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Chapter 455 anger

 In the cold wind, old, weak and sick people were quickly removed from the relocation team, under the cruel law of survival. In order to ensure the success of the relocation and the younger generation could live longer, these people were regarded as 'burdens' to them.

If there were no accidents, after the village chief Gao left them, those old, weak, and sick people would immediately be degraded and become savage. It would not take long before they die in the wild.

This was an extremely cruel decision. In Chu Yunsheng's worldview, such thing was absolutely unacceptable. If it was him, he would rather die helping his loved ones, than abandon his loved ones on the cold scorched land.

But in here, people just quietly followed such 'law of survival', even the village chief Gao also abandoned his disabled mother.

In fact, Chu Yunsheng soon learned that so-called 'savages' were actually the old, sick or weak people that were abandoned, and because of the sword fortress's ruthless oppression, this type of relocation happened very often.

Looking at the people were forced to leave their home, Chu Yunsheng's dead heart became slightly angry. It was not that he suddenly became a saint or he wanted to save those people, it was that when he saw the cloaked men's flame swords, he could vaguely see the trace of Yao Xiang.

The broadswords they were using was different to the sword that the cloaked man from the fire race used. It was exactly the same as the sword he made for Yao Xiang, even the flame that unleashed by the sword was also very similar.

He was not a type of person who liked to help people, neither was he a type of person that like to bully and oppress other people. Even when he was the most powerful man in Jin Ling, he hadn't abused his power once.

He did not think that a few pieces of papers would save millions of people from this miserable world, and also because he couldn't save anyone, he didn't hold out any hope that other people would use those papers to save the world. But he could never imagine that people would use the methods that he gave to then to oppress and slaughter their own kind!?

If they were really doing this, then what was the difference between them and aliens?

Standing at the entrance of the village, gazing coldly into the dark sky above him, Chu Yunsheng thought. Maybe Jin Ling city was no longer the city he was familiar with, and the people he knew had already changed.

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to carry on thinking. The fate and reality were always very cruel to him. He didn't think that they would change just because of his thoughts. He even wondered that why he still lived in this world? The people like him didn't belong to this world at all.

Turning around, Chu Yunsheng walked towards the eldest kid of Yu family slowly. He picked up the senile-looking girl from the boy's back and hold her in his arms.

The boy didn't stop Chu Yunsheng. His reticent eyes were filled with the tenacity and the persistent, that was not supposed to exist in his age. At that moment, Chu Yunsheng seemed to see the trace of himself from that boy.

Because of the little girl, Chu Yunsheng spent the past three days with her family. With such a simple family, it wasn't hard for Chu Yunsheng to know everything that happened to them.

The back of the boy's father had been ruined by the extreme pressure, he could barely protect himself. Without the proper treatment and nutrition, the boy's mother was extremely feeble after she gave birth to four kids.

The second kid of the family, which was the elder daughter, gave her whole life away for the family. The boy's younger brother, which was the third kid of the family, was still very young, he was not able to provide enough food for the entire family. The fourth kid, which was the younger daughter, was originally going to have the same fate as her elder sister. But she was lucky because Chu Yunsheng woke up early. And lastly, there was an infant who needs to be fed daily.

With this kind of family, even if it was Chu Yunsheng, he would also feel hopeless. However, the oldest kid just silently took over his father's job and worked endlessly for his entire family.

However, despite the body had a strong will, he had a flimsy heart. Since Chu Yunsheng brought back the fourth kid, the boy always avoided having eye contact with his younger sister. In the past three days, he went out earlier than before, and came home later than usual, working twice harder than before just wanting to avoid the guilt inside his mind.

It was later on when Chu Yunsheng learned from his younger brother, that at that night when they needed to draw lots, the eldest kid said that he didn't 'want' to go to the forbidden land...

But when the village Gao announced the list of people that they needed to be abandoned, the body stubbornly carried his sister who was treated as a monster by other people, and told the village chief that he could still catch up with the group even if he carried his sister with him.

At that moment, Chu Yunsheng understood how difficult it was for the boy to say that he didn't want to go. His responsibility was not any lighter than Chu Yunsheng used to have.

Having thought of this, Chu Yunsheng let out a long sigh and shifted his attention away from the boy.

The senile-looking little girl was extremely nervous in his arms. Her eyes were always filled with nervousness and a strong sense of inferiority, as if she was a lowly little mouse that was scared to come out of the darkness.

She didn't dare to look at other people, nor did she dare to talk to other people. The god or in this case Chu Yunsheng had taken her hope and her entire life away from her, making her life have to depend on others.

"I will heal you. What I have stolen from you, I will pay you back double." Chu Yunsheng stroked the girl's withered little hand and whispered into one of her ears apologetically.

The girl's stooped body suddenly shivered, she glanced at Chu Yunsheng in confusion and quickly looked away in panic.


The relocation plan was surprisingly smooth, perhaps it was because of the monster's rampage that happened three days ago, the black-cloaked men of the sword fortress did not show up again, many monsters also disappeared from the forest, on the way to their first destination, they discovered the bodies of many types of monsters.

Chu Yunsheng recognized some of them. They were the insects from the spore forest, but he still did not recognize most of them. What was more strange was that apart from the place where he woke up, he did not see any bodies of the insect that was from the creep area.

It was supposed to be a good thing, but he did not know why he did not feel happy at all. Instead, he was slightly worried. Maybe, it was because of Dark...

Without the monster seal talisman, he could not tell if Dark was still alive or not. But if it was still alive, where would it be right now? If it was not....

Different from Chu Yunsheng, the village chief Gao was extremely excited. Because on the way they had gathered many monster's bodies. It was so many that they even began to select and take only the best meat with them.

The eldest kid of Elder Yu family had borrowed the rusty sword from Chu Yunsheng. Although it was broken, it was much sharper than the other tools that the other villagers were using.

With Chu Yunsheng's sword, the boy had gathered a lot of food, it was even more than other adults had gathered in the village. If it was not that the village chief Gao was scared that the black-cloaked men might be following them, and urged people to hurry up collecting the food, the boy might be able to collect even more.

Chu Yunsheng also collected some of the meat. While other people were busy cutting up the bodies, he also stored some monster's bodies that seemed to have strong armor skin back into the storage talisman. Of course, he did it secretly. And with his ability to control the storage talisman now, it was not difficult for him at all.

Through a tall forest that was also destroyed by monsters, and a small section of a mountain road, they eventually arrived in a valley without any dangers before the dark. This place was the village chief Gao's first destination. And they successfully set up a temporary camp here.

Originally Chu Yunsheng wanted to spend some time to talk to the young man who brought the piece of cultivation methods back to the village. However, the young man was very wary of him. No matter how Chu Yunsheng asked him, he did not say a single word to him.


In the middle of the night, Chu Yunsheng woke up from the cold wind and went around behind a big stone to pee. But when he came back, he immediately noticed something in the sky that was far away from him.

In the darkness, an aircraft that was fuming a thick smoke swaying in the air while moving quickly toward the camp that the villagers temporary set up.

It was an emergency landing!