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Chapter 466 the secret weapon of the fortress

 Chu Yunsheng's left hand was behind his back. As he slightly clenched his left hand into a fist, the ball that made of many new weapons instantly disappeared from everyone's sights.

"I am only here to kill the black cloaks. Everyone else, if you surrender, I'll let you go," said Chu Yunsheng after he stored the weapons into his storage talisman.

"Where did this maniac come from!" shouted Xiang Wenxi, who had just gotten his weapon and arrived at the scene. After walking towards the front of the group, his attention was instantly attracted by Chu Yunsheng's sword.

'As I expected, the thing about that woman was exposed!' his heart instantly sank.

"You are from Yun Sect!?" He frowned his brows and said sternly.

Seeing the person was looking at his sword and hearing the person was saying something about "Yun Sect", Chu Yunsheng suddenly had an idea. One of the reasons why he was here, was to collect some information. If they mistook him as someone else, the information he collected would be broader and more accurate.

'Twenty years has passed. There is even an organisation called Yun Sect now. The world has indeed changed a lot,' Chu Yunsheng thought.

"Does that even matter?" Chu Yunsheng vaguely replied.

"We had an armistice agreement! Are you going to break the agreement?" Seeing Chu Yunsheng "hesitated" for a second, Xiang Wenxi was even more certain that Chu Yunsheng was from Yun Sect.

Every single one of his men was the part of his power, losing any one of them would weaken his power in the future. Hence if he could use the agreement to scare away this intruder, he would be happy to do so.

"Agreement? You know what you did!" Chu Yunsheng pretended that he was angry.

As he had expected, the more vague answer he gave the more information he would get, so he planned to pretend all the way to the end.

Xiang Wenxi never once thought that Chu Yunsheng was here to avenge the death of the villagers who lived near the broken mountain, all he thought was that it might have something to do with the Citadel master's secret plan.

"I don't know what you are talking about. If you think that you can mess with us, then you are wrong! Even if you are a Yuan Tian stage three master, it is not going to end well!" He gritted his teeth and said.

At the same time, he secretly gave the assistant officer an eye signal. The person in front of them was unusually powerful. The ability he used was unheard of. Hence he decided to use the secret weapon.

However, what he didn't know was, that whatever he died was already noticed by Chu Yunsheng.

"Oh, is it really? If Yao Xiang is here, I might have some concerns!" Seeing he couldn't get anything useful out of this man, Chu Yunsheng suddenly changed the topic.

His words instantly made everyone's faces turn pales, and the entire place suddenly fell into a dead space silence.

Even Xiang Wenxi also couldn't stop his body from shaking. But he soon resumed his composure and thought that Chu Yunsheng was just trying to scare him. "You don't need to try to scare me. If you really that powerful, show me what you got!" He sneered.

Chu Yunsheng smiled. He had already got the answer he needed. This thing was indeed related to Yao Xiang. Then there was no point to ask any further.

"Hanwu, you handle the left side, master will handle the right side!" He said sternly.

As soon as he finished, he lifted Yu Hanwu up to the wall using Yuan Qi Grab, and then both of them quickly jumped into the destroyed ceiling of the corridor, ran past all the ordinary soldiers, who had lost their weapons and headed straight towards the cloaked men behind.

Chu Yunsheng did not plan to use the offensive talismans, that thing would only catch too much unnecessary attention. Especially before he figured out what exactly happened, he did not want to be chased by the aliens again.

Besides, dealing those Yuan Tian Stage One cloaked men, and a few Yuan Tian stage two cloaked men, there was no need for him to use any offensive talismans.

"Everyone, don't panic, they only have one Yuan Tian stage three master, we have a hundred people, we can easily injure him just within the first round of the attack!" Xiang Wenxi's eyelid twitched for a few seconds and shouted.

Chu Yunsheng's speed was too fast. Seeing what he could do terrified Xiang Wenxi. But at this point, he could not show any signs of being scared, he must not make his force scared as well, otherwise, they would lose without even fighting them.

However, despite he shouted as fast as he could, Chu Yunsheng's first attack still arrived before his men could react.

Only until this point did the cloaked men in the first few rows at the front understood the feelings of those ordinary soldiers. Before they realized what happened, an unknown powerful force suddenly took their weapons away from them.

How were they going to fight those two people? Before they approached them, they already lost their weapons!

The only thing that they felt lucky was that Chu Yunsheng's strange ability seemed to be limited by distance. All the cloaked men that were at the back of the group immediately unleashed many flaming blades to stop Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng quickly formed all the weapons he gathered into a ball and then store it inside his storage talisman again. He then unleashed the first round of sword Qi at the flaming blades that were cast onto him. As soon as he cast out the sword QI, he quickly followed behind it.

"Boom!" as the cloud of flaming blades smashed into the sword Qi, it instantly caused an energy explosion inside the corridor. The walls on the side of the corridor were shaking violently, and many rocks were falling down from the ceiling.

"He is there, quick!"

Seeing Chu Yunsheng broke out of the explosion without any injuries, some cloaked men immediately shouted.

Instantly the second cloud of flaming blades was cast onto him.

"Hanwu, follow master closely!" as Chu Yunsheng waved his hand again, he grabbed a few more weapons into his hand. At the same time, he also did not forget to remind Yu Hanwu his position.

"Yes, master!" said Yu Hanwu as he quickly ran toward Chu Yunsheng.

He just reached Yuan Tian stage one no long ago, and he was lacking in combat experiences. Moreover, his cultivation stage was actually helped by Chu Yunsheng. So there was no way he was able to adapt his power at the moment.

Fighting one cloaked man might not be a problem for him, however, if he was surrounded, even if he had the armor and shield, he would be dead for sure.

The cloaked men who had lost their weapons quickly split up and moved to the side, the cloaked men that were behind the group immediately moved forward and constantly cast out flaming blades at Chu Yunsheng.

Having glanced around, Chu Yunsheng quickly jumped up while grabbing Yu Hanwu, who was behind him and activated his levitation ability. When he reached the ceiling, he immediately unleashed another round of sword Qi.

Although the cloaked men, that were originally behind the group, did not know what the ability was, they had also seen what it could do, they all immediately held their swords straight up, using them as the shields, hoping that it could stop the strange energy attack.

Under Chu Yunsheng's control, six sword Qi were merged together into a spiral beam, shooting straight towards them.


Many people screamed in pain one after another, a layer of thick bloody fog began to spread in the humid corridor. The blood on the ground flowed outside the corridor with the rains.

The sword Qi was extremely powerful, especially the Yuan Tan stage three's sword Qi. If it were not for the fact that those cloaked men were wearing the specially designed armor underneath the cloaks, there would have been even more death.

Despite that, it still terrified those cloaked men. Xiang Wenxi's face was livid. They had already unleashed two round of attacks, but their enemy was still not injured. However, his enemy already killed a dozen of his men!

'Is this the power of Yuan Tian stage three? Is this the reason why many people find it difficult to breakthrough Yuan Tian stage two?!' Xiang Wenxi could not help but wonder.

"He had already unleashed his ability several times, he must be exhausted with energy! Now is a great chance, everyone, let's catch him!" Xiang Wenxi was the first one came back from the shock. He immediately shouted, trying to increase his force's morale.

All those people were the foundation of his power, although seeing his men dying one by one, made his heart bleed, he still knew which one was more important.

With his instruction, the ten captains began to supervise the battle personally. They all held the swords and began to instruct their men to surround Chu Yunsheng.

As soon as Chu Yunsheng landed on the ground, many cloaked men began to flock out from the secret doors on both sides of the corridor and started to surround Chu Yunsheng from his back.

Chu Yunsheng immediately threw Yu Hanwu backward at those cloaked men. With the help of armor, shield, and sword, Yu Hanwu slowed down the cloaked men at back from surrounding them. But Chu Yunsheng did not stop there. At the time he threw out Yu Hanwu, he himself charged towards the cloaked men at the front.

In the narrow corridor, despite the cloaked men have them surrounded, it seemed like they were still having difficulties to injure them.

As time quickly passed, seeing his men died more and more, Xiang Wenxi's face became more and more livid. All those men were the hope of his future! "No matter who you are, and where you from, I want you to DIE HERE TODAY!" he gnashed his teeth and said coldly.

There was a secret weapon, he had not used yet. It was a thing that he and the fortress master had accidentally discovered when they were trying to escape from dangers. It was both him and his master's last resort, even the people from the Citadel also did not know about it.

Every time when they needed to use it, they needed to sacrifice many people. Therefore, normally he and his master would not use it.

But he had no choice now. He had to use that thing before his enemy killed all his men!

Looking at Chu Yunsheng was approaching him closer and closer, he fired the flare to signal the first assistance officer Xiao Li.

"KILL HIM!" Xiang Wenxi pointed at Chu Yunsheng and shouted angrily.

He and his master had an agreement with that thing. As long as it was within the agreement, that thing would do it. It never disappointed them once.

As soon as Xiang Wenxi finished, a loud screech suddenly appeared inside the fortress. The loud screech even caused a visible soundwave smashing all the raindrops in the air. Then a strange bloody shadow flew out from deep inside the corridor and headed straight toward Chu Yunsheng.

"DIE!" Xiang Wenxi suddenly laughed loudly and viciously. 'So what! Yuan Tian stage three! I have seen that thing killed two Yuan tian stage three masters before!'

However, what he did not see was, that at the moment when the strange bloody shadow appeared, a small dazzling light appeared in Chu Yunsheng's forehead.