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Chapter 458 positive side effec


"Chief Gao, wake up everyone, we need to leave now!" after Chu Yunsheng got off the rock, he went straight to find chief Gao and woke him up.

"Now?" Chief Gao answered with a pair of sleepy eyes.

He just went to sleep no long ago. As the chief of the village, there were many things he needed to handle personally. Moreover, after the "celestial beings" left, his rest was again disrupted by his villager's gossips. And those gossips were nothing but all kinds of stories about those "celestial beings".

Those rumors or stories were probably the only entertainment that the people on the scorched land had.

"Yes, now! It will be too late if we leave later!" Chu Yunsheng squinted his eyes to gaze at the distant dark sky. The warm light from the campfire reflected off his ragged old face, making him look extraordinarily stern.

"What happened?" hearing what he said, Chief Gao instantly woke up and asked in a panic.

"They are coming!" Chu Yunsheng simply said.

He did not tell the village chief Gao, that it was "the celestial beings" that they admire the most, were coming, not the black cloaked man that they fear the most.

Every words and action that that young extraordinary handsome military officer did was heard and seen by him. With many years of experiences in dealing with dangerous situations, his instinct told him that that man would definitely come back to clean up everything without telling that long-haired woman.

Of course, the village chief Gao would not think of that those "celestial beings" would do such things to lowly people like them. He almost instantly thought that Chu Yunsheng was talking about the cloaked men. They were only scared of the cloaked man - their direct rulers. Although the "celestial beings" were also very strong, they were not in the same world.

The village chief was in the state of panic. He was walking back and forth in the same place, and his forehead was already covered with sweat.

"Chief?" Chu Yunsheng frowned. He did not understand why the chief did not wake up other people.

"Can we still run away?" the village chief Gao's face was filled with fear.

"Possible!" Chu Yunsheng quickly said. Then he suddenly disappeared. When he appeared again, he was already next to a campfire.

"Quick, put out all the campfires now! And move in silence." he carried on as he put out the campfire.

The village chief Gao was shocked. He was the only person in the entire village, who saw Chu Yunsheng used his strange ability twice. Although he did not see it very clear, he was not stupid. What Chu Yunsheng said was most likely true.

"It is too dark, without any fire torches, I am afraid that we can't walk very far," the village chief Gao calmed himself down and said. Looking at the dark sky, his concern was not all wrong.

In the pitch-black night, rushing to walking on the mountain roads was definitely suicide.

Chu Yunsheng also understood this. But he already had an idea. Pointing at the ropes that those people had brought with them, he said. "Use those ropes, and split up the people into three lines. You know how to use them better than me. So hurry up. We don't have much time."

He did not know how long the flying machine had left when he was trying to sort out his mental problem. So that young officer could come back at any time.

The village chief Gao nodded his head and hurriedly left to arrange the escape.

Soon, under the fear of the cloaked men, around two hundred villagers were split into three lines and everyone was holding the ropes in panic.

As Chu Yunsheng waved his hand, a gust of Ben Ti Yuan Qi wind suddenly blew toward the last campfire and put it out. The area was instantly fell into pitch-black.

Losing the last light source caused a slight commotion in the crowd. But Chu Yunsheng did not care about those things. Although he was holding the senile girl in his arms, it didn't affect his movement much.

With the help of the three-dimensional shadows that were cast onto the fourth-dimension, he quickly found the three heads of the ropes and grabbed them using his other hand.

"Pass down the message, follow the rope and don't panic." He said to the first three people that were holding the ropes.

Quickly, waves of whispers began to appear in the crowd.

Chu Yunsheng waited for a minute before he walked away.

Chu Yunsheng's physical strength was very strong, comparing to those ordinary people. Especially after having Yuan Qi energy circulating his body. With him leading the crowd at the front, the speed of the crowd moving in the dark was not very slow.

After walking in the dark for a while, Chu Yunsheng suddenly thought of one thing. Maybe he should have put out of the campfires. At least, it could distract the flying machines.

But then again, the flying machine seemed to be very advanced. Although he didn't know anything about it, it must have some kind of detection functions. With or without the campfires didn't make much of differences.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Nothing is perfect.

It also was not that Chu Yunsheng was scared of the flying machine. It was just that there must be some black box-like devices or even more sophisticated tracking devices on those flying machines. If he destroyed one, it would definitely attract more flying machines.

What he needed the most right now was to find a safe place, and hurried up increasing his cultivation level, which had not been changed in the past twenty years.

However, having been locked up in the "solitary confinement" for around twenty years was not just all bad. In fact, it slowly started to reveal its positive side effect after Chu Yunsheng woke up.

During the time he spent in that space, he couldn't even remember how many times he had studied the cultivation method of Yuan Tian stage three. He had derived countless possibilities and pitfalls of the cultivation method. Although he was not as talented as other people, when it comes to analyzing and understanding the cultivation methods, no one was better than him in this world.

Moreover, during the time he spent in the "solitary confinement", he had also gained some insights into the knowledge of life force. Although gaining the sights was purely accidental, it made the sixth nerve-like line glow brightly. It also resulted in the appearance of the seventh nerve-like line.

Right now, he also needed to spend some time to summarize the knowledge he learned, and analyze it further.

Moreover, the cultivation level and life force seemed to be two completely different paths that had no connections with each other. However, after gaining slight control of the seventh nail, he was somehow able to look at it from an entirely new perspective. He vaguely felt that the interactions of those two might have something to do with the spatial dimensions.

But analyzing those all needed time. Although he had enough time at the moment, it was under the premise, where no one knew that he was still alive.

Hence, he didn't want to have conflicts with that flying machine.

Around one hour later, Chu Yunsheng went into a forest that had many huge mushroom-like plants, with the villagers. Comparing to those strange plants, humans were as small as ants.

Although there were monsters hiding inside the forest, there were also benefits as well. The forest was filled with wooden elemental energies. It was so rich that it formed visible wooden elemental energy fog, blocking all the villagers' life signals from spreading outside the forest.

He did not know whether if that flying machine carried any devices that could detect life signals. But he remembered that the flying machine that he had encountered when he was on the way to the yellow mountain was carrying one.

In order to prevent any accident from happening, this forest was the best shelter. As long as they weren't making any big movements, the monsters inside the forest most likely would not attack them. For a large forest that probably evolved from the spore forest, Chu Yunsheng still had some knowledge about it.

The forest was filled with the gloomy greenish shimmer. Under the village chief Gao's arrangement, many villagers began to set up camps. Putting the kid on the ground, Chu Yunsheng reached his hand out to touch one of the tall mushroom plants. However, he did not receive any reaction from it. But he did not stop doing it. After failed to get any reactions from ten different huge plants, he went deeper into the forest.

Needless to say, having an old body still affect Chu Yunsheng's movements. If it was still in the old days, with the help of his armor he could easily get up to the top of any tall plants. But now, it took him a while to finally climb up to the top.

He carefully checked the caps of the mushroom plants, making sure that they were big enough and dense enough to cover everything that was on the ground.

But it still was not over yet. He hid in the top of a plant, gazing afar at the place where they came from. Only when the fly machine came back and found nothing, would this thing be finally over.

The night was dark. In the cold wind, Chu Yunsheng was circulating Yuan Qi energy inside his body to prepare himself for the possible combat.

He waited for a long time, and just when he thought that the flying machine would not come back, a light-blue light dot flashed through the sky quickly and hovered precisely above the place where they had stayed. And then, it began to search for something within a radius of a few kilometers...

After failing to find anything, and perhaps it didn't want to leave empty-handed, it increased the search zone until they finally reached the edge of the big forest. However, as if they were scared of something, the flying machine hovered outside the forest for a very long time before it eventually left the place reluctantly.

Chu Yunsheng didn't move when the flying machine approached the edge of the forest. However, his fists were clenched tighter and tighter as time passed. After the flying machine finally left, he immediately turned around and opened his palm to unleash a cold sharp sword that was purely made of Yuan Qi

Behind him, a monster that no one knows how long it had been staying behind him, suddenly spread its mosquito-like wings and changed towards him.