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Chapter 463 Willing to

 In the west of the scorched land, there were many destroyed hills. Gazing afar, there were many huge dents both on the ground and on the hills, as if it was caused during some kind of war in the past.

The hazy shimmer from the unknown star slowly disappeared in the sky as usual. The dark one again enveloped this world.

On top of a broken hill that was almost three hundreds meters wide, stood two men.

"Hanwu, it will be very painful, but you need to hold on," said the old man.

"I'll, master," replied the kid.

"Do you still remember the steps I told you?"


"Okay, let's start..."


For many years, Chu Yunsheng never truly had a disciple. He used to teach Yu Xiaohai how to do his work in the age of light, but that was a totally different thing.

However, when he discovered that his first disciple didn't know how to read, he realised that he needed to teach him more than just the cultivation method.

From the first day, he told the kids that despite he was his master, he would not be focusing on teaching his cultivation method first. Instead, he would teach him the knowledge of the age of light.

Chu Yunsheng clearly felt the terror of the destruction of human civilization. When he was telling stories to the little girl, there were many words she didn't understand. He had to explain most of the time explaining the meanings of every word.

Therefore, he spent one month time teaching Yu Hanwu some words and letters that they often used and the words that appeared in the cultivation methods.

To a person from the age of light, understanding those words were relatively easy. But to the kid, it was as if those words were from an entirely different planet. However, despite he had already lost his hope, he still couldn't help but ask, "master, did that world really existed before?"

Chu Yunsheng looked at the sky and nodded his head.

One month time, no matter how smart the kid was, he still would not be able to learn everything. However, Chu Yunsheng also didn't have much time left.

There were many things he needed to do. Since he woke up, and especially after he touched the Hidden Life Force chain several times, he began to clearly felt the force of the heir of the seven divine nails.

At the moment when he defeated the seventh nail and cut off its connection to its heir, a silhouette of a woman suddenly appeared in his mind.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know why he would feel that the silhouette was the heir of the seven divine nails, but he knew that he had to prepare himself as early as possible.

During the time he spent in the solitary confinement, he had thought a lot. He knew that since he left Shen Cheng city he started to make many mistakes. Mistakes after mistakes, causing him to divert from his original path.

However, because of all sorts of reasons, he could never go back to the original path, which was the correct path that the senior practitioner had planned for him five thousand years ago.

He shouldn't have been blinded by the hatred since the beginning, he should have gathered all the maps before he found his aunt. However, was he willing to? Chu Yunsheng didn't think so. Despite he regretted what he had done in the past, he believed that if he was able to go back in time, he would probably still make the same mistakes. Because that's what he and any other human beings would do.

It was just like the people in that pumpkin village. If they were willing to give up the people that they had abandoned near the broken mountain, they wouldn't have been killed.

Looking at the kid that was standing not far from him, Chu Yunsheng couldn't help but ask himself in his mind, 'is this kid willing to give up his hatred?' then he let out a sarcastic laugh. 'definitely not.'

Having been trapped for twenty years, he had also thought about this world, or this planet, to be specific.

The senior practitioner was right. He should leave this planet as soon as possible. There were too many secrets hidden in this planet, the five elemental races, the crystal-dressed beings, the black monolith....

However, since he got out from the zero-dimensional space, the book and the seven divine nails were still in the entangled status. There were no signs that the book would show him the location of the next map any time soon.

That was one of the reasons why he stayed in the pumpkin field. It also gave him some time to sort out the information he had received about what happened in the past twenty years.

Although twenty years was quite a long time, his cultivation stage also didn't increase, it gave him the opportunity to see who was true to him. He would bring those people with him if he could leave this planet.

In terms of the kid, Chu Yunsheng had observed him for quite some time, apart from the hatred, he was as pure as a piece of white paper.

Of course, Chu Yunsheng also had to admit that what happened to the kid made he remembered what happened to himself. Whenever he looked at the kid, he would have a strange sympathy for the kid. If it wasn't because of that, he wouldn't have agreed to teach him the cultivation method.

It was also because of that, he planned to use the seventh nail to help the kid to break through the dimensional barrier.

He had told the kid everything. He told him that he had never tested the method on someone else before, and he could die, but this was his only chance. Otherwise, he would be an ordinary man forever.

When the kid was finally ready, he forced the seventh nail to come out and fly towards the kid. At the same time, he also cast out a new talisman Tong Bi talisman to help the kid to stabilize his dimensional channel.


There days later, on the broken hill, a skinny kid was practicing the cultivation method alone very hard.

On the edge of the broken hill, Chu Yunsheng was practicing a new skill he learned from the ancient book - Yuan Qi Grab.

At the same time, he was gazing afar at the east of the scorched land, thinking that before he goes to the Zhiwu forest, he needed to go to the Sword fortress once to investigate whether if this thing had something to do with Yao Xiang. At the same thing, Yu Hanwu also needed to get rid of the hatred from his mind.