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Chapter 447 The war between Gods 1/3

 Chapter 447 The war between Gods (1/3)

"This place?..." After the darkness, Chu Yunsheng was sucked into that unknown place again.

Above him was still that black vortex, the surroundings were still very blurry, vast and empty. He couldn't see the ancient book nor the seven nails.

But he didn't stay here for long. He was soon pulled out by the black vortex, and through it, he went outside the unknown space.

It was the place that he was familiar with. The space was grotesque in shape and gaudy in color. It was very strange and bizarre. He had been to this place many times, but he could not see it clearly every time.

This time was also the same. Just when he was thinking that those things might be the projections of the three-dimensional world in the fourth-dimensional space, he suddenly saw many book pages flew past him. The symbols on each page were glowing in dazzling light.

Opposite them were seven nails, they were floating neatly in a row revealing cold fierce light pressing on the light that revealed by the book pages.

Both the book and the nails were like mortal enemies for millions of years. As soon as they met each other, they began to unleash their powerful energy attacks.

Before Chu Yunsheng was able to see the result of the attack, an unprecedented powerful force instantly shattered the fourth-dimensional space and 'kicked' him straight out of the space. At the same time, it stirred up an invisible force wave pushing out of Earth, out of the solar system, and into the deeper space.

Meanwhile, in a place deep inside the milky way, a space overlord was sitting on its thrown solemnly and majestically looking down at a group of beautiful girls dancing in an extremely exquisite pavilion stage below him.

Around it, sat many of its courtiers who always praised its achievements from time to time while watching the dance.

Suddenly, the overlord changed its expression. Its face was twisted in fear and its body was shivering. "After all those years... They still haven't finished fighting! ..."


Before Chu Yunsheng was 'kicked' out of the place, he vaguely saw a figure that was thrown out one of the seven nails. Then the powerful force instantly made him blackout for almost half a minute.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw Edgar and Dark.

In a state of trance, Chu Yunsheng faintly felt that it was the book that sent him out of the 'battlefield'.

However, this type of protection was not going to last very long. Through the sixth nerve-like line that was glowing in the dim red light, he clearly felt that the book and that seven nails were reconstructing the shattered fourth-dimensional space rapidly.

At the same time, there was a strong suction force come from one of the nails. Through the spiritual connection with the book, it was pulling his conscious back into that world again. And the book couldn't even stop it this time.

When Chu Yunsheng realised that he came out of that unknown space and he was still alive, he was relieved. However, the reality once again shattered his hope when he felt that he was being slowly pulled back again.

He gritted his teeth and forced himself to calm down. Since there was no way back, he needed to arrange everything properly before he goes.

"Mr.Lennon, you are awake!" Edgar was thrilled. Seeing Chu Yunsheng's eyes quickly regain its lively luster, he was very excited.

Dark who was next to Edgar also stared at Chu Yunsheng with worries.

"I don't have much time left..." While enduring the powerful force that was trying to suck his consciousness back in, Chu Yunsheng said slowly. "I... need you to do something for me..."

"Mr.Lennon, you will be..." Edgar was trying to encourage Chu Yunsheng, however, he was immediately interrupted by him.

"Please... I have not begged anyone before... Please do it for me..." Chu Yunsheng grabbed his hand tightly and said.

Looking at Chu Yunsheng's eyes filled with despair, Edgar gritted his teeth and said. "O...kay... Mr.Lennon, I'll get it done!"

"Find... out what happened to my aunt's family... take them back from New York, and bury them in Shen Cheng city... this is my dying wish... please help me to bury them... I'll be forever grateful to you..."

"Don... t... worry, I'll get it done...." Edgar choked up. Tears were constantly running down from Edgar's face.

Chu Yunsheng gave him a smile and slowly took out a pile of papers from the storage talisman. There were many strange symbols and notes written on it.

"Originally, I want to give you that book, but I can't take it out now...

This is the cultivation methods I have sorted out recently. I have noted down all the words I know of... it is not perfect... but I don't have time to...

If you have time, make several copies of them, give one to Cao Zhengyi and Jiang Qianqin, one to the ruler of Zhiwu forest, Bi Fangting is over there, I hope you can find him... give one to a girl called Tang Yi in The Mountain City, tell her that... that... I owe them five millions of lives..."

Chu Yunsheng's face was twisted in pain, it made him hard to speak a full sentence properly. Only after a while when the pain was slightly reduced did he said. "If you can find out that Jin Ling city had nothing to do with my family's death, give them one as well... but do not let it fall in hands of those aliens, including Tan Ning... if you see anyone that is still resisting, anyone that is still fighting those aliens, you can decide that if you want to give to them or not..."

"Mr.Lennon... as long as I am still alive, I'll find out what happened, I'll definitely finish the task you give to me... I'll... Mr.Lennon..." Edgar was choked up with tears.

"Hehe... Edgar... be strong and courageous..." Chu Yunsheng smiled at him.

"Yes... Mr.Lennon, be strong... and courageous..." Edgar nodded his head and said. But tears still running down from his face.

Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng noticed that his surroundings became blurry again. Knowing that he didn't have much time left, he hurried up and said. "There is a kid in Hong Kong, he is my... my brother's son, I have asked a Hong Kong officials called Huo Jiashan to look after him for me. If any of those resistances become powerful enough, please ask them to look after that kid for me... you can also give one copy to the person called Lee Taidou, ask him to teach the kid. And tiger... sigh... please don't disrupt its life..."

Edgar carefully listened to every word Chu Yunsheng said. He held back his sob, and didn't dare to interrupt Chu Yunsheng.

"It's time to go!" Chu Yunsheng patted Edgar's shoulder weakly and said.

"Mr.Lennon, the restriction is gone now. Let's go together!" Edgar suddenly said.

Chu Yunsheng shook his head. "I am stuck here by the seven nails. I can't move. Go... help me to complete those things. Don't die here. Otherwise, I won't rest in peace..."

"No... I don't believe it..." said Edgar while trying to drag Chu Yunsheng's body. However, his effort was meaningless. Chu Yunsheng's body didn't move at all.

"Go!" Chu Yunsheng sighed and ordered the green shelled insects to hook him away.

Dark still executed his order loyally without any hesitations. It ordered all the rest of flying insects to escort Edgar away. But Dark itself didn't move at all.

"Dark, leave..." Chu Yunsheng's eyesight became more than more blurry.

But Dark didn't say a single word, nor did it move. It used its action to respond to Chu Yunsheng.

"It is useless to stay here with me... I also need you to do one thing..."

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