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Chapter 468 The ownership of the whole world

 Chapter 468 The ownership of the whole world

Chu Yunsheng didn't know how Xiang Wenxi died. He did not feel Yuan Qi's fluctuations. Nor did he feel the extension of the spiritual power. But Xiang Wenxi suddenly committed suicide, even let him have no reaction time!

What kind of force or threat could make Xiang Wenxi suddenly commit suicide with an overwhelming desire for survival?

Chu Yunsheng has not had this threatening feeling for a long time. It appeared to be a pair of cold eyes hiding in the darkness, looking at him coldly, which made him very uncomfortable.

He didn't run away right away. The point was that he didn't know who they really were, or even where they were hiding. When things get to this point, I wanted to attack him. It was the same whether he escaped or not.

Of course, there was another possibility. They may not be able to defeat him!

He then remembered the woman who Xiang Wenxi had said before he died, but he did not suspect that she was the killer. If she had the ability, she wouldn't have waited until today. And the man hid in the dark was an existence that he could not even perceive.

However, Chu YunSheng felt that this thing must have something to do with the woman. Otherwise, Xiang Wenxi wouldn't have mentioned this woman and then committed suicide.

In addition, it may also be related to himself. Because deputy fortress master was forced to commited a suicide when he revealed the existence of that woman to him, not to someone else.

Under his threat,assistant officer Xiao li was forced to take Chu Yunsheng into a room hidden deep in the fortress.

In the light of the oil lamp, a woman turned her head slowly. At this moment, Chu Yunsheng almost held his breath, as his body became rigid.

Because she looks too much like Jing Tian! Especially the nose and ears.

"Who are you?" ChuYunSheng nervously asked.

Although rationality tells him that she is absolutely impossible to be Jing Tian. Not only because of her age, but more importantly because of her eyes and manner.

But he wanted her to be Jing Tian, which was a very contradictory feeling.

The woman's words, eliminated Chu YunSheng fantasy. "Does it matter? Stop killing people. I'll come with you."

It's not Jing Tian's voice and tone.Chu Yunsheng let out a hollow laugh. Clearly he had expected this result, however, he still wanted a miracle to happen.

However, the smile on his face soon froze, and a wave of energy fluctuations broke into the sixth nerve-like lines's surveillance range. Almost at the same time, Chu Yunsheng launched a miniature Yuan Qi grab, then many black spots-like robots appeared in his hands. It is too small that. It is impossible for human eyes to notice it.

Robots, ten times smaller than the sesame seed, rolled and transformed in his hands, combined into a sharp-edged aircraft and ejected faint energy ripples from the tail in an attempt to use this powerful thrust to. Escape.

"So it's you!" Chu YunSheng frowned, looking at the miniature "transformers-like robot". In his memory, only the divine realm was keen on building these high-tech machines.

That deputy fortress master was also probably killed by it.. It was very likely that it took advantage of its small size to enter the deputy's fortress master's body when it rains, without attracting Chu Yunsheng's attention. In terms of how it killed the deputy fortress master, he did not really know.

"There should be more than one!"

After Xiang Wenxi died, Chu YunSheng has been watching the movements in the area closely, but found nothing. This suggests that the miniature robot is probably a disposable suicide weapon.

Chu YunSheng used energy forced to crush it, then he suddenly cast an energy shield, onto that woman. Then took her out of the house at once

This must have something to do with this woman. Some people don't want him to know about it.

He needs to save this woman's life. Besides trying to figure it out, he had to figure out why she was so much like Jing Tian!

That's all he cares about, if...

"Master, what are you doing?" Yu Hanwu saw master pull out a woman and deliver her into his own hands. He asked in confusion.

"You keep an eye on her, and I'll be back in a minute!" Chu YunSheng dashed, disappeared from the spot, and then appeared in a place not far away.

A little boy with a creepy smile on his lips, pulled down his sleeve from his wrist and covered the strange machine inside. Then he mingled with the chaotic crowd and put on a panic look. At this time, he was no different from that other frightened ordinary person.

"Are you trying to escape? ." Chu YunSheng's figure emerged from the rain and stopped in front of him.

After discovering the miniature robot, he relied on the sixth nerve-like line's ability to track the energy fluctuations around him and quickly discovered the boy hidden in the crowd. The boy first appeared at the time of fortress master's death. At that time, there were a lot of chaotic people. Chu YunSheng did not doubt others.

The boy looked at Chu YunSheng a little surprised, and then he put a strange smile on the corner of his mouth.

Then, his whole body flashed an electric arc, he didn't give Chu YunSheng any chance to ask, just in the creepy smile, he was lit up and turned into ashes, leaving nothing behind

The crowd next to him fled screaming and the fire did not go out in the rain!

"You think you killed yourself, and I don't know anything?" ChuYun looked up at the charming flames. Eyes flash with chills.


Night fell on the dusty ruins of the ancient town. Chu YunSheng, Yu Hanwu and the woman, three people around the fire, each food in silence.

Chu Yunsheng was thinking about something. Yu Hanwu has not yet fully recovered from the killings. The woman did not know what she was thinking, but looked at the strange master and disciple with some curiosity.

Three people. Chu YunSheng were the first to finish eating. In his law of survival, time is always the first.

"To eat quickly. I have something to ask you when you finished." Chu Yunsheng said to the woman, speaking in a very gentle tone. In his mind, he wanted her to have something to do with Jing Tian.

But he also knows that there are a lot of people in the world who look alike, and her previous contacts. It's extremely unlikely.So he is not more excited, just a little bit of hope.

Of course, if expectations come true, he'll jump up and scream!

"What do you want to ask?"The woman gently puts down the food in her hand, raised her head, a pair of intense eyes without fear to meet Chu YunSheng eyes.

"I must know your birth, your identity, everything about you." Chu YunSheng looked at her two eyes, a face of expectation said: "Don't lie, I don't mean anything to you, you just need to tell the truth."

He had asked assistant officer-Xiao Li, but Xiao Li knew nothing about her.

"I see. You really don't know who I am." The woman smiled. She looked exceptionally beautiful in the light of the fire.

But her beauty did not in the least attract the attention of the white-haired old man before her. In his eyes, she did not see any desire for her possession, as if her body did not exist before him.

"My name is Yuan Xuejian, and I am the daughter of a fortress master." She looked away, and the flaming flames reflected in her pure pupils, which were particularly beautiful.

"Everything started that day. One day, a man came to see my father and said that our master, the young master of Chu clan's disciple, liked me and wanted to send me to him. My parents didn't want it, but they didn't dare refuse. Then we met Yun sect's men on the trip. I heard they were competing for the ownership of the whole world's seat."

"What was your month's last name. How old was you this year?"Chu YunSheng suddenly interrupted her.

Yuan Xuejian looked at Chu Yunsheng and didn't know what it meant, but she answered, "Zhang, 21."

Chu YunSheng stared at her for a long time, didn't find any signs of lying. "Zhang, 21." Just then, he sighed softly and looked at the burning flame in silence.

After a long time, he went on. "Go on. ?"

Yuan Xuejian found the old man more and more strange, but she didn't understand what was happening, so she continued: "They are said to be competing for the seat of 'the ownership of the whole world'."

"The ownership of the whole world?" Chu YunSheng surprised to say. This nearly 20 years, the world is finally going to unify?

Yuan Xuejian nodded gently and said: "Since the messenger of Wushu inheritance was mysterious disappearance. Legend has it that only the Ownership of the whole world can inherit the full will of Cambrian from him!"