question. How do you know that that cultivation propagator is the real one, not the fake one?" Chu Yunsheng shook his head and asked.

Yan Ge smiled, "it doesn't matter if he is real or not. As long he can give out the Will of Cambrian."

Chu Yunsheng finally understood their motives. So he said sarcastically, "so everyone is just going there for a few pieces of paper. I can't imagine how he would feel if he found out what you all are really thinking."

Yan Ge let out a dry laugh and said, "you probably don't know. Even if we want to attack them, we are not powerful enough to do any damages to them. Besides, there are still many Yun Tian Stage Three masters before us, not to mention that only the mater that reached Yuan Tian Stage Four will be able to compete with the gods like Huang Bei Ying."

"Oh? There are Yuan Tian Stage Four masters already?" Chu Yunsheng was surprised.

"I don't really know and I have never heard of anyone that actually reached it," Yan Ge shook his head and said.

"It is like there is a very thick concrete wall, many people have hard times to break through Yuan Tian Stage One, let alone breakthrough Yuan Tian Stage Three.

Not only that, but I think you also know how dangerous it is to break through cultivation stages. Those, who weren't talented and didn't have the complete cultivation manual, often died during the breakthrough. What is left, are either extremely lucky people or the people who have complete cultivation manual or the extremely talented people. Luck, Talent, and The Cultivation Manual are the three main keys to the cultivation breakthrough. It is said that even in those four powerful forces, many people still died during the breakthrough."

Chu Yunsheng smiled, "so you want to try your luck in Poyang Ze?"

Yan Ge didn't deny it. He just nodded his head and said, "yes, to be honest with you. Although I am a loose practitioner, I am confident that my talent is not worse than other people. However, I don't a full cultivation manual. Now that I am about to reach the peak of Yuan Tian Stage Two, if I can't find the full manual, I will probably die during the breakthrough. So..."

Chu Yunsheng understood what he was talking about. The danger he described, had just happened to Yu Hanwu not long ago. However, he was still confused, "I don't understand, since you don't have the method, you could pause it for some time. Why do you want to breakthrough Yuan Tian Stage Two so urgently?"

Hearing what he said, Yan Ge let out a hollow laugh, "you probably didn't participate in the first war between the Human Race and God. So you don't know what the situation was like. All the loose practitioners like me will be forced to go to join the war unless we hide somewhere that no one will be able to find. That's the war against God, not many people will be able to survive from it. Besides, I also have some people needed me to take care of."

"Okay, but why inviting us?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

Looking at Chu Yunsheng quickly glanced at Yuan Xuejian, Yan Ge's face twitched for a few seconds. "Senior practitioner, it is not what you think it is. It is just that there aren't many wood elemental practitioners... Moreover, with the senior practitioner's ability, you will definitely able to get one manual as well. I was thinking that maybe we could exchange our manual to study each other's manual."

"But why the cultivation propagator?..." Chu Yunsheng murmured as he felt something was very strange.

This time Yan Ge caught what he said. He probably thought that Chu Yunsheng was still suspecting the identity of the cultivation propagator's identity, so he replied, "this information came from a close friend of mine. Because his identity is very sensitive, so I am afraid that... but I can guarantee that..."

Chu Yunsheng shook his head and walked back in, "that's not what I meant. I just don't understand it. Since it took so much effort and energy to gather so many people, but it still raised so many suspicions, why didn't they find someone to impersonate that Chu Yunsheng? Regardlessly if the method is complete or not, I believe that all Yuan Tian Stage Three masters definitely have one cultivation manual as well. So I don't think it is a difficult thing to do."

Just right after he finished, the entire ground floor fell silent. Everyone was looking at him as if he was a fool. Even Yuan Xuejian also looked at him in the same way.

"What's wrong?" Chu Yunsheng frowned.

It was at this moment, the jealous girl suddenly giggled, "what's the use of impersonating him?"

Yan Ge immediately glared at her and said, "senior practitioner is truly brave. All the juniors like us wouldn't dare to call the most powerful man in the world by his name at all. In terms of interpretation. Unless it is the real one. Otherwise, it would be useless."

Suddenly a middle-aged man next to them also talked while cleaning a strange gun his hand. "Real one? They only want a dead Origin, not a live Origin. Otherwise, they would have already selected The world leader."

What the middle-aged man said was very vague. However, everyone on the ground floor knew what he meant.

Of course, Chu Yunsheng also knew what he meant. If he was still alive. His existence would only disrupt whatever the plans that they had already laid out.

"Senior Practitioner. I don't know if you are interested or..." Yan Ge frowned. They were getting further and further away from the original subject. He had to stop it.

If there was a Yuan Tian Stage Three master in his team, he was confident that he would be able to get one cultivation manual. So he really hoped that the old man could join him.

What the young man said had already changed Chu Yunsheng's mind. However, the reason why he decided to go with them was not because of some cultivation manuals. He wanted to find out if the person was really Edgar or not. Secondly, after continuously using his life force, his life force was dangerously low at the moment. He needed to find a way to replenish it.

After several months of hunting in mushroom forests, combining with his previous experience, he was quite surprised to find, that the creatures that were equally powerful, those that lived in water, had far higher life force than those that lived on land.

And Poyang Ze reminded him the underground lake he encountered when he was still an insect. If there were monsters in there, the amount of life force must be very impressive over there.

At the same time, the direction of Poyang Ze was also the direction of Zhiwu forest. Therefore, he nodded his head and said, "I can join you, but I have a condition..."

Halfway he was talking, his face suddenly dropped. Lowering his voice, he quickly said, "someone is coming... wait... there is a flying machine!"

Just when he finished, a light dot appeared in the sky outside the building, and it was quickly heading towards them.

Everyone was startled. They quickly moved closer to the wall inside the building and didn't dare to make any sound.

The flying machine stopped above the village. The dim blue light that was ejected by the flying machine could be clearly seen by everyone. As soon as it stopped, the flying machine began to scan the entire village.

Yan Ge's face also dropped. He thought that the information about the cultivation propagator was leaked. So he was trying to think of a way to escape as quickly as he could.

The rest of them was also the same. Only Yuan Xuejian and Chu Yunsheng knew that there might be another possibility. It was that someone was here to chase the people who slaughtered the entire fortress.

While everyone was trying to think of a solution, Chu Yunsheng had already disappeared in the building. He quickly got into a house that was no far from the ruined building and took out the bow to aim at the flying machine.

It was at this moment, an unexpected thing happened again. From the other direction appeared another smaller disc-shaped flying machine. With the red light that was ejected from its back, it was flying fast towards the first flying machine. And as soon as it arrived the attack range, both machines began to attack each other.

From one side of the village to the other side of the village, they were in a fierce dogfight. The powerful beams that were unleashed by both flying machines destroyed many buildings in the village. Soon, they disappeared into the darkness.

Just when Chu Yunsheng wanted to return to the ruined building, he noticed that Yu Hanwu woke up.

"Hanwu, don't worry, you are not dead. Master is still here. And you are not hallucinating. Master reversed the rule of the monster seal and temporarily transferred you into the body of the timid monster. Your human body is still in the monster seal talisman."


"Monster knows that there is a lot to take in, and it is difficult to take it in. But master..."


"I know you have heard from Yuan Xuejian about who master is, but..."


After a while, and through the only connection that Chu Yunsheng had on the monster steal talisman, Yu Hanwu said, "master, I'm not scared. I still have you."

A smile slowly appeared on Chu Yunsheng's face. And he carried on, "I'll tell you everything you need to do to reverse the talisman again. Since you know my identify now. You should know that it is not safe to stay with me.

You need to stay in the mushroom forest. In that place, you could speed up reversing the Talisman.

I will leave you for a while. I'll need to sort out some other stuff and recover my own life force. But I'll leave the 'flying head monster' to you. It will help you."

After Chu Yunsheng told him everything. Yu Hanwu slowly flew away with the flying head monster.


Three days later, Chu Yunsheng arrived at Poyang Ze with Yan Ge's group.

Seeing a huge black monster suddenly jumped out of the water, causing a loud thunder-like water splash sound when it dropped back into the water, Yuan Xuejian and all the people in Yan Ge's group were shocked. But Chu Yunsheng was relieved.