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Chapter 457 reputation is gained through fights!

 "Was Liu Li pregnant when she broke up with me?" Chu Yunsheng thought for a second, but then immediately shook his head and dropped this ridiculous idea. "No, that's not possible."

However, within just a billionth of a second, he could not help but think again. "Was I wearing condoms the last time I...? I can't remember it.... But even if I was not wearing it, how come...."

"No, that's not possible. I must have worn it. Besides, it has been so many years already, she has not contacted me... "

"But it was not her, who else could it be? There was no one else!"

"Did I really not wear it?"

"No no...."


Chu Yunsheng was racking his brain out trying to remember if he was wearing condoms the last time he had sex with his girlfriend.

To him, this was not a small issue. In fact, it was a very important thing to him. If he really had a kid in this world, no matter how bad that kid was, it was still his kid.

It was not that he had never thought of looking for Liu Li, when Earth had just plunged into the darkness. After all, she was still the only person he loved. However, Liu Li did not leave any contact methods when she left him, he did not know where to find her at all.

Although many years had passed, he did not really keep the problems between he and his girlfriend in mind. However, if that kid was really his kid, he wanted to take responsibility.

At that moment, a sudden urge came out from deep inside his mind, making him wanting to ask those two women for more information. But as soon as he was about to stand up, he suddenly calmed down again.

He suddenly realized that his mental problem had become worse.

The whole thing was entirely impossible. But somehow his mind twisted the "fact" from impossible to possible, forcing him to believe it was true.

He was shocked to realize that the sequela of the five stages mental torture was not over yet. In fact, it just began to reveal its power!

Having gone through the five stages of mental torture and coming out alive didn't mean that his problems were gone. There was still a hidden stage behind the fifth stage. It was the stage of having an extremely twisted mind.

Avoiding being alone, fear of leaving a crowd, wanting to hear people talking etc, were all parts of the symptoms. It also included not willing to let go of the first little girl he saw when he woke up.

However, he also showed indifference, irritation, coldness, those completely opposite feelings....

All of this making him realize what kind of situation he was in now.

Chu Yunsheng began to have acute shortness of breath. He knew how bad the problem was. However, he didn't know what to do.

Having his eyes closed, Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to make any moves. His breathing problem became more and more acute. Many blood vessels began to emerge from his face making his face as red as blood.

It was not until he reached the breaking point, he mysteriously calmed down slowly.

When Chu Yunsheng opened his eyes again, those 'celestial beings' had already left. But he didn't have any regret. In fact, he felt somewhat fortunate. If it had not been for those women's discussion, he would not have been able to discover his mental problems in time.

The earlier the problem like this was discovered the easier it would be to deal with. If he didn't know anything about it, it would only keep growing in the dark, and the consequences of it would only be unimaginable.

"So there is the sixth stage," letting out a long sigh, Chu Yunsheng's mind finally became clear.

Looking at the dark sky, there were still some times before the agreed departure time. He took out a cigarette and sat on a rock to collect his thoughts.

Now that he was calm, and having realized his problem, he began to think of the information that he overheard from those two women's conversation differently.

The first thing he was almost certain was the identity of that long-haired woman. She was most likely that three years old girl, who Mo Wuluo brought to the office building that day.

There were many pieces of evidence supporting this assumption. The first thing was the strange way that they used to call each other, such as "uncle" and "sister". The second thing was the accents they had. It was clearly Jin Ling city accents. The third thing was the Sword Fortress. He could clearly see the traces of Yao Xiang.

Now that he could use the people he knew as reference objects, he could roughly work out how many years had passed.

From that Mo Wuluo's niece, he estimated that he had most likely spent around twenty years in the zero-dimension, although he clearly felt that he was trapped for more than twenty years.

Of course, it was a typical mistake when one lost a sense of time. After all, people would lose their mind, even if they were kept in the solitary confinement just for one year, let alone Chu Yunsheng was trapped for twenty years.

But that was not important. What was important was that twenty years had passed in the outside world. Within those twenty years, the world might already have had many Earth-shaking changes.

He was no longer the naive young man who had just left Shen Cheng city. So it was not hard for him to realize the problem.

Twenty years had passed. With the cultivation methods he left behind, how many talented masters would raise? However, his cultivation level was still the same as twenty years ago.

Would people in Jin Ling city still be grateful for what he did in the past? And would they still listen to him now?

No, he didn't think so. This was the dark age. It was the age, where humans ate each other.

He knew exactly why people would follow him back in those days. It was not because he was a smart man. It was because he could fight. He even made a name for himself as the most powerful man in the world.

However, that was many years ago.

After going through many people in his memory, in the end, Chu Yunsheng could only find one person he could truly trust. It was Dark.

However, Dark seemed to have disappeared. So he had to think of something else.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know how long he had been sitting on the rock, trying to analyze everything he heard and saw, but eventually, he still managed to find out something.

Despite the thing about his blood was extremely bizarre, he was now certain that it was not his kid. Then it only left with two possibilities.

The first one was that that kid might be Jing Tian's or Jing Yi's. However, this possibility was very low. From those two women's conversation, he knew for sure that his aunt and his cousins were already dead. Moreover, there was no way that the people or aliens that forced them to die would want to keep their kid alive.

The second possibility was just an assumption. It could be that the people that used to follow him wanted to use his 'reputation' to do something. So-called "last blood" was just one lie they made up.

Same as the first one, the second possibility was also very low. Because he couldn't think of any benefits that they could get from it.

Throwing away the cigarette and letting out the last smoke from his mouth, looking at the endless dark sky, Chu Yunsheng suddenly detected the smell of extreme danger.