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Chapter 472 Master, I am not scared.

 Chu Yunsheng didn't care what Yuan Xuejian was thinking. The reason why he put the mask on her face was that he didn't want those people, who were coming here, to be able to recognize her. This girl seemed to be quite well-known in this region. He didn't want to get involved in other business just because of her appearance.

What he needed to do now was to focus on trying to help Yu Hanwu to breakthrough.

However, Yu Hanwu's current condition was very strange. It was very similar to the condition he had when he was trying to reach the second substage of Yuan Tian Stage Two, on the roof of the office building back in Jin Ling city. The cells in Yu Hanwu's body were currently going through the transformation. However, before his new cells were able to be constructed, his old cells were rapidly dying.

Only when the destruction of the old cells and the construction of the new cells happened at the same time, the breakthrough would be successful. Missing any part would cause death.

This seemed to make Chu Yunsheng have a deeper understanding of Yuan Qi cultivation. However, as he analyzed it further, it seemed to have involved the mechanism of Life Force as well. It instantly made the things that he thought he knew, become extremely confused and blurry to him.

The application and establishment of science and technology was a complex and huge system. It was the same as the cultivation methods. It was also a profound system.

The various principles and mechanisms of the cultivation methods were deduced from each other and depended on each other. It was not something that with just a few incantations, it would help practitioners to reach the peak of their cultivations. That kind of thing only existed in fantasy.

According to what the senior practitioner wrote in the book, even if it was a simple Liu Jia energy shield method, it was also experimented, modified, and improved countless times. So a full set of combat technique would require even more efforts to develop.

Whether it was him or other people, they were all fortunate enough to inherit a system that had already been built. It didn't need them to explore the dangerous unknown cultivation areas. All it required them was to understand the established system. And whoever understood it better, would be more powerful than other people.

Chu Yunsheng's understanding of the book was very limited. He often only followed the methods that were written in the book. However, he hardly ever understood the meaning behind those methods.

It was exactly like what was happening right now. Despite the fact that he knew what was happening inside Yu Hanwu's body, he didn't know the cause of it.

At the moment, he could only use healing talismans, trying to heal Yu Hanwu. However, he also knew that this would not solve the root of the problem.

In fact, the root of this problem didn't just happen to Yu Hanwu. Those who were practicing the same cultivation method, would encounter the same problem. And if they couldn't solve this problem. It would only become more and more dangerous as they became more and more powerful.

Chu Yunsheng had thought it over and over again. In the end, he could only think of two possibilities

The first one was that Yu Hanwu's multidimensional barrier was broken manually by him, not the book. The second one was that he was progressing way too fast. With the help of his absorption talismans, the kid was progressing faster than it should have been. His body simply couldn't handle it.

The first one involved in complicated dimensional problems and Lifeforce mechanisms, and maybe even more things that Chu Yunsheng didn't understand. So even if it was really the first one, there was no way that he could solve it by himself.

In terms of the second one, he could simply stop supplying Yu Hanwu absorption talismans to slow down his cultivation progress.

The senior practitioner was right. No matter how dull the cultivation practice was, no one should take any shortcuts.

Looking at Yu Hanwu rolling on the ground and grunting in pain, Chu Yunsheng grabbed his neck and locked in on the ground, "Hanwu, listen! Master knows that it is very painful. But endure it! No matter how painful it is. You must endure it!"

"Ma... master... I... Will..." only until now did Yu Hanwu realized that Chu Yunsheng had come back. He bit his lips, that already turned, very hard and said.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head while his hand was constantly drawing something in the air. All of a sudden, he turned around and said to Yuan Xuejian, who was stunned by what she had seen, "they are outside! You go talk to them first! Find some excuses, but don't let them come up!"

The people, who had followed him into the village, were already outside the ruined building.

Yuan Xuejian was completely stunned by the things that Chu Yunsheng did. Although she didn't see any talismans, as a wood elemental awakened human being, she could clearly feel the extremely pure energy that was around that old man's hand. Moreover, that energy seemed to be able to recover people's vitality!

'Since when was the wood elemental warrior able to recover vitality?'

Yuan Xuejian subconsciously nodded her head while she was still in confusion. She hurriedly got down the stairs after Chu Yunsheng repeatedly urged her for a few times.

On the ground floor, people had already spread out. Probably they didn't know how powerful the person was in the dark, they were hesitant to move any further.

Chu Yunsheng didn't care about how the things would progress on the ground floor. He was more focused on saving Yu Hanwu right now.

He continuously made healing Talismans in the air and used them to heal Yu Hanwu's dying cells. However, just when he thought that everything was going to be okay, Yu Hanwu's life force suddenly began to disappear. And it was disappearing rapidly!


"How is this possible!..."

Chu Yunsheng was shocked. Energy had already been blocked from entering Yu Hanwu's body, his cells had also been recovered by his healing Talismans. Once the chaotic energy was stabilized inside Yu Hanwu's body, everything should be going back to normal. But why Yu Hanwu was losing his life force.

"Ma... master... am... I... dying?" Yu Hanwu opened his eyes slowly and said weakly. His pain didn't seem to have stopped.

"Don't be scared. Master is here. Master will not let you die!" Chu Yunsheng was trying to think for a solution as quickly as he could.

"Ma... master... I'm... not scared... I... can't... make... it... please... don't... waste... precious... talismans... on... me..." Yu Hanwu said as his eyelids were slowly closing.

"Stop talking! Focus!" Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth and said.

"Master... she... told... me... who... you... are... I'm... proud..."

"Master... thank... yo..."