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Chapter 470 The Power Struggle Between Eight Forces

 After Yuan Xuejian described it, Chu Yunsheng immediately knew who those gods were. He just didn't expect that after so many years, those aliens were still doing this kind of things. But whenever Chu Yunsheng thought of their terrifying long history, he just kind of accepted it.

This was probably the only good news that Chu Yunsheng heard from the girl. At least, the girl didn't say that the human race had surrendered themselves and treated those aliens as their gods. Instead, they even had a war with them.

Of course, it was definitely not that simple. Otherwise, with those aliens' deceiving ability and powerful combat ability, the human race would have definitely surrendered already.

The other thing that confused Chu Yunsheng was that those aliens were supposed to be the enemies of the ice race and the fire race. Since when did they become the enemies of the human race as well? It seemed like he had missed out on a lot of things in the last twenty years.

Habitually, Chu Yunsheng took out a cigarette, and Yu Hanwu habitually lit it up for Chu Yunsheng. Probably, this was the first good thing about having a disciple, he would subconsciously help his master to do all sorts of things.

Hearing Chu Yunsheng was making the audible smoking noises, Yuan Xuejian felt like the old man in front of her was the worst Yuan Tian stage three master she had ever seen.

"Do you know anything about The Five Alliances? Like The Ice Race Alliance and The Fire Race Alliance," Chu Yunsheng exhaled a long smoke and asked.

It was just a simple question, and Chu Yunsheng didn't think much about it. He was more curious about why would those crystal dressed beings wanted to fight the human race. However, he didn't expect that Yuan Xuejian just shook her head and said,

"I don't know. If there was any, it was probably before The War Between The Human Race And Insects. At that time I was still very young, and my father also never mentioned anything to anyone. But it is said that the cultivation propagator was also disappeared at that time."

"The cultivation propagator..." this was the second time Chu Yunsheng heard this name. But currently, he was not thinking about this. Apart from Edgar, he couldn't think of anyone else. What he was thinking at the moment was The Five Alliances. With their abilities, there was no way that they would go extinct before The Human Race. Unless...!

He then suddenly raised his head and asked sternly while staring aggressively into her eyes, "have you ever heard of an insect by the name of Dark?!"

Yuan Xuejian was startled by his look. She quickly shook her head.

"Then Chu Yunsheng?!" Chu Yunsheng's eyes became colder and colder.

This time not just Yuan Xuejian, even Yu Hanwu also suddenly raised his head and looked at Chu Yunsheng.

"You mean the most powerful man in the world?" Yuan Xuejian carefully asked.

"Yes!" Chu Yunsheng's brows were pressed together even closer.

This time Yuan Xuejian nodded her head. Her beautiful face even had a faint of admiration. And then she said, "since the most powerful man disappeared, the cultivation propagator began his long journey of spreading the cultivation methods in accordance with his Will. Whoever received the cultivation methods would eulogize him and call him - The Origin Of Cultivation or The Origin in short.

Apart from those lowly ragtags and savages, not a single person on this planet doesn't know about him. Even the world leader election also has something to do with him. It is said that only his true successor is qualified to rule the world!"

Chu Yunsheng's heart sank even deeper. A strong premonition of something bad was going to happen made him extremely angry. Since people still knew his name, how come no one remembered Dark and even The Five Alliances.

There were only two possibilities. The first one was that both the five aliens alliances and Dark were all dead. However, if they were really dead, there was no point to cover up their deaths. Not to mention that it was entirely not possible to cover up their deaths.

There was another possibility. And this possibility made Chu Yunsheng's anger almost erupted to an uncontrollable degree. It was that the five alien races had changed their names and joined the human race to fight the crystal dressed beings, or maybe there was something else that made the human race work with them. But either way, it meant that the human race had accepted those aliens as their allies now.

However, no matter who accepted them, even if the whole world had accepted them, Chu Yunsheng would never accept them. He still remembered what they had done to his family and friends. He still remembered the miserable life they had brought upon him.

Chu Yunsheng slowly stood up and walked out of the ruined house. Looking at the dark sky outside the outside house, he seemed to have seen something in the dark quickly approaching him again.

"Dumb Insect, tell me, Is the whole world going to be my enemy now? Is it?" he murmured while staring into the darkness. But it wasn't long until his face dropped again.

"I will never forget what they have done!" he said coldly. It was such an irony that the people he used to fight along with and the people, that he gave the cultivation methods to, were now working with his enemies.

"How many forces are there nowadays. Don't need to be accurate. Just tell me as many as you can remember. And don't worry, I just remembered something in the past. It is not about you," Chu Yunsheng turned around and asked.

"Do you need to take a rest first?" Yuan Xuejian asked with concerns. She also got up and wanted to help Chu Yunsheng to walk back into the house with Yu Hanwu.

"No need. You can carry on," Chu Yunsheng waved his hand and said.

Yuan Xuejian looked at Yu Hanwu for a second. Seeing Yu Hanwu didn't seem to want to stop Chu Yunsheng, she nodded her head and said, "this isn't something secret. I still know some information about the forces around the world.

Our Clan - Chu Clan is one of them. Then Yun Sect, which is not far from here. Then The Sky City - its forces are spreading around the world. Then The Forest Queen; Jing Ji Island; Chiba Clan; The Tang Family Of Western Shu; The Moving Castle; and The Cambrian, which is a group that claimed themselves also to be the Precambrian beings.

There are also other forces as well. Every force is occupying at least one surviving city that people dream to go to. In terms of other continents, I don't really know much.

I don't know any higher-ups. But they have been fighting each other for a very long time. Especially the first six forces I mentioned. There are also two from other continents. But all of them claimed that they are the true successor of the most powerful man in the world. This is also known as The Power Struggle Between Eight Forces.

I once heard my father said, that amongst all the forces, The Sky City, Yun sect, The Cambrian, and one European city are the most powerful four forces. All the rest of the forces need to work with each other if they want to compete with them.

Every force will build Citadels in the ruined land they controlled. Camps that are smaller than Citadels are called fortress. All of them are used to gather new energy resources and other supplies. The fortress you attacked earlier belong to the sky city."


After hearing what Yuan Xuejian said, Chu Yunsheng fell into deep thoughts. What she knew was general information. She didn't mention any key information such as the people behind all of this. It was actually quite understandable with her father being just a low-level fortress master. Besides, back in those days, those five elemental races were also very mysterious, the ordinary people didn't even know their existence.

But how did he become a tool, that those people used to fight each other? Everything seemed to be pointing to The Last War Between The Human Race And Insects. However, that war seemed to have become a forbidden topic. Even Dark and Edgar also disappeared.

'What exactly happened?'

'Where do those aliens come from? It seemed like The Heaven's Messenger is still a human being, at least, it looks like it. Just like Tan Ning. Could it be that...'

Yuan Xuejian and Wu Hanwu both slowly fell asleep. However, with more and more questions appeared one after another, Chu Yunsheng couldn't sleep at all.


Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng eyelids twitched for a few times. The timid monster he sealed suddenly passed a warning signal to him.

Chu Yunsheng quickly waved his hand, unleashing a gust of energy wind to put out the campfire. He even stored all the ashes into a brand new storage talisman.

"Master?" Yu Hanwu was startled. He instantly woke up and called for Chu Yunsheng in the dark.

"Don't make any sound. Someone is coming. You two follow me," Chu Yunsheng said quietly.

"Can I help?" Yuan Xuejian also woke up and she quickly realized what happened.

As if she knew that Chu Yunsheng was confused, she raised her hands in the dark. Instantly, her hands began to glow an eerie green light. "I am also an awakened human being," She said quietly.

"No need," Chu Yunsheng quickly said, despite the fact that he was slightly surprised.

In the dark, Chu Yunsheng brought them to another ruined building. After he arranged them, he dashed towards the place where he had placed the timid monster.

Soon, a group of people holding strange light sources appearing in his sights. And it seemed like they were heading the ruined village.

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and then sealed the timid monster. He slowly walked into the darkness and prepared to ambush those people. Because in his mind, he thought that those people were the people that were sent here to chase them and to get the girl back.

However, as he got closer to them, he suddenly heard a woman's careless voice, "what is this place, how can we sleep here!?"

Then a man's voice appeared, "just endure it for one evening. The information we received this time is very reliable. It is very possible that that man is the real cultivation propagator!"

"Cultivation propagator? Edgar?" Chu Yunsheng suddenly stopped. This group of people didn't seem to come here for them. In the next second, Chu Yunsheng suddenly changed his mind. He wanted to follow those people in the dark.