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Chapter 473 If He Dies, Then You Will Die Too

 Chu Yunsheng's grey hairs were disheveled and floating in the faint light. His face was as cold as ice.

This was his first disciple, and it was also the first person that he really wanted to teach him everything he knew. However, because of a small mistake he made, his disciple was dying.

He had already lost too many people, that he cared in his life. Now he was going to lose his disciple again?

He suddenly let out a hollow laugh, 'Is this my fate? No matter what I do, am I destined to be alone forever?'

'No!' his laugh stopped all of sudden.

"Hehe... You think that you can control me! Hehe... You think you can make me accept it! Hehe... Let's see who is the one in control!" as strange evil grin began to slowly appear on Chu Yunsheng's face, he started to murmur while having creepy evil laughs.

While he was still laughing, he forcibly activated the seventh divine nail and used it to poke a hole in his hand. Then he used the nail as a pen and his Life Blood as ink, and his Life Force as the energy supplement to create a brand new Monster Seal Talisman.

He was drawing the talisman fast in the air. And the light that was generated by the talisman became brighter every second.

When the Talisman was completed, he immediately summoned the timid monster. And before the timid monster was able to struggle, he sealed it with the brand new Talisman.

"I don't care if you understand me or not. You are going to share your life with him! If he dies, then you will die too!" Chu Yunsheng said coldly to the monster in the new monster seal talisman. Then he quickly cast it into Yu Hanwu, who was on the verge of dying.

He had already removed his Life Signal from the talisman before he cast it onto Yu Hanwu's body. He only left a communication channel open. So he could communicate with the monster inside the talisman.

Therefore, the monster seal talisman now completely belonged to Yu Hanwu.

Before Yu Hanwu completely lost his consciousness, Chu Yunsheng had thought about how to heal him. If he wasn't wrong, after he forcibly destroyed Yu Hanwu's multidimensional barrier, he might have destabilized his zero-dimensional space as well.

It was because of that, it had increased the risk of the cultivation breakthrough. Plus due to Chu Yunsheng's help, his cultivation foundation was extremely weak. With all those factors combining together, it might have caused Yu Hanwu's zero dimension to collapse during the breakthrough.

This could explain why he was losing his life force.

To solve this kind of problem, Chu Yunsheng needed to first stop its zero dimension from collapsing. And he just happened to know a way to do that. It was to reverse the monster seal talisman.

To reverse the monster seal talisman, Yu Hanwu had to meet three conditions.

The first condition was that he needed to be on the verge of dying. And clearly, he had already met this condition.

The second condition was that his body needed to be at a high energy state. However, with just Yuan Tian stage one, Yu Hanwu definitely could not meet this condition. Chu Yunsheng had spent quite some time thinking about how to meet this condition. At the end what the veiled woman said to him outside Zhiwu forest, inspired him.

Reaching the high energy state was just the progress. And what that progress wanted to achieve was to remove the zero-dimensional space from the original body and place it onto the fourth dimension. What happened to Yu Hanwu was exactly like that. His zero-dimensional space was currently collapsing and leaving his original body. However, he failed to placed it onto the fourth dimension.

Therefore the first two conditions were not big problems. The real problem was the last condition. How was he going to make the sealed monster to be royal to Yu Hanwu.

This timid monster was not Dark. Although Chu Yunsheng had told it what would happen if Yu Hanwu died, he still didn't know if it was willing to sacrifice everything for Yu Hanwu.

It wasn't that Chu Yunsheng hadn't thought about directly sealing Yu Hanwu into the monster seal talisman. However, he had never sealed any human beings before, and he didn't know if there would be accidents or not. Comparing it to reversing The Monster Seal Talisman, he would rather choose the option that he knew the possible outcomes.

After he cast the talisman onto Yu Hanwu, he just sat silently on the side.

Now whether Yu Hanwu was going to live or not, it would all depend on that timid monster.