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Chapter 471 Strange Breakthrough.

 ...In the ruined building...

Yuan Xuejian was resting her chin on her hands while staring at the place where Yu Hanwu was sitting.

Although she couldn't see anything. In the dark and quiet environment, she could clearly hear Yu Hanwu's breath.

After a while, Yuan Xuejian was finally certain that the young man didn't seem to want to talk to her at all. His breath was calm and quiet, as if he just sat here alone.

Although she didn't like to think that her beauty would easily make any man in this world lose their heads, after she noticed that her beauty was ignored by the old man and it didn't even seem to have any effect on this young man, she couldn't help but think that way.

Of course, they were not the first ones that ignored her beauty.

In her girlish memories, she still remembered the first man that ignored her beauty and the first man that she was infatuated with. It was at the time when the first war between the human race and gods had just ended.

That heroic man returned home in triumph in the armor, that looked like a white cloud. He had a long hair, bright eyes and a faint confident smile on his face.

His face was always filled with sunshine and confidence, as if he was standing on the top of the world. Countless girls were crazy about him, including her as well. However, that man's charming eyes only glanced over her. He didn't even pause for a single second.

Comparing to him, the cold eyes of the young man and the old man she saw today were filled with intense sorrow, as if there was only darkness and misery in the world.

From the conversation she had with the old man earlier, she could clearly feel that the old man was bearing something very heavy inside his mind. It was so heavy that she even had a hard time breathing when talking to the old man.

"Young man, your name is Hanwu?" Yuan Xuejian thought for a second and said.

"...." Yu Hanwu had no reactions.

"Young man, you are fifteen years old?" Yuan Xuejian didn't give up, she carried on asked.

Yu Hanwu still didn't respond.

"Young man, can you tell this sister what your mater's name is?" Yuan Xuejian felt like the answers of the previous two questions were very clear. So Yu Hanwu probably didn't bother to answer.

However, she still didn't get any response from him.


After a while, Yuan Xuejian finally knew what it felt like to talk to a rock.

In order to make him talk, she told him her background in detail once again. Normally, it would more or less arouse people's interests. However, Yu Hanwu still didn't make any responses.

If it weren't for the fact that she had heard him talking to Chu Yunsheng before, she would have probably thought that he was a mute.

"Young man, can you tell me why you are not talking?" Yuan Xuejian took a deep breath and planned to try one last time.

This time, Yu Hanwu finally talked. However, the answer he gave her made her speechless.

"Master said that don't make any sound."

But Yuan Xuejian quickly came back to herself. She smiled and said, "It's alright. We can lower our voices. No one is able to hear it."

However, Yu Hanwu once again closed his mouth and refused to talk.

After a while, Yuan Xuejian suddenly seemed to have remembered something. She used a strange tone and asked, "young man, do you want to hear the story of the most powerful man in the world?

Yu Hanwu didn't say anything. However, his breathing pattern was clearly disrupted. And it was also noticed by Yuan Xuejian.

She clearly remembered that when she and the old man was talking about the most powerful man, a faint of surprise flashed in Yu Hanwu's face.

"Did you master not tell anything about that man?" Yuan Xuejian knew that she had finally found the right topic.

Yu Hanwu nodded his head. Although it was very dark. But Yuan Xuejian could still sense his nod.

'He wants to know!' although she didn't know why Chu Yunsheng, who cared about his disciple a lot, didn't tell his disciple anything about such an important man in history.

But that was not something that made her curious. Instead, she asked, "didn't you and your master learn your abilities from The Will Of Cambrian?"

Yu Hanwu didn't say anything, nor did he make any movements.

Yuan Xuejian quickly realized that she had asked this question too early. So she immediately stopped asking more questions. Instead, she began to tell the story that Yu Hanwu wanted to hear, "it was nearly two decades ago. You probably still hadn't been born at that time. The world was in extreme darkness. And there was a type of monsters called Insect, were wreaking havoc around the world. There was nowhere safe at that time, and people were dying every day. When the human race was about to go extinct, a powerful master appeared. That man was..."


"It was at this place, where his power began to shock the entire world!..."


"In the end, he passed all his knowledge to the cultivation propagator. And he himself sank into the deep sea..."

It was at this moment, Yu Hanwu suddenly asked, "elder sister Xuejian, he... What happened to him..."

Yuan Xuejian shook her head and said, "it was said that in the beginning, no one believed that he had died. However, as many years passed, no one had heard of any information about him. Until one day, his body was discovered. And his death could finally be confirmed."

Yu Hanwu didn't say anything. However. Yuan Xuejian didn't know why she could faintly hear that the young man letting out a quiet sigh of relief.

After a moment of silence, she planned to ask him the doubts she had in her mind again. However, she suddenly heard that Yu Hanwu began to breathe rapidly.

In the beginning, Yuan Xuejian thought that probably the young man was touched by the story. However, a moment later, she felt that the Yuan Qi energy around her began to fluctuate violently.

And then, as if she heard something was broken in Yu Hanwu's body, the energy began to surge out from Yu Hanwu's body.

"Are you trying to breakthrough Yuan Tian Stage One!" Yuan Xuejian almost shouted it out. How could a fifteen-year-old breakthrough Yuan Tian stage one! What kind of talent did this young man have!?

Whenever someone in her father's fortress tried to breakthrough Yuan Tian stage one, her father would secretly arrange her to observe the breakthrough. So she didn't think that she was mistaken.

However, this breakthrough seemed to be a little bit different than what she had observed in the past.


Yu Hanwu also didn't expect that he would breakthrough his cultivation stage at this time. After hearing the story of the most powerful man, he stopped talking again.

According to the instructions that his master had taught him, he began to focus on practicing his cultivation in the dark. However, he didn't expect that just when he began to harness the energy inside his body, the energy instantly started to move violently, and he couldn't even control it.

He, who was more mature than the kids that were in his age, tried to suppress the chaotic energy inside his body. However, no matter how hard he tried, it just became worse very seconds.

What he didn't know was that at this moment, the side effects of having his multidimensional barrier manually destroyed by Chu Yunsheng began to take effect.

The energy inside his body quickly became chaotic and violent, and the energy outside his body was trying to rush into his body, making everything even worse.

His cells began to rupture quickly because of the chaotic energy. If he couldn't do anything about it, he would be dead soon.

The sudden and unusual energy fluctuations had also been detected by Chu Yunsheng. Not just him, those who had just entered the village also detected it. And all of them quickly located the source of the energy fluctuations, which was the ruined building that Yu Hanwu was hiding.

'Huh!? Why does he breakthrough at this time?' Chu Yunsheng frowned. Although Chu Yunsheng was at the higher cultivation stage, he still could not gauge the breakthrough time of Yu Hanwu accurately.

To his knowledge, Yu Hanwu should have already broken through Yuan Tian stage one. However, he did not know why Yu Hanwu had no signs of breaking through before. Although it was delayed, he did not think it was dangerous. Because in his mind, breaking through Yuan Tian stage one was the safest cultivation breakthrough amongst other breakthroughs.

Since the location of Yu Hanwu had already been exposed, there was no point for them to hide anymore. Moreover, he had already found out why they were here. So he quickly harnessed his energy and used the nine diagram of body movements and dashed toward the ruined house like a gust of wind.

Right after he moved, the group of people also immediately dashed toward the building as well.

Upon arriving at the building, Chu Yunsheng immediately realized that Yu Hanwu was at an extremely dangerous situation. Not knowing what went wrong, he quickly came up with several plans.

Yuan Xuejian could only feel something flashed past her. Then Chu Yunsheng appeared before her. Right now, she was trying to use her wood elemental energy to heal Yu Hanwu's dying cells.

In the green light that was radiated from her hands, Chu Yunsheng could see that her forehead was already covered with sweat.

He immediately took out an energy shield, cast it onto Yu Hanwu's body, attempting to block more energy from trying to enter Yu Hanwu's body. At the same time, he also took out a modified Zhiwu forest's mask and pressed it onto Yuan Xuejian's pretty face without even telling her.

'This is Zhiwu forest's mask!' Yuan Xuejian was shocked. Although there were also some Zhiwu forest's masks circulating around the world, the quality of the mask that she was wearing at the moment was something that she had never seen before. The pure earth elemental in the mask was not even conflicting with her wooden elemental energy. It was said that only the mask that was personally made by the forest queen would have such an effect.