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Chapter 453 traitor

 That four meters high two-legged monster didn't even have time to scream, both of its eyes instantly lost their lusters, and as if all of its life force was sucked dry, it fell down and died half of a meter away from Chu Yunsheng.

Instant kill!

Everything happened within a split second. Despite the village chief's eyes were wide open, he still didn't know what happened, because the Human eyes have limits. But the small cloud of black fog that slowly floated from the forbidden land towards the monster in the next moment, gave the village chief some idea what had happened.

To the middle-aged village chief's knowledge, the black fog was more deadly than anything, and it was not impossible for it to take the life of such a fierce monster in an instant.

But he still didn't understand that why Chu Yunsheng was not scared. Especially after the black fog killed the monster, he didn't even look at the body once. He just slowly limped out of the forest with Elder Yu's kid.

'How can there be such a person living in the village that was 20 kilometers away from them! ?' the chief thought.

Although he still couldn't figure out, he didn't dare to stay here any longer. Who knows what kind of monster they would encounter later on, let alone that the gradually dissipated black fog was also extremely dangerous to him.

So he quickly gathered everyone together once again, and hurriedly left the place. Of course, they didn't leave the body of the monster that just died.


In the village that below the broken mountain peak, two groups of people quietly arrived at a secret dried ravine one by one.

"Are you sure this is the place?" said one of the cloaked person in the second group. At the same time, it quickly got to the higher ground on the side, and gazed into the passage that was in front of them.

"It can't be wrong, Yi Zhang (TL: Captain Yi). Even if that punk is burned into ashes, my men are still able to trace him through the use of their wind controlling ability..." the leader of the first group's face was hid under the cloak, but his tone was filled with respect.

"Then, what are you waiting for? He escaped under your watch, and he was attacked by me once, so he is most likely heavily injured!" Captain Yi didn't seem to be happy about the person's arrangement at all. Her tone was filled with sarcasm.

"Captain Yi, you are sent down here by the people from the top, you don't know the complexity of the people's lifestyle at the bottom. People who live in this kind of colony would usually go out to search for food at this time. They would only return back to their colony at night time. The order that we received from the top is to eliminate everyone, so..." the leader of the first group had clearly sensed the sarcasm in the woman's tone. But he didn't dare to get angry. Instead, he explained respectfully.

Speaking of Captain Yi who was unexpectedly assigned to assist this operation, the first group leader had heard some rumors about her. It was said that her talent was accidentally discovered by a big influential figure while the big influential figure was on an inspection tour. And the big influential seemed to a sign of wanting to train her.

That influential figure's request was not something that he would want to treat it lightly with. With that influential figure's power, killing him and wiping his entire family out of this world was just as easy as saying a word. Many people said that that influential figure was once the follower of that legendary man. Although no one knew if that legend was real or not.

But he didn't want to take that risk. Even if it was just a rumor, he would want to treat it carefully and seriously.

"Hmm..." the woman frowned and looked at the broken mountain peak. "You are right. I didn't think it through." the woman nodded her head and said.

"With your intelligence, you will grasp it very quickly. This is just a small thing." Captain Jia didn't dare to show any sign of arrogance. Instead, he complimented the woman.

The woman let out a dried laugh and stopped talking. She turned around, leaned against the dried ravine and closed her eyes to take a short break.

They had been chasing the traitor for three days. They didn't even have time to take a break. Although she was tired, she was more concerned about the order. If she couldn't complete it. She could not imagine the disappointment and the anger of the people that were from the top.

After a while, the third group that was also in the black cloak also appeared in the ravine and met up with the other two groups.

"They are back!" Before the third group was able to take a break, Captain Jia suddenly said sternly.


Chu Yunsheng didn't recognize the road, so he stopped and waited until the village chief to walk past him. The girl in his arms had already woken up, but since he already learned that his appearance was very scary, he didn't want to speak to the girl to make her anxious.

Despite that, the girl's body still became extremely stiff as soon as she discovered that the 'monster' was holding her. Although she knew that all the adults and kids from her village were near her, she still closed her eyes tightly didn't dare to look at Chu Yunsheng. Every skinny muscle in her body clenched with anxiety as Chu Yunsheng limped slowly.

With the strength of Yuan Tian stage three, Chu Yunsheng saw a huge collapsed mountain peak that no one knows how many years it had been there, when he was still far away from it. The collapsed mountain peak was leaning slantingly against a small hill next to it. The gap under the upside-down mountain peak provided a natural shelter from the rain.

With the nearly primitive dresses and weapons that this group of people had, and if it wasn't that Chu Yunsheng noticed the rugged clothing that the village chief dressed was from the Age of Light, he almost thought that he had returned to the prehistoric times.

Raising his head and looking at the sky, although it still looked as murky as before, Chu Yunsheng could sense a faint of difference...

"Elderly, how may we address you?" seeing the village was in sight, the village chief couldn't help asking the old man who was following them since the beginning. It was not that he didn't want to stop the old man following, he didn't dare to slow down at all, especially when they still had the monster's bodies with them.

"My name... sigh, the old me died a long time ago, the new me just came back alive, but I can't throw away my surname, just call me Elderly Chu." looking at the village chief's concerned face, Chu Yunsheng let out a sigh and said dejectedly. The faint warm feeling slowly disappeared. 'Maybe no one in this world would understand the pains and suffers that he had when he was trapped in that space.'

After failing to match anyone in his memory, the village chief asked again. "Elderly Chu, my surname is Gao, I am the chief of that village. Are you from this area? Do you still have anyone in your family?"

"Hehe, they all left..." he replied with sorrow.

The village chief Gao still wanted to ask him something, but he was immediately interrupted by a young man who hurriedly ran towards them front the village.

"What's wrong San Mao?" The village chief Gao immediately grabbed the young man's arm and asked.

"It's the second... second elder son of uncle Fang... he... he is back..." the young man said breathlessly.

"Phew, I thought it was something bad happened. So, it was that kid... That kid has left the village for several years, I thought he died already." the village chief Gao left out a sigh of relief and said. "That kid even has the audacity to come back, his mother almost cried her eyes blind because she hasn't heard of any news from him for years..." the chief murmured quietly as he turned around. He still remembered that kid - a young man who was ignorant of the world around him, and wanted to seek his future outside the village.

"Chief, please hurry up. It is very bad. When Er Ge came back, he was covered with blood. He is still in the coma now. But before he passed out, he said something like 'they are coming!' because you were not there, so we didn't know what to do..." San Mao said hurriedly.

"That little turtle's egg only knows how to cause troubles for me!" the village chief Gao frowned and said angrily.

When they were about to arrive at the entrance of the village, Chu Yunsheng casually glanced at a place that far away from him. Over there, a faint of energy fluctuation didn't escape his fourth-dimensional cognitive sense.

Although his physical body was running on its last legs, the sixth nerve-like line in that unknown space was glowing brightly after it was quenched several years repeatedly. Plus the additional ability provided by his cultivation method, he was even more sensitive about the energy fluctuation in the fourth dimension.

Not only that, during the fourth and the fifth mind-torturing stages, the seventh nerve-like line also appeared. It was that seventh nerve-like line gave him the ability to control the only nail that had its owner's life force information removed from it. In terms of the rest of the nails, although, they were no longer fighting the ancient book, their life force information couldn't be removed.

Although Chu Yunsheng had the ability to control the nail, it was not easy for him to do that. After all, that nail was not his primary weapon. Despite, he killed that two-legged flame monster using the nail, the seventh nerve-like line also turned dark.

But it brought Chu Yunsheng another thing he wanted. It was life force.

To Chu Yunsheng, a monster's life force was not a lot. Especially that the black vortex also needed to refine and filter out most of the life force that the nail took from the monster.

But even with just a little bit of the Life force, it still helped Chu Yunsheng's current situation a lot. At least, his bones were no longer making the cracking sounds as he moved.

Just when he was about to walk into the village with the rest of people, through the hazy light, he suddenly noticed that many shadows began to quickly spread out the scorched land and surrounded the entire village.

While they were running, the fiery swords they were holding left many trails of lights in the dark as if a fiery net suddenly cast onto the village.

Chu Yunsheng's pupils suddenly constructed, as if he was trying to remember something.

'Broadsword.... Flame blades... Have not seen them for a very long time...'


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