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Chapter 465 Yuan Qi grab

 Xiang Wenxi was in high spirits. With his captains flattering him constantly, he was in a great mood. Although the task that was given by the Citadel had a few setbacks, it was eventually completed. Now that if the fortress master could complete that task again, sooner or later he would be promoted and transferred to other places. Then the position of this fortress master would only be given to him!

Thinking about that he would soon become the master of this fortress, Xiang Wenxi could not help but become more and more excited. 'Finally, my glory time has finally come!'

It was at this moment, an ear-piercing alarm suddenly woke him up from his phantasy world.

"What happened?" he was furious.

Outside the room, the first assistant officer was talking to someone over a disk-shaped transmitter, while frowning his brows, "hello, hello? Repeat what you just said, what is going on?"

"Intruders? Who are they? How many of them? What did you say!? Hello, hello... "

From the other side of the transmitter suddenly came with a horrible scream, then the person on the other side was no longer talking, all it left was some white noises.

The assistant officer was alarmed, he quickly walked into the room and whispered into Xiang Wenxi's ear.

"What! Still haven't figured out who they are? Where are they now!" Xiang Wenxi's brows pressed even closer. The effect of alcohol on his mind started to reduce.

With the current situation in the region, if there was anyone dared to attack the fortress, no matter how many people they were, there must have been a Yuan Tian stage three master amongst them. This was the common sense that had been formed through years of battles, without the help from The Yuan Tian Stage Three master, no one was able to capture this fortress.

"They have already got through the entrance, we still don't know how many of them," the first assistant officer said carefully. He was scared that he would be accused of negligence by Xiang Wenxi. So he quickly added, "the communication was just cut off."

Xiang Wenxi's heart instantly sank. Within this short amount of the time, they had already broken through the entrance, if they did not have any powerful weapons, then, there must have been a powerful Yuan Tian Stage Three master with them.

But no matter which scenario it was, it was extremely difficult to handle. It was even beyond his ability to deal with this kind of attack.

'Is it possible that the thing about that woman was leaked out?' He could not help but think. Apart from this, he could not think of any other reasons why someone would attack them.

Attacking his fortress meant publicly declaring that they were against their entire force. Ordinary people would not have this kind of courage to do this.

Regardless of what it was, he needed to act immediately and find out what was going on. So he immediately pushed away two beautiful females servants in his arms and stood up.

However, just when he was about to order his captains to move out, he was suddenly interrupted by another nervous voice in the transmitter.

"... Broke through the Barbican! I need urgent assistance, I am the deputy Captain Cheng Jiayang, I needed urgent assistance!...."

The transmitter was not very loud, but everyone heard it clearly. All of them were shocked, "with such a short amount of time, they even broke through the Barbican?"

"How many of them, who are they?" Xiang Wenxi immediately waved his hand to signal everyone to act immediately, while walking out of the room quickly. At the same time, he didn't stop talking to the transmitter.

"I don't know, I don't know where they from, but they are only two people! Quick, they are coming towards us! That man is too powerful, we can't stop him!"

"Since they only have two people, stop them at the first corridor! I don't care what method you use, even if it means to use lives to stop them! We will be right there!" Hearing there were only two people, Xiang Wenxi surprisingly let out a sigh of relief.

"Xiao Li, issue the level one stand by order inside the fortress, gather all the ordinary combat teams and ask them to get into the combat positions," Xiang Wenxi ordered his assistant officer. Then he turned around and said to other captains, "gather all your men and ask them to prepare for the fight at the second corridor!"

No one dared to delay it. All of them quickly moved out.

"Go get my sword! Also, turn on the main transmitter and inform the Citadel about the situation!" Xiang Wenxi's face was livid as he said to the assistant officer Xiao Li.

There were ten teams in the fortress. Around one hundred warriors, and three hundred soldiers that equipped with new weapons. With this kind of power, even if the intruder was a Yuan Tian stage Three master, he believed that he would still win.

The orders were quickly sent to each team by the transmitter, and everyone inside the fortress began to move hurriedly to their combat positions in the ear piercing alarms.

The first corridor was already covered with blood and countless body parts, the flaming sword that Cheng Jiayang was holding was vibrating constantly because of his energy.

Originally he wanted to retreat to the second corridor, however, the demon in front of him didn't give him any chances. Within just a blink of an eye, everyone in the corridor was lifted up and blasted into a bloody fog. When he finally came back from the shock, it left with only him and his sword in the corridor.

'He is not here to capture the fortress! He is here to slaughter us!' Cheng Jiayang didn't know why he would have this idea in his mind.

But now he no longer wanted to retreat. Looking at his best friends and brothers were blast into pieces, his bloodshot eyes bulged with hatred. Some of them had even saved his life before! The blood vessels quickly began to swell on his forehead as he was constantly growling while gnashing his teeth. He had already forgotten about that actually, he still had families waiting for him at home.

"DIE!" Cheng Jiayang raised his sword high and charged towards Chu Yunsheng.

Suddenly, a skinny armour man jumped out from Chu Yunsheng's back, stepped on the wall on the side, and hacked down the sword that was also covered by the flame of hatred.

Both flaming blades quickly collided into each, however, only one blade survived.

Cheng Jiayang's body staggered for a second before knelt down. The broken sword was stabbed on the ground and he was clinging onto the handle of the sword trying to stand up. However, after a few tries, his body completely stopped moving.

At this point, apart from the kid and Chu Yunsheng, everyone else in the first corridor was killed.

Yu Hanwu's chest was moving up and down rapidly. Not only his mouth, but his nose was also bleeding because of the sword energy collision. Standing in the bloody corridor, his hands and his sword were shaking constantly.

They were both at the peak of Yuan Tian stage one. However, with the help of combat armour and energy shield, Yu Hanwu had a great advantage.

However, at this moment, when looking at the bodies parts and the bloody corridor, despite he still hated the people from the fortress, he still couldn't stop his body from shaking.

Especially the last person he killed. It was a completely different feeling than what he had expected.

Only at the moment when he killed this man did he realised who he was. He remembered that when he was in the half-conscious state, that man was assigned to check whether if there were any survivors in the village after they slaughtered their village. At that time, that man was looking at him with a complex expression on his face. After that he couldn't remember anything...

Nervously looking at his master, he noticed that his master didn't have any emotions. Perhaps he was thinking about something else.

"Hanwu, there was saying, killer will be killed eventually. Maybe one day in the future someone will come after us and take revenge on us. This cycle will never stop. Everything has its consequences. We will never be able to get away with it.

But you have to remember the rules I told you! At the moment you chose the sword, your fate was determined. It will be filled with blood, you will no longer have a peaceful day and you will forever need to face it alone!" Chu Yunsheng walked past the cloaked men's bodies and said coldly.

He didn't blame Yu Hanwu for having such a reaction. After all, this was the first time that the kid actually killed someone.

"Yes, master. Hanwu remembers it." Yu Hanwu wiped the blood off from his mouth and nodded his head. He faintly started to understand why the master wanted to teach him those two rules.

"There is another thing you need to remember. Do not ever show mercy in the fight. If we didn't kill them here today, the people that lying in this corridor would be us. There is no mercy in this world. Once you draw your sword, unleash all you have. Do not ever give your enemies any chance to attack you!" Said Chu Yunsheng as he sheathed his sword and began to pull the bowstring.

Instantly, a dazzling light appeared in the corridor, and it quickly headed towards the entrance of the second corridor.


The door was instantly destroyed. However, there was no one inside.

Chu Yunsheng sneered coldly and drew his sword again. As soon as he came out of the first corridor, he immediately activated the armour's levitation ability and began to jump in the air, heading towards the top of the wall on the left side.

As he reached the top of the wall, he immediately unleashed a round of sword Qi to destroy the wall, revealing many soldiers that were equipped with new weapons, beneath the wall.

None of those soldiers had expected that Chu Yunsheng would appear above their heads, they instantly panicked. Before they reacted, Chu Yunsheng reached his other hand out to grab something in the air.

Quickly, the energy around those soldiers started to merge around their weapons.

As Chu Yunsheng suddenly used his empty hand to pull something in the air, instantly, all the weapons flew away from those soldiers and flew towards Chu Yunsheng.

"What kind of ability is this!?" The person who arrived at the scene was Captain Miao Weiyuan. Seeing Chu Yunsheng easily and remotely seized their weapons, he could not help but shout in shock.


Oh shit, he killed the guy who had saved his life....

Actually, it could be a quite interesting discussion. From the detailed description of the deputy Captain, we could interpret that the Captain was actually not a bad guy. Otherwise, that kid wouldn't have survived. And the kid seemed to also realized that. Maybe that Captain was being forced to slaughter the kid's village. But who knows.

However, if he was really being forced to do it. Do you think that guy should be forgiven?

I mean the kid was told to act with a clear conscience, does this mean that he broke the rule? Would this become his inner demon when he breaks through Yuan Tian stage one?

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