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Chapter 464 Draw your sword

 "Master, the meal is ready," Yu Hanwu was holding a bowl of meat soup, standing respectfully in front of Chu Yunsheng.

Since his master helped him to break through the dimensional barrier, he noticed that his master became even older. Despite his master didn't tell him why, he was a smart kid. He knew that his master did a lot for him.

"Put it down, Hanwu, do you still remember the rules I told you?" Chu Yunsheng stopped his cultivation and asked Yu Hanwu while looking into his eyes.

Every night, Chu Yunsheng would see Yu Hanwu struggling in the nightmares. Every time the kid would wake up in fear while shouting Dong Er's name.

However, when it got to the next day, he would be still practicing his cultivation method and making meals as if nothing had happened.

Chu Yunsheng didn't try to console him. Because he knew that console was useless. It was a type of pains that was able to be eased with a few condolence words.

However, if the kid carried on like this, Chu Yunsheng was afraid that once he needed to break through Yuan Tian stage one, he might not be able to control his energy because of his unstable mind.

Moreover, since he already started to familiarize with Yuan Qi Grab technique, there was no need to wait any longer.

"Yes, I remember. Master said that I have to act with a clear conscience, and I can kill, but don't become someone who sinks and obtains pleasure and joy in killing. Otherwise, the first person I ruined will be myself." Yu Hanwu responded without missing a single word.

With his age, understanding the first rule was already difficult enough, let alone the second rule.

"Then, let's go," Chu Yunsheng got up and raised his hand in the air. Immediately a monster that was guarding the surroundings on the edge of the broken hill flew towards them and landed next to them.

"Master?" Looking at the food he prepared, Yu Hanwu was confused.

"Let's go to Sword fortress," said Chu Yunsheng while getting on the back of the monster.

Yu Hanwu's body suddenly started to shake. The food on his hand already dropped on the ground. 'This day has finally come!'


It was raining heavily, a few hundred kilometers towards East of the broken mountain peak village. A sword fortress was sitting silently in the rain.

The sword fortress was built with solid rocks. It formed a diamond shape on a broken hill. It had all the advantages that a typical flat hill fortress had. The hill that it was built on was high, the terrain around it was very rough. Hence it was great for defence but very difficult to attack.

On the walls of the sword fortress, there were many groups of people dressed in black cloaks and had swords on their waists, patrolling the fortress. All their movements were neat and uniform, exuding faint stern dignity. Clearly, they were very well trained.

There were many curved and twisted corridors in the fortress. They were very intricate as if there was a maze inside the fortress. The force inside the fortress could easily block the end of the corridors with a large number of people to attack the intruders.

In the center of the fortress, there was a tall square platform. On each corner of the platform installed an anti-air weapon.

Since the final war between the human race and the Zerg race, apart from some powerful monsters, there were not any monster's groups that were able to get into the sword fortress. Even until now, no one inside the Sword fortress would think that someone would dare to have a slight idea about attacking the Sword fortress, let alone actually doing it.

At the moment, the deputy fortress master Xiang Wenxi was currently having a feast with some of his competent group leaders. All kinds of delicious foods were laid on the table, even the new bottles alcohol that were given by the people from the top were also taken out and shared between them.

"Brother Xiang, this time, that bitch will not come back, right? I have enough of her shit already. Every time when I talk to her, I have to be extra careful as if she is my grandma. I mean what the fuck is this shit..."

Despite the rough man to the right of Xiang Wenxi was complaining, his hands never stopped fondling a skinny girl in arms.

The handsome man who sat in the middle had a fair-skinned square face. He slightly frowned and put down the exquisite glass in his hand. Two beautiful female servants besides him immediately pour the alcohol into his glass to fill it up.

"Captain Zhong, it is better to avoid saying this kind of thing in the future. If someone else heard it, no matter how many heads you have, it still will not save you."

Xiang Wenxi knew why he was angry. The sudden appearance of the woman replaced his leader's position, now that he was downgraded to the deputy captain, of course, he would be angry. "But, you can be rest assure that after this transfer, she probably won't come back," he added.

That Captian Zhong probably realized that he had said something inappropriate, although he was a rough man, he was still intimidated by the people from the top. He quickly raised his glasses and said, "You are right brother Xiang, I am not a smart man, all I know is how to fight. So please do supervise me more in the future."

"We are brothers, don't say something like this. Let drink." Xiang Wenxi waved his hand and said.

Suddenly, captain Miǎo Weiyuan who sat opposite Captain Zhong interrupted them, "brother Xiang, the thing about that... that Yuan Tian Stage Three master, did the people from the top have found anything?"

Xiang Wenxi's face instantly dropped, he waved his hand to signal all the servants to leave the room and then said quietly, "I have not heard anything from them, but it is better not to ask anything. Since we are all brothers, and that traitor has been killed already, I will disclose something to you, I have heard that this was Bao Zhu's (TL Citadel master's ) secret plan, otherwise, do you really think that kid would be able to steal that thing from the Citadel? but..."

He paused for a second and then carried on, "but, I have heard that there was an accident, the real target did not show up. The person you encountered probably from Jian Citadel. However, we don't really know what his intention was."

Captain Miao nodded his head and said, "it could only be them, that day we followed them to clean up the mess. However, despite we turned the entire camp upside down, we still could not find that man. Probably that man already left after he saw the thing."

Xiang Wenxi leaned backward and said, "We should avoid talking about this in the future. Let's drink, drink!"

All other captains immediately said, "We will all listen to brother Xiang, this kind of thing should be worried by the people from the top, we just need to execute their orders when the time comes, let's drink, drink"

Then the servants were called in again. Immediately the room was filled with bawdy noise.

However, as if he suddenly remembered something, Xiang Wenxi once again asked the servants to leave the room, "almost forgot, that before the fortress master went to the Citadel with that woman, he told me, that none of us can touch the woman he got during the conflict between the Jian Citadel and the unknown force. She is the gift that our fortress master prepared for our Citadel master. He said that it was the birthday gift for a young master from the top. "

Right after he said it, everyone's faces instantly became stern. One female captain said, "it is said that the people from the top hardly ever show up in the public, even if it is our fortress master, he is still not able to meet them in person. However, that young master, seen to like women a lot..."

"Are you guys talking about that so-called lineal descendant... Some time ago, I have heard that people were trying to select some beautiful women and send them... was it because of him?" another captain also whispered.


Meanwhile, outside the fortress, two cloaked men just walked out of the dark and appeared in front of the fortress in the rain.

"Hanwu, it will be very difficult to kill people for the first time. It is still not too late to stop!" through the rain, Chu Yunsheng's voice was very clear.

Wu Hanwu clenched on the sword tightly and raised his head, his eyes were filled with determination.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, master! "

"Draw your sword!"


"Who are you!?"


"How dare you!"