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Chapter 456 Shock

 This was an aircraft that Chu Yunsheng had never seen before. The two ends of the aircraft were flat and the middle was bulging. It was about 30 meters long and seven or eight meters high. It was like a shuttle. There were two thrusters that were jetting the light blue light underneath the aircraft. One was running normally, the other one was fuming with smoke.

After Chu Yunsheng adjusted his clothes, he walked back into the camp and found a rock to sit while carrying on looking at the suddenly appeared aircraft in secret.

At this time, in the middle of nowhere, suddenly appeared a strange aircraft? It definitely wasn't normal.

But looking at the aircraft's situation, it didn't look like they were here for the village. According to the description of lower forces that was given by village chief Gao, the village was not qualified to receive such 'treatment'. In terms of he himself, it was even more impossible.

He just came back alive less than 4 days. With his appearance right now, he did not think anyone would recognize him. Dark might still be able to, after all, they had the same life force. Although the monster seal talisman was already broken, there was something between them that could not be destroyed.

Having thought of this, there was only one possibility left. It was that this time it might really be a coincidence.

The shuttle-shaped aircraft approached the valley in a twinkling of an eye. The thrusters below were jetting blue light and heatwaves, but the sound that made by those thrusters were not very loud. It indicated their advanced technological strength.

The reaction of the villagers to the appearance of the aircraft was outside Chu Yunsheng's expectation. Based on how they reacted to the black-cloaked men, they should have fled in panic. However, the result was not as he speculated. All the villagers fell on their knees and with their heads touched the ground.

"Elderly Chu, on your knees, quick, they are The Celestial Beings!" said one of the villagers who had talked to Chu Yunsheng for a few times. He quickly grabbed the corner of Chu Yunsheng's clothing and kindly reminded him.

Of course, Chu Yunsheng would not kneel. He was extremely disgusted by this type of behavior. To him, even if the real god was here, he would not kneel. Let alone a strange aircraft.

So he just sat there unfazed while carrying on examining the shuttle-shaped aircraft.

Soon, the aircraft was forced to land on the open area near their camp. It made the ground shook for a second when it touched the ground. It seemed like the aircraft was quite heavy. Perhaps it was loaded with a lot of heavy weapons.

Chu Yunsheng glanced around the group of villagers that were on their knees and secretly took out a few offensive talismans.

Later on, no matter what kind of people walked out from that aircraft, as long as they did not create any troubles for him, he was not interested to have any conflicts with them.

As soon as the aircraft landed, a row of light was quickly switched on on the side of the aircraft, it instantly made the light of campfires in the villager's camp looked like some small torchlight. The contrast between the modern civilization and the "primitive civilization" was extremely obvious at this moment.

Soon, a door was slowly opened on the aircraft. The first group of people who came down the aircraft was a group of people who dressed in uniform. All of them were holding a gun-like weapon in their hand. As soon as they touched the ground, they quickly spread out to guard the area.

After the guards checked that there were no dangers around, at the door of the ship that just opened, appeared two females. One female had a shoulder-length hair and dressed in elegant clothing, walking out of the aircraft in a graceful manner; while the other one had an ear-length hair with white skin and sharp eyes, dressed in a uniform that was obviously different from others, and there was a silver-grey pistol-like weapon at her waist.

Both of them left the aircraft one by one and stepped on the cold ground in the valley. They looked at the people who knelt on the ground, without any reactions. They also did not look at Chu Yunsheng more than a second.

Chu Yunsheng was sitting on a rock in the crowd. In fact, his height was almost the same as the group of people that were on their knees, so it was not very noticeable.

And lastly, from the aircraft, walked out a young and very handsome officer-like man. Compared to Chu Yunsheng's appearance at the moment, it was like the difference between the white cloud and the dirty mud.

Chu Yunsheng did not have much reaction, but the villagers were amazed by what they saw. Leaving aside the extraordinary youthful appearance, advanced aircraft, even if it was just the piece of clothing they were wearing, in their world, only The Celestial Beings could dress like that.

But their respectful kneeling did not gain much attention from the "celestial beings". At most, it was just a glance from them. When the handsome officer came down, the aircraft made a buzzing sound and then an invisible hemispheric shielding field immediately covered a small area with the aircraft in its center.

Then, the actions of the people that were in the semicircle were still visible, but the sounds that they made could not be heard at all. It was clearly an type of energy field was able to shield the air vibration.

Seeing the people who were wearing the gorgeous and noble clothing were talking, but couldn't hear anything they were saying, it shocked villagers again. Apart from God, who else could do this.

If it was still in the old days, Chu Yunsheng might not be able to hear anything. After all, this restriction was set in the three-dimensional space. So with Human's three-dimensional sensory system, he could not break this type of shield.

However, the lower dimensional rules do not apply to the higher dimensions. After the sixth nerve-like line was quenched repeatedly in the zero-dimensional space, it became very bright. Through this sixth nerve-like line, Chu Yunsheng could 'observe' them from a higher dimension. So the shield they had was useless to him.

"I do apologize for my negligence. It must have frightened you..." the young officer saluted the female and apologized.

"It's okay. It wasn't your fault." the female who was wearing the elegant dress smiled gracefully and said.

"I'll definitely fix the aircraft as soon as possible! Also, once the toxic gas is removed from the aircraft, please do return back to the cabin. Later on, I'll be dealing with those people outside the aircraft, in order to avoid exposing your whereabouts. I will be really damned if your exalted status is offended by the bloody scenes." the officer responded respectfully.

"No need, they are nothing but just a group of lowly ragtags. They won't expose anything. It is very stuffy in the aircraft, I also need some fresh air." the female with a shoulder-length hair suddenly frowned and said.

The Young officer seemed to be in a dilemma, the expressions on his face changed several times, but eventually, he still did not dare to go against her will. After another salute and a few caring words, he left them and went below the thrusters to command the emergency repairs.

After he left, both women walked toward the other side.

"Sister, I think he likes you. Since you boarded the ship, his eyes never leave you." after there was no one around them, two women began to have chitchat, but they did not expect that Chu Yunsheng would be able to hear it.

"Since when the ice beauty also like to gossip?" the longer-haired woman looked at the shorter-haired woman and said in a 'surprised' tone.

"This is not a gossip. If I were a man, I will also fall in love with you. Look at you, you have a matchless beauty and a kind heart..." The short-haired woman blinked her eyes said brightly.

"That is not a kind heart. It is just that my uncle has taught me not to forget our past since i was young...." the long-haired woman shook her head and said.

When the short-haired woman heard her talking about her uncle, a touch of tenderness flashed in her eyes. But she quickly hid it and cautiously said, "Sister, I heard that the lord used to call your sister. Is that true?"

Long-haired woman's eyebrows were always smeared with a touch of sadness, on her extremely beautiful face it was very obvious. Just like the short-haired woman said, it would always make men want to embrace her and to comfort her.

But when she heard someone mentioning his uncle's embarrassing past, a very rare smile began to appear on her face. "That was ages ago, at that time, uncle was still very young, he was just a kid. But he would still be embarrassed whenever he heard someone mentioning it."

Hearing what she said, the short-haired woman slowly started to lose her attention as if she was trying to imagine something. "I can't imagine that the serious and conscientious lord would have such an interesting time in the past." she could not help but said.

The long-haired woman looked at her companion in surprise. She seemed to notice something, but eventually, she did not say it out.

The short-haired woman quickly resumed her emotions and changed the topic. "Sister, I have heard that asshole came to annoy you again two days ago."

The long-haired woman's face slightly darkened, and the smile also disappeared from her face instantly. "Don't listen to the rumors. It was not that..."

The short-haired woman sneered coldly and said angrily, "Sister, you are still defending him. I saw it with my own eyes yesterday. That bastard... that asshole was trying to take advantage of you!"

The long-haired woman knitted her eyebrows and said softly, "You still can't manage your temper. Don't say bastard or asshole. If uncles heard it, You will be punished again."

"It was not like they have not done that before. Asshole is always an asshole, am I wrong? Why do I have to praise him? That scumbag has done so many bad things, but I don't know why all the uncles want to protect him. Every time when something happened, other people would be punished, but he would always get away." the short-haired woman knitted her brows and said.

The long-haired woman's brows were pressed even closer. She quickly interrupted her and said, "please, don't say that anymore, otherwise, you will really be in trouble."

The short-haired woman snorted coldly. "Is it just because he is the only blood of that person? So what! The way I see it is: A crooked stick will have a crooked shadow."

The long-haired woman instance changed her face. She immediately covered her mouth and said nervously. "You don't want your life anymore? How dare you say this?"

Chu Yunsheng was also shocked. He vaguely knew where they were from now. But since when he had a 'kid' in this world!?



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