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Chapter 452 I dont want to see blood today

 "Little... girl... don't be afraid. I'm not a monster." Chu Yunsheng sat up slowly. Only after a while did he finally felt that he regained the control of his body. He slowly reached out his hands wanting to pacify the first living person he saw after opening his eyes.

The bones that no one knew for how many years that they hadn't moved, were like rusty metals making cracking sound as Chu Yunsheng moved. Underneath small pieces of broken armor that were in the gaps between the fingers that Chu Yunsheng reached out, was covered with long white hairs. It was like a mouldy bread surface.

But the most terrifying thing was not that, it was on his five fingertips. All of them had extremely long and sharp long nails as if he was a zombie.

The little girl had never seen such a terrifying "monster" before. She screamed loudly, kicked of her weak and thin legs, wanting to run away desperately. She was feared that she would be pinched by Chu Yunsheng's "zombie" nails.

Maybe his body hadn't been moved for a very long time, or maybe his consciousness just came out of that unknown space, his reaction was very slow. He could only see the little girl ran past him in panic, before he was able to pull her back. However, the girl was too scared, she was tripped over again and fall down on the ground. Her head began to bleed.

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows and pointed Qian Bi sword against the ground. After letting out a short grunt, he slowly stood up, and carefully attempted to make the first step.

Crack... crack...

As if a dried wooden stick was suddenly broken, Chu Yunsheng suddenly fell forward and tumbled towards the girl.

"Ah... get away from me..." seeing the monster behind her began to 'chase' her, the little girl ignored the pain on her forehead and constantly kicked her little legs while slowly moving backward. She was clearly terrified.


Chu Yunsheng converged all the remaining energy that he barely had in his body into his arm, and forcibly inserted a Qian Bi sword into the back armor of a sea monster's body, forcing his forward inertial movement to stop. In the end, he stopped at a place less than half a meter away from the little girl.

But the collision made his body which was just recovered slightly, constantly making seemingly painful cracking sounds, as if it would be splintered into pieces even if someone touched it lightly.

"Do... not worry, uncle... uncle is not a monster..." Chu Yunsheng took a breath and said. He also deactivated his armor to reveal his human face.

Chu Yunsheng wanted to calm the girl down by giving the girl a 'friendly' smile. However, he forgot that with his current appearance, no matter how he smiled, he still looked like a zombie.

The little girl was instantly scared into having her body shaking uncontrollably. She desperately wanted to escape from the monster's hands by using both her hands and legs,

She was too scared, she didn't even notice the danger behind her. Before Chu Yunsheng was able to shout, she began to tumble downwards.

After a few seconds, all Chu Yunsheng could hear was a quiet banging sound, then he saw the girl passed out on the lower ground not far from him.

Chu Yunsheng let out a long sigh and thought. Once again, his good intention end up being harmful...

At the moment, Chu Yunsheng had no strength to move his body. He could only take out an absorption talisman from the storage talisman, using the fastest speed to restore his energy. His body was really on its last legs now. He didn't think that he would be able to walk out of this pile of bodies without the help of Yuan Qi energy.

Fortunately, the Ju Yuan Talisman (TL: energy gathering talisman) that he cast on his body a long time ago was still working weakly. Otherwise, without the resupply of energy, the storage Talisman would have exploded already. Not to mention that all the things inside would be lost.

After a moment, the eyes of Chu Yunsheng began to have some lively lusters. Although it was still cold and indifferent, it was no longer a pair of dead eyes like zombie's.

He slowly moved along the bodies of strange sea monsters, carefully walked towards the girl with his rigid body a step by step. He gently picked the girl up and simply handled her wounds with some of the things that he stored in the storage Talisman while he was Shen Cheng city.

The little girl was supposed to be very light. Especially when Chu Yunsheng saw how skinny she was. There was were just bones underneath her skin, no meat all.

But despite that, Chu Yunsheng still felt difficult to hold the girl in his arms. With the current situation of his body, he no longer looked like the world most powerful man who moved like a lightning bolt, instead, he was like an old man who was slowly fading away.


Before the chief of the village that was under the broken mountain peak had time to see the two bodies of monster that were pulled out closely, he heard kids shouting in panic in the black fog.

Then, he saw the first kid running out of the black fog.

The second, the third...

Soon almost all the kid ran out of the black fog in panic as if they had seen ghosts.

'its over!' his face instantly dropped.

The food they had was not going to be enough to support them to go through this winter. And the kids could only get into the black fog once! It was over!

"Chief, look! The third daughter of elder Wu's family!" A young man pointed at a girl who just ran out of the black fog and shouted in surprise.

As he shouted, from the deep inside the forest suddenly appeared a horrifying screech. Just when the chief was about to say something to the young man that just shouted, his eyes were suddenly wide open.

"Didn't get old!?"

"None of them get old!?"

"what happened???"

Everyone including the village chief all stood there in shock!

Before they were able to figure it out, from the black fog slowly walked out a strange figure and it was holding a kid in its arms.

The village chief was startled. He looked at Chu Yunsheng vigilantly. His first reaction was that the man in front of him must be the people from another village that was about 20 km from theirs.

Chu Yunsheng ignored those people. He who just walked out of the black fog felt heavy in his heart. On the way out earlier, in the black fog, he had seen many bodies of different types of monsters, there were even some Min's bodies as well, and all of Mins were in their final form! There were also many withered kid's bodies as well.

He had killed people before, and it was a lot of people. But apart from the people who were indirectly killed by him in Shu Du city, and the people who were controlled by the divine realm, he never once wanted to harm any kids, especially such young children.

Those kids were mostly young girls, and he knew exactly how they died- all of their life force was sucked dry by him.

He felt slightly heavy and guilty, but apart from that, he didn't feel anything. During the seemingly endless dark time that he spent inside the unknown space, his soul and his mind were already changed after they were repeatedly quenched in each one of the five mind torturing stages.

"It is elder Yu's kid!" the forest was filled with eerie green light, the visibility inside the forest was extremely low. But the people with sharp eyes still recognize the girl in Chu Yunsheng's arms.

Just when the village chief wanted to say something, from deep inside the forest appeared another ghost-like low-pitched screech. The face of the village chief changed instantly. Regardless whether Chu Yunsheng was their "old enemy" or not, he quickly asked his people to pack up their stuff and dragged the two monster's corpses and returned to the road that they came from with all the kids.

Originally Chu Yunsheng wanted to return to the girl to those people. But strangely, maybe he stayed in the unknown space for too long, a faint fear of being alone arising from deep inside his heart making him follow those people unconsciously.

Not only that, but more strangely was that, the little girl in his arms was the first human being he had seen and the first human being he had talked to after the years of loneliness. There was an indescribable feeling inside his mind that even he who had an indifferent soul also felt strange.

While he was following them, he really wanted to talk to them. He hasn't talked to anyone for a very long time. He almost forgot his own name.

But no one dared to approach him. Because he was as scary as a zombie. The kids would only want to stay away from him, and the adults all worried that he might be the enemy from the other village, so they didn't want to talk to him.

Despite that, he was satisfied with having one of the girls in his arms. At least, the one he had would not run away. It seemed like having her in his arms, he would not need to experience the same pain and the same loneliness again.

The group of people seemed to have run out of luck. The young man's shout seemed to have attracted something terrible in the forest. As soon as they got back on the same path that they used to get in, they heard another monster's excited screech. And this time, it was very close.

This time, not only the kids panicked, but the faces of all the adults also turned pale. Just when Chu Yunsheng wanted to ask what happened, a monster that was covered with flame leaped out of the woods and stood in front of them.

It was a monster that Chu Yunsheng had never seen before. It was three or four meters tall, stood with two of its legs, a pair of mantis-like claws were revealing the deadly gleam as it waved them in the air. Its main body was big and swollen. The ugly head that was on top of its fat body was dripping the saliva constantly while looking at the crowd as if it was looking at its food.

"Move back, quick, move!" The village chief seemed to have seen this monster before. Although he was also scared and shocked, he still immediately ordered his people to move back quickly.

No one dared to hesitate. All the adults were pulling the kids, using their fastest speed to run past Chu Yunsheng.

"Run!" The village chief hesitated for a second when he ran past Chu Yunsheng. But eventually, he still pulled Chu Yunsheng's arms and urged him to run.

The two legs monster that was covered with flame didn't seem to be worried that its food might run away at all. It was making short clicking noises as if it was laughing at them.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng didn't want to move, the village reached out his arms, wanting to grab the girl. But in the next second, Chu Yunsheng's cold glare, instantly made him stepped back instinctively.

Having failed to get back the girl, and seeing the monster began to move, the village chief gritted his teeth and started to run.

"I don't want to see blood today. Leave!" As soon as the village chief turned around, Chu Yunsheng said coldly to the monster using his indifferent voice.

The village chief couldn't help but turned around and looked at Chu Yunsheng in surprise. "Does this man have a problem with his head? Is he expecting a monster to understand what he just said?"

As the village chief expected, the monster let out a strange screech as if it was mocking Chu Yunsheng, and then opened its mouth wide wanting to bite off Chu Yunsheng's head.

Chu Yunsheng let out a quiet sigh. This was the first day he came back from the 'dark abyss', he really didn't want to kill any creatures, but....

Within a split second, a nail that was glowing the dazzling light suddenly shot towards the monster...