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Chapter 454 the great monsters rampage

 Underneath the broken mountain peak, villagers dispersed in all directions in panic. Some parents even lost their kids while running in panic.

The village chief Gao was also completely stunned. As the chief of this group of lowly people and one of the only few people that were slightly knowledgeable in the village, when he saw the cloaked men that equipped with flame swords starting to surround the village, he knew that today was the village's last day.

Other people might not know about how powerful those people were, but he knew. Three years ago, a small head of the Sword Fortress took a fancy to a young girl who lived in a quite big village. The young chief of that village was deluded by the size of their village, not only did the young chief not listen to the elder generations' advice but he also refused to hand over the girl. His behavior enraged the Sword Fortress. And less than one day, the entire village was wiped out form this world.

From then on, all the younger generation leaders of the villages on the scorched earth, all bowed their heads down in fear whenever they heard of the name- The Sword Fortress.

In fact, what many people that lived in the village did not know was that in the social class hierarchy that designed by the rulers of upper-class, 'Village' had its place. It was called 'the place of ragtags'. Apart from the savages who lived in the wild, the people who lived in villages were the lowest people in the class hierarchy.

Resisting was useless, no matter how many people they had!

"Is this how this village is going to end?!" the village chief Gao murmured. At the same time, the hatred toward the second kid of the Fang family also began to grow inside him.

The black cloaked men were still running fast trying to surround the village. The villagers were still screaming in fear while trying to find a place to hide. But there was one person, who was standing at the entrance of the village while having a kid in his arms. He didn't move. He just stood there and glared into the darkness coldly.

In the beginning, the black-cloaked men of the sword fortress thought that the man was too scared to move. They had seen too many people reacted the same way when they showed up in the past. So they didn't pay attention to it.

Because of that order, they had been on the road for three days. Everyone was filled with irritations and dissatisfactions. And the only way to vent it out was to take it out on those people.

But just when they ran towards into the entrance of the village in a threatening manner, a rusty broken sword suddenly flew towards them at stub into the ground before the first black-cloaked man.

"Anyone dares to walk past this sword, die!"

Cold words were said a word by word by the old man who was holding a kid emotionlessly.

The first cloaked man was first dazed by the unexpected ice-cold voice, he instinctively stopped for a second. But when he realised that it was just a senile old man, he instantly felt humiliated. He was extremely angry and wanted to kill the old man right on the spot.

However, in the next second, his face instantly turned pale. All his companions who followed closely behind him were shocked.

As the tattered clothing that the senile old man who was standing in front of them dressed began to float and flap rapidly in the air, energy fluctuations began to appear around the old man and it was increasing in an incredible speed.

Yuan Tian stage one, Yuan Tian stage two! Yuan Tian stage two sub-stage one, sub-stage two... sub-stage five! And it was still increasing!

More and more black cloaked men began to gather behind the sword, but none of them dared to walk past the sword. There was a cloaked man who just joined the team no long ago couldn't even stop his body from shaking in fear.

Yuan Tian stage three!

No one expected that there would be a Yuan Tian stage three master in such a lowly village. The 'simple' mission about chasing a traitor suddenly became very complicated.

The captain Jia, the captain Yi, and the captain Bing, all arrived. But still, none of them dared to cross the rusty sword.

However, they also couldn't retreat. If they went back without complete this mission, they would be considered as deserters. They would be executed.

Eventually, Chu Yunsheng stopped releasing his Yuan Qi energy outside. He slightly adjusted the girl's position in his arms preventing her from falling down from his arms, and then turned around and walked back into the village.

Today was the first day he came back alive. He didn't want to kill anyone. He wanted to spend a peaceful day with those people.

Moreover, he could clearly feel that there were two other people who had the strength of Zhong Fu aliens, were hiding in the dark.

Although he was not scared of them, he didn't want to fight anyone today. He just hoped that he would scare them away.

Three Captains were hesitant while looking at Chu Yunsheng's back. It was at this moment, a deep voice suddenly appeared in the communication device that was in the hand of that Captain Yi woman.

"Retreat! You all are no match for him. The mission is terminated!"

The Captain Yi woman glanced around nervously. Hearing the termination message didn't make her feel relieved at all.

The communication channel was encrypted, apart from the Captain Jia's device which was broken now, only she and the captain Bing was able to use the channel. She didn't expect that there were other people using the same channel.

Her heart instantly skipped a beat, and she began to break into a cold sweat. The people from the top really treated this mission very seriously. They even secretly send people to watch them in the dark.

Thinking about how she originally wanted to take a look what the traitor took, her body just couldn't stop shaking. That was not the consequence she wanted to take.

"Let's go!"

The captain Yi forced herself to calm down and said using her shaking voice.

The other cloaked men who were in a dilemma earlier immediately began to retreat. The speed they disappeared from the villagers' sights was much faster than the speed they had when they were surrounding the village.

No one knew what happened, even the village chief Gao who saw the whole thing still couldn't figure out how Chu Yunsheng could scare away the cloaked men that from the Sword Fortress.

However, their bad luck has not come to the end. After the black fog disappeared from the forbidden land, no one knows why, that many monsters began to flock into the area that was originally the forbidden land. All the villagers could feel the ground was shaken constantly under the monster's powerful footsteps.

The great monster's rampage lasted for three days. All kinds of monsters from every corner of the forest and the further places all rushed into the forest and joined the rampage. The monster's terrifying roars did not stop a single second. It made all the villagers who lived under the broken mountain peak shake in fear for the entire three days.

Three days later, Chu Yunsheng returned the girl back to their parents. The young man who caused the Sword fortress to surround the village also woke up.

Looking at the bloodstained papers that the village chief passed to him, and hearing the chief asking him if he knew anything about it, Chu Yunsheng let out another sigh. He didn't expect that the papers he gave Edgar would cause such a mess.

While he was trapped in that space, what exactly happened? And how many years had passed?

No one could tell him, even the most knowledgeable village chief also couldn't tell him anything.

Chu Yunsheng faintly felt that this place might be the yellow mountain area that he had been to. Although the environment had changed a lot, he still found this place very familiar.

However, who would bring him back here from the Ocean?

'Is it Dark? Is it still alive?'

Looking at the desolate world outside the village, Chu Yunsheng's thoughts slowly drifted away while the tip of his clothing was slowly flapping in the cold breeze.

After the great monster's rampage, the forest was completely ruined. The village chief Gao decided that they need to relocate to other places that were far away from here. The sword fortress might come back at any time. They couldn't defeat them at all. So they needed to escape from this place.

However, looking at the map that village chief Gao took out, Chu Yunsheng was speechless. It was not a map at all. It was just a piece of paper with some round lines and some notes.

It was only until that moment did he finally realised that when they say far away, how far could they go?

Their world was very simple. Food, monsters, scorched land, and their ruler-Sword Fortress were the only things that they talked every day. Many people even showed the confused face when seeing Chu Yunsheng smoking.

But despite that, Chu Yunsheng still decided to follow them. One of the reason was that he was still scared of being alone, the second reason was that he felt like this thing was started by him, so he had the responsibility to end it.

Moreover, when he saw the senile appearance of the little girl's older sister, he knew that there was one more thing he needed to do before he leaves the village.