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Chapter 460 Talisman Race

 Needless to say, that without the assistance of the six nerve-like line, Chu Yunsheng would not be able to observe the activities of the monster seal talisman.

It first wrapped around the three-dimensional space around that monster, and then through the use of the talisman rules, it quickly constructed a "dimensional bridge" to open up the zero-dimensional space that was hidden inside the monster's body in the three-dimensional space.

Finding the zero-dimensional space was the most important part of the entire sealing process. This was also the most miraculous part of talisman technology.

It used the principles and the format of talisman rules to do a large number of complex spatial positioning calculations. This alone already showed how advanced the race that invented the talisman was.

Then it began to brutally invade the zero-dimensional space through the dimensional bridge. During this process, it clearly showed why the decaying life force this condition was necessary. The monster's life force could not defence its zero-dimensional space at all.

The monster's zero-dimensional space also had glowing nerve-like lines. But soon, they were "put out" one by one. This step was supposed to be the process of formatting and removing consciousness. However, it was now modified by Chu Yunsheng. He attempted to carve the Seal Mark directly onto the Life Force without using the formatting process.

As soon as the talisman moved onto the next step, the monster's zero-dimensional space suddenly began to distort, and it even had a sign of collapsing.

Chu Yunsheng was startled. He immediately used the seventh nerve-like line that had just resumed some light, to forcibly stop the talisman from moving onto the next step.

That area was indeed an inconceivable forbidden zone. In that split second, Chu Yunsheng learned something new. Life Force and zero-dimensional space were closely tied together. However, it was not very stable. If the zero-dimensional space was not formatted, it would be very difficult to carve Seal Mark onto Life Force. Unless...

But Chu Yunsheng quickly came up with a new idea. He immediately modified the monster seal talisman and activated it again.

The monster was dying. If he couldn't succeed this time. He would have wait for the next monster.

Fortunately, this time the talisman suddenly glowed brightly. Then, the monster slowly became smaller and went into the monster seal talisman.

This process was also very miraculous. But Chu Yunsheng didn't have time to study it at the moment. Same as the storage talisman, it involved the conversion of mass units to energy units at the pointed location.

Earlier on, Chu Yunsheng decided to use the "shell" of the formatting process but replace the main function of the formatting process with Seal Mark. He wanted to try that if he could "deceive" the zero-dimensional space.

It was just an idea, Chu Yunsheng also didn't think it would succeed. But he didn't expect that he would really succeed it this time. This brought tons of information to him. However, he would not be able to digest the information in a short amount of time.

But at the same time, he also didn't rule out the possibility of being lucky. There were so many uncertainties here. So succeed once didn't really prove anything.

However, Chu Yunsheng didn't plan to really dig into those things. It was just a small experiment to help him to understand that forbidden zone. Besides, he didn't think that the race that invented the talisman hadn't thought about this before. Probably they had thought about all the flaws of the monster seal talisman. But because of some unknown reasons, they decided to format the zero-dimensional space and remove the consciousness.

It was at this moment, he suddenly thought about the cloaked man he killed outside Jin Ling city. He remembered clearly that the cloaked man said that the talisman technology had disappeared for thousands of years. In other words, the talisman technology existed before the race of the cloaked man. Then, did the talisman race have any connections to the crystal-dressed brings, since the crystal-dressed beings also seemed to exist before the race the cloaked man?

He also remembered two special events. One of them was the thing that the crystal-dressed beings did. They were imprisoning all the creatures that were cultivating life force. But the talisman race clearly touched the field of Life Force. Did the disappearance of the talisman race have any connections to the crystal-dressed beings?

The other thing was the human-shaped silhouette he encountered in the zero-dimensional space. All the creatures on the Island knelt to the silhouette, even the giant claw sea monster. However, the crystal-dressed beings were only scared away. They didn't seem to want to surrender to the silhouette. Did this mean something?

Taking a deep breath, Chu Yunsheng decided to stop thinking about the complicated relationships between those ancient alien races. He infused his energy into the monster seal talisman and began to speed up the monster's recovery.

The hazy shimmer slowly started to appear in the sky and shed its blurry light into the forest. With the clouds of strange dust in the forest, the light became even more blurry.

With the unexpected chase, and the experiment, he had already left the village chief Gao's group for more than two hours now. Originally, he decided to just leave the group. However, he still couldn't change his nature.

After all, it was him, who took away the little girl's life force. He could try to forget the kids that were already killed by him. But if other kids were still suffering because of the things he did, he needed to pay them back. Besides, it was not conflicted with his current plan.

No matter how long he was locked into solitary confinement, some things could be changed, some could be improved. But there were some could never be changed. If it was changed, was he still himself?

But what surprised Chu Yunsheng was that when he returned to the place where he had left earlier, there was only one young man there waiting for him. The rest of them had already left.

"Where is everyone?" Looking at the dark-skinned skinny young man, Chu Yunsheng asked.

"The chief asked me to wait for you. They found a pumpkin field ahead. They already headed that way." the young man said with excitement.

"Pumpkin field?" Chu Yunsheng was confused.

"Yes, please follow me. Everyone had a discussion easier. The chief has decided that we are going to settle down here..." the young man was walking while talking excitedly.

"Here?" Chu Yunsheng didn't really care about where they were going to settle down. He just felt strange that why the village chief Gao would want to settle down in a place that was just a day's walking journey from the place where they had left.

However, when he arrived at the place, he was shocked.


A huge pumpkin!

Chu Yunsheng had never seen a pumpkin that huge before. It was almost as big as a two stories house.

He could not help but walk around the huge pumpkin and observe it with amazement.

The stem of the pumpkin was hard and shriveled. It meant that it had already reached full maturity a long time ago. As soon as he reached the back of the pumpkin, he was again shocked by what he saw.

There were so many of them! And they were all in different sizes. There were also some other vegetables as well, and all of them were very big.

No wonder they wanted to settle here. With the amount of food they had here, they could survive for years.

Chu Yunsheng followed the young man to walk through the pumpkin field. Soon, he saw the village chief Gao was instructing a group of young men doing something.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng came back, the village chief Gao immediately stopped what he was doing and walked towards him. "Some people in our village ate those things when they were young. They are edible! We just tried it." The chief Gao said excitedly.

"The boy told me that you want to settle down here." Chu Yunsheng simply asked.

The village chief didn't know why Chu Yunsheng asked this question. But when he heard Chu Yunsheng used "you" rather than "we" he immediately realized that Chu Yunsheng were not going to stay with them.

"Yes, we have this thought. We don't know if there will be other places like this. And our village is too small to take another risk. This place is good enough for us. At least, we will not be starved to death." there was a visible disappointment in the village chief Gao's eyes, but he quickly adjusted his emotions and said.

"But it is too close. Are you sure?" Looking at the group of young men tidying up something on the ground, Chu Yunsheng stated his concerns.

Village chief Gao nodded his head and said, "We already had a discussion. Even if they found us, it is still worth it!"

Chu Yunsheng smiled, but didn't carry on saying anything. He walked towards a young man and picked up a dusty broken board next to the young man and tried to read the blurry words on it.

"Yellow... something... city... vegetables... two thousand something year..."

'So it is indeed somewhere in the yellow mountain area!'

'was it really Dark that brought me back here?'

'Maybe in its consciousness, this place was its home. After all, it was born here.'

'But, where is it now?'


Raising his head, Chu Yunsheng looked at the sky. Then, he shook head...


one thing that keklel's review was correct was that this author often spent many chapters to talk about the world setting. For instance, in the last three chapters, all the author wanted to explain was how aliens use technologies to hack into any creature's brains and take over their bodies...

I know it is very boring, and I have already tried to simplify it as much as I can.... but some of the information is vital to the main story plots, so I did not remove them.