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Chapter 459 cutting-edge experimen


Sneak attacking was always something Chu Yunsheng was good at. But he didn't expect that a monster was going to sneak attack him.

He didn't have time to think about how the monster avoided his energy fluctuations detection ability. He just quickly cast out energy sword before a cloud of dense greenish light dots was shot towards him.

Below him was the "deep" solid ground. Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to check if the energy sword hit the target or it, he just jumped on top of the tall mushroom plant and quickly began to move in random patterns to dodge the green light dots.

If he fell off the plant, with his current senile body condition, even if he would not die, he would be heavily injured.

Seeing the sneak attack failed, the monster surprisingly charged towards Chu Yunsheng again while withstanding the energy sword attack. At the same time, a gust of powerful wind elemental energy shock wave was thrown at Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng was not a sword God, he couldn't use a single sword to block all the green light dots. Just a few minutes in, many green light dots hit his broken armour, making his armour constantly shaking while making the cracking sounds.

"Sword Form!"

Both sides almost unleash their second round of attack at the same time. Chu Yunsheng was thrown into the sky by the strong wind. But he didn't panic. Glancing around, his eyes quickly locked onto another mushroom plant that was not far from him.

Quickly infusing his energy into his broken armour to activate the armour's levitation ability to maximum, he was able to stabilise his body in the air and slightly diverted his flying direction. After a few body flips, he landed onto the other mushroom plant steadily.

Probably, the monster had detected the danger from the sword form, it was quickly moving its body in the air, trying to dodge the Sword Form attack.

But how could Chu Yunsheng's sword form attack be easily dodged? Once the Sword Form was unleashed, it must hit its target. Otherwise, it would keep chasing until it used up all its energy.

"Bang!" As a loud and clear banging sound appeared, the monster's body suddenly glowed in the green light.

Chu Yunsheng couldn't tell if the monster was injured or not. But he was ready to cast out another Sword Form.

However, what surprised Chu Yunsheng was that the monster didn't carry on attacking him. It simply turned around and ran away.

"Huh, Running away?" Chu Yunsheng was surprised. It was very rare for him to see a monster that ran away from the battle.

However, how could that monster care about how much Chu Yunsheng was thinking? It liked to ambush its prey by nature. Yet now, it faced Chu Yunsheng that was much superior than it was, and even received a critical sword attack blow from him. It currently wanted to immediately hide by instinct.

But it didn't expect that as soon as it turned around, Chu Yunsheng began to chase him.

Although duo elemental energies fluctuations were not very strong, it was extremely rare. Apart from the little tiger, he had not seen any other animals had it. But that was not what Chu Yunsheng was interested in. What he was interested in was its flying ability and hiding ability.

That monster's speed was very fast. Although the levitation ability of his armour could still be activated, it could not unleash its full power due to the severely damaged armour. Hence, there was no way be could catch up with that monster in the air.

In a split second, he had an idea and quickly took out of the bow.


An extremely bright light broke through the sound barrier, making the ear piercing sound and heading straight towards the monster.

As if the monster had a natural instinct towards dangers, it hurriedly twisted its body, trying to dodge the light arrow behind it.

But how could it know that during the time that Chu Yunsheng had spent on the battlefield between the seven nails and the book, he kept shooting the light arrows non-stop to assist the book! Now he had already mastered his archery.

This might also be one of the positive side effects of spending too much time in the "solitary confinement".

As the energy slight fluctuated in the air, the light arrow quickly made a sharp turn, went straight through the monster's green-coloured protective energy shield and went into its body.

The monster made a painful screech and almost fell down from the air. However, after a few quick wing flaps, it eventually stabilized Its position in the air and withstood the arrow attack.

But Chu Yunsheng already locked onto it. It was nowhere to run.

The second arrow quickly arrived.

Probably the monster was scared by the attack. It had already been hit by Chu Yunsheng three times. It didn't dare to turn around at all.

It suddenly folded its wings, hid all its energy fluctuations and went straight into the deep forest below. It attempted to use its hiding ability to avoid Chu Yunsheng's attack.

"Huh?" Glancing around the surroundings while jumping towards the area that the monster disappeared, Chu Yunsheng was confused.

Despite he was trying very hard to find the traces of the monster, he still couldn't see anything.

However, he had a strange feeling that the monster must be around him. After he took another quick glance at the area, he took a deep breath, closed his eyes and began to concentrate on detecting the areas using his bright sixth nerve-like line from the fourth dimension.

A few seconds later, Chu Yunsheng suddenly opened his eyes.

"So it was there." Chu Yunsheng suddenly said. Then he quickly raised his bow and unleashed three shots in a row.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" All three shots were hit, and it instantly knocked out the monster.

Seeing the monster fell to the ground, Chu Yunsheng also began to slide down from the plant.

He walked towards the monster and kicked the monster a few times. However, there were no reactions from it.

Just when he put the bow into the storage talisman, he saw the monster's mosquito-like legs suddenly twitched for a few times.

It was slowly moving on the ground secretly.

"Playing dead... " this time Chu Yunsheng was even more surprised.

Of course, the monster didn't understand what Chu Yunsheng was saying. Although it was dying, its survival instinct still drove it to escape.

However, with its injuries, everything it did was futile.

"I am not going to kill you. However, I need to do an experiment. Whether you can survive from it or not, it will depend on your luck." he said to the monster.

Level-three Monster Seal talisman would erase all the sealed monster's consciousness. It involved the extremely precise operation inside the sealed monster's zero-dimension. The operation was required to "format" the zero-dimension and mark the Control Seal onto it, without damaging the decaying life force.

Although he still didn't understand Life Force, after having been locked up in the "solitary confinement" for many years, he had some improvement.

At least, he now understood why there needed to be "Decaying Life Force" this harsh condition.

It was because only by weakening the life force, would the monster seal talisman be able to infiltrate into the creature's zero-dimension. Otherwise, even just a slightly powerful life force would be extremely repulsive to the outside force. It would result in the collapse of the zero-dimension and the disappearance of the life force.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't plan to modify this. Although this condition was very harsh, it was not impossible to meet. At least, the monster in front of him right now met this condition.

What he needed to experiment was the formatting operation. Although it was extremely mysterious, the senior practitioner also did not mention anything about it, if he could succeed it, it would greatly improve his understanding of the zero-dimension. He could use that knowledge on himself to find out the fundamental rules and the structure of his zero-dimension.

Since the fight between the book and the seven nails, he understood that the most advanced warfare in the universe must have something to do with Life Force and the zero-dimension.

However, although the monster seal talisman he had at the moment was the Level-Three talisman, it was the lowest monster seal talisman. Its talisman rules and incantations were almost integrated with each other, he could not split them up and modify each other separately.

Theoretically, the best talisman he should do the experiment on was the level-five monster seal talisman. However, he was not powerful enough to make one, so he could use level-four monster seal talisman instead.

Comparing to the level-three monster seal talisman, the level-four monster seal talisman was much more modular. However, it was less flexible than the level-five monster seal talisman. Hence it was a quite challenging task for Chu Yunsheng. More importantly, making a talisman that was one level higher than his cultivation level would consume him a lot of energy.

Fortunately, the absorption talismans he had prepared back in Shen Cheng city were still inside the storage talisman. Originally, he had planned to use those talismans on the crystal-dressed beings, he didn't expect that he would use them here.

After Chu Yunsheng used more than twenty absorption talismans, he finally finished one modified level-four monster seal talisman.

Looking at the monster that was still trying to escape on the ground, he cast out the talisman.

At the same time, he tried his best to monitor every single detail of the process from the fourth-dimension, when the talisman was activated.