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Chapter 474 You Came From Zhiwu Forest?

 "Grandpa?" Yuan Xuejian had been waiting downstairs for a very long time. Unable to hear any noises, she couldn't help but want to check out what exactly happened. However, before she was able to get into the room, she was suddenly pushed off the stairs by an invisible hand.

"Get out!" Chu Yunsheng shouted coldly.

Poor Yuan Xuejian didn't even know what happened. She was pushed off the stair landing and tumbled all the way down to the ground floor again.

"Are you alright?" A young man suddenly dashed towards the stair, stopped Yuan Xuejian from falling onto the ground and asked. His tone was filled with caring.

"Thank you, I'm okay," Yuan Xuejian quickly collected herself and moved away from the man's arms.

Since the day she was born, no one had been this rude towards her. Because of her father, her ability and her beauty, everyone doted on her and took care of her in every way.

Even if later on when she was kidnapped by other people, whether they were the disciples of Chu Clan or Yun Sect, even the people in that small fortress, all treated her with respect. So what happened earlier was really the first time in her life.

But she didn't dare to say anything. Because she knew that she meant nothing to the old man. Apart from the shock and the tender expression that appeared on the old man's face when he first saw her, the old man treated her like a total stranger.

And this old man also didn't look like a normal old man. He even dared to call the most powerful man by his name. He didn't show any respect towards The Origin at all.

After adjusting her disheveled hairs, she proceeded to adjust her clothing, which was also disheveled by the invisible hand. However, suddenly she noticed that behind the young man, who had helped her earlier, stood a girl. And the girl was currently staring at her in hostility and her eyes were filled with jealousy.

She couldn't help but smile. Of course, she knew what happened. Although the mask could help her to cover some of her facial features, her beautiful face could be still easily seen behind the mask.

Yuan Xuejian used to deal with things like this many times before. So she just pretended that she didn't see her. But she still kept her distance from the young man.

"Is your grandpa alright?" The young man did not seem to have noticed the little movements between the two girls. He just looked at the upstairs with a trace of doubt in his eyes, as if he was concerned.

Yuan Xuejian shook her head. But in the next second, her face suddenly dropped. She had told them that her grandpa was upstairs earlier. But what Chu Yunsheng just did to her did not seem like something a grandfather would do to his granddaughter. Moreover, Chu Yunsheng seemed to have a bad temper. She was worried that the old man might be mad at her because what she had said to those people.

Seeing her face dropped all of a sudden, the young man mistook that she was worried about her grandpa. So he smiled, "if you trust us, I may be able to help. When I broke through Yuan Tian Stage One two years ago, I also had an accident. I may be able to give you some advice."

Yuan Xuejian did not try to hide that Yu Hanwu was trying to breakthrough Yuan Tian Stage One. Because she could not hide it. As long as there was a Yuan Tian Stage Two master here, they would definitely be familiar with this kind of energy fluctuation. But she never once thought of asking help from other people. After all, there was a Yuan Tian Stage Three master upstairs. There was no place for some Yuan Tian Stage Two masters to tell that old man what to do.

So she was preparing to decline the young man euphemistically. However, it was at this moment, a vigorous voice suddenly rang out from the upstairs and shook the entire building.

"You lost!"

Hearing the voice, everyone on the ground floor, including Yuan Xuejian were all shocked.

"Someone is having a competition upstairs!" the young man suddenly blurt it out.

Everyone instantly looked at Yuan Xuejian. All of their faces were still filled with surprises. If some people were really competing with each other, how come they could not hear any noises apart from the energy fluctuations. However, if it was not a competition, they could not explain the words that they had just heard.

Not only them, but even Yuan Xuejian herself was also confused. Having thought it carefully, she felt like the old man not only had some strange skills, but his behaviors were also very strange. 'Does he really have a mental problem?' she thought.

Having thought of that, she could not help but have a cold shudder uncontrollably. A crazy man was not scary. What was scary was that the crazy man was also a Yuan Tian Stage Three master.

Just when she was thinking about what to say to those people, she heard the sounds of footsteps coming from upstairs. As some people near the stairs raised the strange light sources in their hands high to lit up the stairs, they saw an old man with a disheveled grey hair slowly walking down from upstairs empty-handed. He stood at the stair landing and glanced around coldly. His sharp eyes were filled with fierce gleams and whenever his sight landed on a person, that person's body would instantly become stiff and stopped breathing uncontrollably.

The young man's eyelids twitched for a few times. But soon, he collected himself and said respectfully, "greetings senior practitioner, my name is Yan Ge. Earlier your granddaughter was worried about you, so she wanted to check if you are okay."

Chu Yunsheng glanced him, but he did not say anything. Then he looked at Yuan Xuejian. It seemed like he wanted to find out what happened on the ground floor earlier.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng was looking at her, Yuan Xuejian quickly smiled and walked toward Chu Yunsheng and said, "grandpa are you okay? Is junior brother alright?"

However, she did not get any responses from Chu Yunsheng. Chu Yunsheng just directly walked past her and arrived before the girl who was jealous of Yuan Xuejian earlier on and said, "You came from Zhiwu forest?"

When Chu Yunsheng was following them earlier, he had overheard of some other information about them. That included information about this girl's background. Because the girl was constantly complaining that the living condition inside Zhiwu forest was much better.

Hearing what Chu Yunsheng said, not only just the young man, all other people were instantly alerted and raised their guards higher. Everyone was looking at Chu Yunsheng vigilantly from top to bottom as if they wanted to find something on Chu Yunsheng that could help them to identify where Chu Yunsheng came from. However, all they got was a feeling that the old man in front of them might be a powerful master. In terms of what stage the old man was in, they did not know at all.

The jealous girl was first shocked. But then when she saw the gloomy face of Yuan Xuejian, she could not help but become a little bit happy inside. She did not think that Chu Yunsheng was a very powerful master. Besides, even if he was a powerful master, they had more people. So she did not need to be scared at all. Therefore, she just raised her chin and said, "why do I need to tell you?"

Her words instantly made everyone put their hands on their weapons. The tension in the room was instantly stretched to the breaking point. However, what surprised everyone was that Chu Yunsheng just smiled and walked past her. He ignored her and headed toward the door.

The monster seal talisman finally reversed successfully. And he was finally able to save someone he cared. This made Chu Yunsheng very happy.

However, Yu Hanwu was still unconscious. He didn't know he was turned into the timid monster. Therefore Chu Yunsheng needed somewhere quiet to arrange the next plan.

But just when Chu Yunsheng was about to step out of the building, the young man spoke again.

"Senior practitioner, we are a group of Loose Practitioners. Xiao Yang indeed joined Zhiwu forest before. This is not something that is worthy of hiding from other people. I just heard your granddaughter saying that you also didn't join any forces. So I have a suggestion. I don't know if you are interested?"

The young man seemed to have already noticed that Chu Yunsheng might have "overheard" the discussion they had before. Otherwise, how could someone tell where Yang Xixi came from just by simply looking at her.

Since the old man might have already heard it, their secret might also be exposed. But he didn't really mind. Because when he noticed that Yuan Xuejian was a very rare wood elemental warrior, he planned to invite her to join them.

"Oh, what is it?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

"Rumour has it that The Cultivation Propagator is gathering all The Loose Practitioners at Poyang Ze. Three days later, they will be discussing something important over there!" Yan Ge lowered his voice and said.

"What kind of important things?" Chu Yunsheng was curious. Even if it was really Edgar, why did he want to gather those loose awakened human beings?

A cold gleam suddenly flashed in Yan Ge's eyes as he said, "The Second War Between The Human Race And Gods could break out at any time. Unlike the last time, the situation this time is extremely dangerous. Once we lost the war, the consequences might be even worse than The Final War Between The Human Race And Insects. The entire human race could be wiped out this time! According to the rumor. It is said that The God's Lord- Huang Bei Ying will soon arrive on Earth. If we couldn't select The World Leader before she arrived, we will definitely lose the war."

'Huang Bei Ying?' Chu Yunsheng seemed to have heard this name somewhere. He thought for a second and said, "since it is already the end of the world, why they are still fighting over a position? Why don't they just pick one?"

Yan Ge had also heard from Yuan Xuejian said that her grandpa just came out from a mountain, so he didn't know many things. Therefore, he was not very surprised. He just simply sighed and said, "If it was that easy, The Cultivation Propagator wouldn't have disappeared that time. In this kind of world, no one can really trust each other. However, the situation is getting worse and worse every day. Several cities in the north have already fallen. They were attacked by the monsters that were controlled by gods. Not a single person survived in those cities. It is said that the cultivation propagator has no other choice but to avoid those major forces and find another way to select an alternative successor."