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Chapter 449 The war between Gods 3/3

 Chapter 449 The war between Gods (3/3)

The figure was talking while walking toward the book, the fight between the seven nails and the book seemed to have nothing to do with it.

Seeing it was getting closer and closer, Chu Yunsheng finally came back from the shock. Before he was able to come up with a solution, he suddenly heard the figure shouted excitedly again.

"It is Shén chǔ zhào shū!!! (TL: The edict of the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of God.) Am I dreaming!? How come this thing...!? This thing should only exist... if I got it, the Godhood... Godhood!... I...I..."

The man's voice was stuttering. It was so excited that it couldn't even speak properly

However, its excitement only lasted for a few seconds before it was replaced by rage, jealousy.

"Why!? It is just a lowly creature! It hasn't even fully evolved yet!"

"How can a lowly creature inherit your Godhood?! Inherit your Kingdom! This is the Godhood!"

"No! It must be a mistake!"

"Are you out of your mind? A lowly creature...!"


The figure was venting all its dissatisfaction and anger on the flying book pages. It couldn't tolerate that the sacred edict was marked with the information of this lowly creature's life force.

It was angry, jealous, confused and at the same time, refused to accept it.

"Since the Sovereign God has already fallen, then it is no longer up to you to decide who is going to inherit this edict!" It suddenly glared at Chu Yunsheng viciously and said.

Chu Yunsheng was still trying to process the information that he received while resisting the seven nail's strong suction force. At the same time, he also had to watch out for the figure who was currently trying to approach him.

The edict? The Crown Prince? Although he didn't know what the figure was talking about, from the tone of the figure, and the way it glared at him, he knew that the figure had a vicious intention.

So he immediately speeded up infusing his life force into the black vortex to increase its power.

"Little creature, no wonder why you have such powerful ability. Because of your lowly body, the Sovereign God specially compiled a book and even used the talisman technology to help you... but it is a shame that you still couldn't learn much... you are a truly lowly creature!"

The figure was approaching Chu Yunsheng closer and closer.

"Little creature, you are not qualified to have this thing. You're just a lowly creature from a small lower-class galaxy! Let me correct the Sovereign God's mistake!" It said coldly.

As soon as it finished, it arrived before Chu Yunsheng. Chu Yunsheng was startled and he was struggling very hard trying to move away from the figure. However, he couldn't move an inch.

"Little creature, even if I don't kill you, you will die eventually. The Seven Divine Nails were the primary weapon of the other Sovereign God. Although the edict is a very rare thing to see. But it is not mainly used in the attack. So unless you have something else, you will definitely die today! Since you are going to die either way. Why don't just give me your life force and just let me inherit the Godhood?!" The figure laughed evilly.

"Oh, The Energy of Destruction? Another good stuff that the Sovereign God gave to you. The sovereign god really treat you very well! But this thing still won't help you much..."

What it didn't know was that in Chu Yunsheng's memory, the black vortex had nothing to do with the senior practitioner. As soon as it finished talking it immediately tried to get into the black vortex.

Instantly, through the sixth nerve-like line, the information about the intrusion of a powerful life force spread across the entire unknown space. The small black vortex immediately began to spin uncontrollably.


"Huh? What happened!?" The figure was surprised after it discovered that it couldn't get into the unknown space.

Chu Yunsheng didn't care what it said. Although he didn't know what exactly the unknown space was, he knew that it was very important to him. So he just desperately tried to infuse all his life force into the black vortex to increase its power.

"This is not the Energy Of Destruction. What is this! What..." when the figure learned that it couldn't get out of the black vortex either, it was shocked.

It noticed that something was amiss, so it began to struggle violently. However, as if it was falling into quicksand, it sank deeper and deeper into the black vortex.

"Little creature, stop it! Otherwise, I'll kill you!" The figure shouted in horror. It finally began to panic.

Chu Yunsheng still ignored it. He was constantly using his life force to increase the black vortex's power.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng didn't respond to him, the shadow couldn't hold it anymore. It began to beg with a shaking voice.

"Little creature, oh no... I mean the Crown Prince... I surrender, please forgive me. I'll help you to claim the throne!"

"You are currently in a very dangerous situation. The Edict can't defeat the Seven Divine Nails. Only I can help you. Let me go, I'll help you..."

"Moreover, you're currently just a lowly creature, if you want to inherit the Godhood, do you know how many people will be against this? Anyone of them can easily kill you. But if you have me..."

"Listen to me, if I returned back to my position, no one can cause you any harm. You will..."

"Why are you not talking!... Do you not believe me?"


If the figure was talking to other aliens, then it might be able to successfully persuade them or even fool them. However, it didn't know that it was talking to a person that didn't believe whatever aliens say at all, not to mention that he didn't understand what the figure was saying.

"If you kill me, you will regret it!" The figure suddenly screamed out loud, then, the place fell into dead silence.

Perhaps the figure was completely dissolved by the black vortex, soon after the place fell silent, many thin streaks of life force were slowly sucked into Chu Yunsheng's unknown space again.

In the beginning, it was still very slow, but as time passed, the thin streaks of life force gradually became a river and it was pouring violently into Chu Yunsheng's unknown space. It didn't take very long to restore the life force that Chu Yunsheng used to increase the power of the black vortex, and then, Chu Yunsheng's life force was enriched again.

It was like that for a very long time. In this monotonous world, the figure's life force was eventually sucked empty. Apart from the ancient book and the divine nails were still fighting each other, it was very quiet.

However, Chu Yunsheng was not relieved. As the figure said, the book began to show a clear sign of losing. The light emitted by the book pages was gradually pushed back by the light that radiated by the seven nails.

He had to find a way to solve this. Otherwise, once the book lost, he would definitely die just like what the figure said.

But what could he possibly do to change the situation?

When Chu Yunsheng thought about what the figure said about 'The primary weapon', he suddenly remembered the ancient bow that the senior practitioner used.

'Is that bow the primary weapon of senior practitioner'?' Chu Yunsheng wondered. At the same time, he quickly tried to locate the storage talisman through the sixth nerve-like line that was still glowing.

Although it took him a very long time, eventually he brought the ancient bow into the fourth-dimensional battlefield from the storage talisman.

However, what disappointed Chu Yunsheng was, that despite the bow finally came into the fourth-dimensional battlefield, it didn't attack the seven nails or had any signs of wanting to help the book at all. It clearly was not the senior practitioner's primary weapon!

But it was still better than nothing. It was the only weapon that he could use in this place. At least, it was also a weapon that the senior practitioner used before.

Having realised that he didn't have any hands or legs to pull the string, Chu Yunsheng quickly came up another idea. With the black vortex's strong suction ability, it was able to pull the string of the bow and unleash the arrow of light.


The first arrow flew right off the bow and shot towards one of the seven nails.

But the result was very disappointing, it didn't even cause a scratch on the nails.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't give up. He believed that if he carried on attacking the nails, it would eventually help the situation. Even water drops could also do damage to rocks, so could he.

The second arrow, the third arrow...

With his strong willpower and endurance, Chu Yunsheng was tirelessly shooting the arrows one after another to change the situation of the battle between the ancient book and the bow.

Using the black vortex to pull the string of the ancient bow required Chu Yunsheng's life force, plus he also needed it to withstand the seven nails' force, so his originally rich life force was once again reducing slowly.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know how long it had passed, but gradually, he learned something new again. He learned that if he unleashed his arrow every time before the book unleashed its light, it would eventually help the book's light to reduce the power of the light that came from the seven nails.

The arrow couldn't completely reduce the light that radiated by the seven nails, but with Chu Yunsheng's constantly disruptions, eventually, the book, the seven nails and Chu Yunsheng maintained a very subtle balance.


In this subtle balance, the light that came from the seven nails could not make any progress, and the book also could not defeat the seven nails, but the time in the place was still moving forward non-stop...

Chu Yunsheng began to feel numb, he repeatedly pulled the string, aimed the bow, and unleashed the arrow like a robot...

He kept repeating the same action again and again as if there was no end....

Days after days, years after years, the world outside the space had already changed but he was still doing the same thing....


However, what Chu Yunsheng also didn't know was that while he was trapped in this place and isolated from the rest of the world.

Dark's earth-shattering angry roars resounded on Earth many times...

"My master! Said! Aliens die!"

Every time when the angry roar appeared, it would bring a bloody battle, and every time when the roar appeared, countless lives would be trembling in fears...


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