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Chapter 448 The war between Gods 2/3

 Chapter 448 The war between Gods (2/3)

It was at this moment, Dark finally talked. "I am scared..."

Chu Yunsheng smiled weakly. "Your ability has surpassed all other ordinary Mins, besides, you have already gained consciousness, you can decide many things on your own, you don't need to be scared..."

"No, you are my master, you created me." Dark suddenly said.

Chu Yunsheng let out a sigh. "I didn't create you... you are you, you are free... in fact, I wanted to speak you a long time ago, but..."

He then suddenly infused his energy into the monster seal talisman to destroy it.

"In fact, I already know that the monster seal talisman could no longer control you back in Zhiwu forest. You just pretend that I still have control over you." he carried on.

As if its biggest secret was suddenly exposed, Dark began to panic.

Chu Yunsheng closed his eyes and said weakly. "While you were still sleeping, I have told my brother who was like you exactly the same thing. Having consciousness may not be a good thing. This is why I hesitated to talk to you and avoided talking to you... I know that I am a selfish man... But you are no longer a creature without any consciousness. No one can..."

"No, You are the meaning of my existence!" Dark interrupted Chu Yunsheng. It was scared of what Chu Yunsheng going to say next.

"Sigh... Fine, if you want to look it that way, then complete this last mission for me. As I said. I am a selfish man. Originally I want you to deliver those cultivation methods. But your identity is a problem... so I gave it to Edgar.

But time would change a person easily. Although I trust Edgar now, he will also be changed by time. Watch him in the dark for me. If... if he didn't do as he promised, then..."

Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath and said in difficulty. "Then kill him! Don't let those methods fall into the hands of those aliens."

Dark didn't say a single word as if it didn't hear what Chu Yunsheng said. It just stood there not moving stubbornly.

Chu Yunsheng shook his head weakly and sighed again. "Hehe, this stubbornness is a lot like me... just try to live well!"

Chu Yunsheng used all his remaining strength to pull out of the ancient bow and pulled the string against Dark's armor. Before Dark reacted, he let go of the string and shot Dark out of the Island.

"No! Don't abandon me, I am scared...." Dark completely lost its composure. It shouted in panic like a kid.

However, Chu Yunsheng could no longer hear it. When both the seven nails and the book completed the reconstruction of their battlefield, the violent power even came out of that unknown place and destroyed anything that was within several hundred meters of him. Soon he slowly sank into the ocean.


Chu Yunsheng once again entered that unknown space. He could no longer see, feel and touch the outside world. Apart from the sixth nerve-like line that was still glowing in dim red light, the rest of the five lines all stopped glowing.

Through the only glowing line and the small black vortex that still wasn't powerful enough, the strong suction that came from the six nails once again pulled Chu Yunsheng out of the unknown space and pulled him into the fourth-dimensional battlefield.

At the moment, he felt like his consciousness and the unknown space was actually one entity. He felt like he was the unknown space and the unknown space was him. And he was like a cloud of fog floating on the battlefield of the book and the seven nails.

As soon as he appeared on the battlefield, a series of glowing symbols flew towards him from the book and wrapped him up. And with the help of the black vortex, he barely maintained his position on the battlefield and stopped his 'fog' being dissipated by the suction force.

In front of him, countless pages began to fly and spin in the air, slowly an old man who dressed in white appeared in the cloud of pages. The old man didn't have any expression on his face, but many symbols on the pages that were near him began to glow brightly and shoot towards the seven nails.

"Senior practitioner?" Chu Yunsheng immediately recognized the old man. It was exactly like the old man he saw in the black stone stele.

The only difference was that the man in the black stone stele seemed to be more realistic. But the man in front of him right now was a little bit blurry. And no matter how Chu Yunsheng speaks to him, he didn't have any reactions.

"Just a projection?" Chu Yunsheng was alerted. He also stopped moving. It seemed like he had grasped something.

He couldn't control the ancient book, but that black vortex was indeed a part of him. Through the sixth nerve-like line, he discovered that could use his rich life force as the energy supplement to increase the power of the black vortex.

However, the seven nails were too powerful, despite he used the fastest speed to infuse energy into the black vortex, its power would not be increased a lot. He needed time, a lot of time.

The battle between the ancient book and the seven nails was still going. The entire isolated fourth-dimensional space was illuminated and shaken by their bright energy attacks.

Each attack would make Chu Yunsheng felt like his soul was about to be shattered. After he painfully withstood the attack for a dozen times, he suddenly noticed that there was a human-shaped figure behind the seven nails, and it was on its knees. It seemed like it was trembling constantly.

As Chu Yunsheng paid more attention to the figure, he discovered that the figure also seemed to be murmuring something.

Hearing its voice, it instantly alerted Chu Yunsheng. It was the old voice that he heard before he was dragged into this place.

'But why the person that was able to make the strange claw master surrender and make the crystal dressed beings run away? Where were its rampant arrogance and its condescending attitude now?' Chu Yunsheng wondered.

"That seven nails do not belong to him?" an idea suddenly came into Chu Yunsheng's mind. But he was not very sure. However, what he heard next completely stunned him.

"...This inferior one really didn't know that Sovereign God is here. Otherwise, this inferior one would never ever dare to offend Sovereign God..."

"Sovereign God, please forgive this inferior one. This inferior one was really just passing by back in the day when you and the other Sovereign god started the war..."

"This inferior one was not powerful enough to escape, and eventually trapped in the weapon of the other Sovereign god. Please, forgive this inferior one..."

"This inferior one has been trapped in this hell-like place for many years, this inferior one really didn't mean.... In order to make up the mistake, this inferior one made, please allow this inferior one to serve Sovereign god forever..."


Chu Yunsheng didn't know how to react anymore, his mind was completely blank. Since the day he started to learn the knowledge in the ancient book he had already tried to guess the senior practitioner's identity. But he didn't expect that someone would call him 'God'!

And before he was able to come back from his shock, the figure suddenly laughed out loud.

"Hahaha... you have already fallen! I have been trapped in this place for so long that I am even scared by a projection!"

"How foolish I was. If he didn't fall, how come he couldn't defeat the primary weapon of the other Sovereign god..."

"How lucky I am! Getting two Relics from two fallen Sovereign gods. And the other one is also a Zhu Shen Bing (TL: God's primary weapon)... hahaha... Huh? What is this?"

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