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Chapter 467 hidden dangers

 In fact, before bloody shadow appeared in the corridor, Chu Yunsheng already noticed it. The abnormal energy fluctuation in the surrounding did not escape his detection at all.

It was indeed very strong. Its energy fluctuation was not weaker than anyone in the corridor.

However, it was also very weak. It was as weak as a fragile vase.

However, its weakness was hidden behind the dimensional barrier, existing in the fourth dimension. That's why it was strong in the three dimensional world.

If it didn't count the black silhouette that he had encountered on the island, this was the first monster, that Chu Yunsheng encountered, that was able to keep its life in the fourth dimension. As long as the fourth dimension was not destroyed, the zero dimension would not collapse.

And in terms of this monster, it was not a stranger to Chu Yunsheng. In fact, he knew this type of monsters a long time ago.

It was the monster he encountered when he entered the spore forest for the first time. It was also the monster that almost killed Edgar!

That's right, it was the flying head monster!

Chu Yunsheng didn't know what happened, and why did this monster suddenly became so powerful. Although its shape still resembled a human head, its skin and it's facial features already disappeared. At the moment, it just looked like a flying bloody meatball. Perhaps it had already developed a more advanced sensory system.

Having thought it again, it was indeed a very strange monster. However, probably because it was too weak, it had been ignored by him.

Amongst all the monsters he knew, apart from the infested humans, that were controlled by Min, there weren't any other monsters that were able to control human mind, let alone living inside it. However, comparing to the infested humans, this type of monster seemed to be able to live in the host's head forever. But Min would lose the control of the infested humans after certain period of time.

Apart from this, Chu Yunsheng also didn't know why he would have a feeling that this monster still hasn't reached its final form.

But Chu Yunsheng had no time to think about that at the moment, because the monster was flying towards him fast.

As he raised his head and his eyes locked onto the flying monster, the seventh divine nail instantly flew out.

The flying monster's violent screech instantly changed to the panic scream. However, no matter how hard it tried, it still couldn't run away.

This result was expected by Chu Yunsheng. However, to Xiang Wenxi, he couldn't believe what he saw.

This was their secret weapon! But it could not even injure the armour man!

In fact, Chu Yunsheng didn't kill the monster. The first reason was that he was worried that it might damaged his seventh nerve-like line, which was used to control the seventh divine nail. The second reason was that he wanted to study the monster to find out what caused it to become this powerful.

So as soon as he unleashed the seventh divine nail, he immediately used Yuan Qi grab to pull the monster back and sealed it inside a brand new monster seal talisman.

Within just a moment, the seventh nerve-like line once again became dark, and before Chu Yunsheng was able to feel the rich life force of that monster, it was instantly shredded into pieces by the black vortex.

Then all of sudden, from deep inside his consciousness, came with an inexplicable fear, freezing his body movements. It was like a freezing water ripple spreading out from the center of his body, slowing down all his responses.

'What happened?'

He had an inexplicable anxiety, however, he couldn't find out what caused it. It was like waking up from a nightmare, sweating and shouting, however, he couldn't remember exactly what was in the nightmare.

In that moment, he suddenly realised that the spiritual world, or the zero-dimensional world was not like what he thought was. It was ridiculous that he had even thought that he had gained insight into the zero-dimensional world. It was mysterious, but at the same time, it was also deadly!

He didn't know why, but he suddenly remembered the words that the woman in the veil told him outside Zhiwu forest in the rain.

"A long time ago, we were just like you, thinking that the higher dimensional space will...

However, no one expected that when our civilization reached its peak, it brought a devastating disaster to..."

At that time, he heard those words from a perspective of outsider, but now, he completely understood that fear!

"Master!" Yu Hanwu shouted. It instantly pulled Chu Yunsheng back to the reality.

As he opened his eyes, a blazing flaming sword was already in front of him.

Having no time to dodge the sword, he immediately infused the energy into his hand, and grabbed the blade just using his left hand. While everyone was gasped in shock, he kicked the cloaked men, sending him into the air.

The person who was kicked away by Chu Yunsheng, was Xiang Wenxi. Originally, he wanted to take this opportunity to attack Chu Yunsheng. However, he didn't expect that he had still failed.

He was both shocked and terrified, but he didn't panic. Knowing that he was no longer able to defeat this man, he planned to run away. Despite his future was destroyed, he could rebuild his force! But he must save his own life first!

But Chu Yunsheng would never let him run away. Seeing the cloaked man changed his posture in the air, Chu Yunsheng immediately knew that the cloaked man wanted to run away. So he immediately dashed forward, wanting to catch the man.

All other cloaked men were terrified when they saw Chu Yunsheng suddenly moved forward. They all started to retreat in panic. However, Chu Yunsheng had no time to catch everyone, he just unleash another round of sword Qi at them.

Instantly, horrible human screams began to appear non-stop in the corridor!

Those who were lucky to avoid the sword Qi, still didn't escape their deaths. Fear made them forget that they could easily kill or even catch the young armour man as a hostage. Eventually, they all died under Yu Hanwu's sword.

Bloody slaughter and panic screams made the fortress fell into extreme chaos. Those who were still able to fight didn't even dare to pick up their swords, they were all being chased around and and killed by Yu Hanwu.

Perhaps the bloody and chaos scene reminded Yu Hanwu what happened in his village, and what happened to his family, the blood in his body was boiled by the flame of hatred. It made his eyes bloodshot and all the nerves around his swell up.

He was chasing every man he saw and chopping everyone he caught, like a maniac. Blood had already covered his entire body, however, he still didn't seem to find it enough.

Only until he killed the last cloaked men, turned around, and hacked his sword at a girl that was almost as tall as him, did he suddenly realized that his master was next to him watching what he was doing.

He immediately remembered the rules that his master taught him, and then began to panic. His hand started to tremble while the sword was still a few inch away from the girl's head. The girl was so scared that she instantly collapsed on the ground.

Then the sword Yu Hanwu was holding also fell to the ground.

Standing in a puddle of blood, Yu Hanwu couldn't stop his body from shaking. He was slowly staggering backwards while his face was extremely pale, until his back was against the wall.

"Er... ah... AH..." at first his mouth was constantly opened and closed as if he was trying to make some sounds, but he couldn't. A few seconds later, he was able to make some quiet groans, and soon, he suddenly knelt down and started to scream hysterically, while both of his hands clenched into fists tightly.


His vision was blurry, but, he knew that Chu Yunsheng was still standing beside him. He hugged him tightly and began to cry even louder.

"It's over now, Hanwu. It's over..." Chu Yunsheng raised his head let out a sign.

'But, is it really over?' he gazed into the dark sky and wondered.

"Please don't kill me! Don't kill me... I'll give you that woman," Xiang Wenxi, who was heavily injured, was begging for his life.

"Woman?" Chu Yunsheng frowned. He didn't kill this man straight away was because he still had some questions.

"Yes, yes, isn't that woman the reason why you are here... please let me go, I'll give her you to..." Xiang Wenxi begged again.

"You are in no place to make a demand. I have some questions that I need to ask you. If you..." before Chu Yunsheng could finish his words, Xiang Wenxi's eyes suddenly bulged out and exploded right in front of him.

Chu Yunsheng's face instantly changed. He immediately stood up, drew his sword while trying to find out that if there was any abnormal energy fluctuation in the area.

But there was nothing! Chu Yunsheng's heart sank even deeper. 'Who is it!? Who killed this man!?'

Then he suddenly remembered that before Xiang Wenxi died, he had mentioned one woman...

However, he didn't expect that when he saw the woman he was completely shocked.