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Chapter 469 The War Between The Human Race And Gods

 "Just because of some garbage papers?" Chu Yunsheng murmured as he gazed through the broken window and looked at the scorched ruined building.

Although he was not smart, at this point, from the information he had gathered, he had already realized that the so-called will of Cambrian was an excuse, that they used to gather all the forces around the world.

The reason for all of this was nothing but pure lust for power. It was not just for a few sheets of paper.

This was not some wuxia drama. A few pieces of paper wouldn't make everyone in the world lose their minds.

When he showed up in Shu Du city with the book, the five aliens alliances also didn't gather all their forces around the world to take the book away from him. What they had deployed was just a small part of their forces. For example, the number of the ice race that had been deployed at that time, and there was just one heaven's messenger went to Shu Du at that time.

Although he didn't like Shao Bing, who was from Chu Clan, the words he had said at that time was true. No matter how powerful he was or how powerful his cultivation method was, he couldn't defeat the entire world.

This was also something that Chu Yunsheng was lacking. He didn't have the ability to manage the macro situation. Back in Jin Ling city, he already knew that he was not good at leadership. Therefore, he had already given up the idea of becoming a leader.

However, despite the fact that he chose not to get involved in any power struggles. People would still come after him as if someone didn't want him to have a peaceful time.

Maybe the senior practitioner had already predicted it. That was why he sighed when he saw him.

"You may carry on," Chu Yunsheng shifted his attention back to the campfire and said calmly.

Yuan Xuejian was secretly watching Chu Yunsheng's expression earlier. She was already both shocked and suspicious about the reaction that Chu Yunsheng had, when he heard what she told him. It was the first time for her to see someone that would use the sarcastic tone to comment on the world leader election. If it weren't for the fact that she had already seen what the old man and his disciple were capable of, she would have probably thought that the old man was just some ignorant and arrogant men.

She took a secret peak and Yu Hanwu, who was staring blankly at the campfire, and said, "I have also heard my father said it before. It seems like the world leader election is not just for the will of Cambrian, but also for the second war between the human race and gods, that is going to break out soon! I think with your age and experiences, you definitely know more than me."

Looking at Yuan Xuejian, Chu Yunsheng was slightly surprised. Apart from The War Between The Human Race And Gods, which confused him, she seemed to have agreed what Chu Yunsheng said. Especially the last sentence, it seemed like she was asking something else.

Chu Yunsheng clearly felt that the woman in front of him seemed to be suspicious about his identity, and the questions she asked seemed to be probing questions. This was something that he, who had been deceived by many people in the past, was certain of. He had asked her many questions, and some of the questions were considered as common sense by her. There was no way that an experienced and powerful old man like him did not know anything about the questions he had just asked. Therefore it was reasonable to raise some suspicions

But Chu Yunsheng did not plan to hide anything. There weren't any special reasons. He just felt that hiding was very tiring. As the old saying goes, To Hide One Lie, A Thousand Lies Are Needed. In the end, it would only have more and more flaws in those lies.

Adjusting the dried rattan in the campfire that Yu Hanwu used his free time to collect, he smiled, "let me get this straight. You don't need to know my background. Even my disciple also doesn't know. Besides, it is not something that is worth mentioning. Just think of it this way, I had some conflicts with some powerful forces and then escaped inside deep mountains for several decades. So what happened outside. I don't really know."

Chu Yunsheng didn't mention who he had conflicts with. Because he didn't think it was necessary. Besides, they probably would not believe him.

Seeing her intentions was pointed out by the old man, Yuan Xuejian blushed. She bowed her head down and said embarrassingly, "I'm sorry. I'm just curious."

"That's alright. If it were me, I'll also be suspicious... Let's talk about The War Between The Human Race And Gods. What is that?" Chu Yunsheng shook his head and said.

Yuan Xuejian nodded her head and said, "actually, I don't know much about it. I heard most of it from my father. He used to fight in The Final War Between The Human Race And Insects. But he never once mentioned that war to anyone, even to my mother. So he didn't like to mention The First War Between The Human Race And Gods as well."

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and asked, "do you know when The First War Between The Human Race And Gods broke out?"

Yuan Xuejian raised her fine-skinned hands and held her beautiful chin and said while staring at the campfire as if she was immersed in the old memories, "roughly five years after The Final War Between The Human Race And Insects. And it has been five years already after The First War Between The Human Race And Gods."

"You are not over 21 right?" Chu Yunsheng suddenly asked a strange question.

"How do you know?" a faint of surprised flashed in Yuan Xuejian's eyes.

Chu Yunsheng stroked Yu Hanwu's head and said, "he is only fifteen, you two are quite similar."

"Although I am young, I can assure you that I will not forget those things. Especially the time of The War Between The Human Race And Gods. Because..." Yuan Xuejian suddenly wanted to explain something. But she was interrupted by Chu Yunsheng.

"It's fine. Tell me more about those gods," Chu Yunsheng shook his head and said.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng didn't want to know the reason, Yuan Xuejian also didn't attempt to carry on explaining. She just frowned and tried her best to remember, "I have never been to the battlefield before. But I have heard that those gods came from the sky. They were holding The Light Of Wisdom in their hands, dressing the long and dazzling battle suit. They were radiating by endless majesty when they descended from the sky..."


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