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Chapter 445 death charge

 Chu Yunsheng's heart instantly sank. Then he suddenly realized that the person was already onto him when his cabinet first appeared in the area. Whatever he did after that was just like a joker playing a funny game in front of that man.

But it seemed like it was not just him who was kept in the dark, Christa and the island Min also seemed to be used by it and didn't know about it.

He took a quick glance at the Christa, noticing that her face was extremely pale and her body was shaking constantly. It was completely different than when she was facing Chu Yunsheng. It was actually the first time for Chu Yunsheng to see an alien that was genuinely scared of something so much.

She obviously knew something more than Chu Yunsheng, otherwise, she would have revealed such a terrified expression.

Chu Yunsheng was not Edgar, he had personally been to the graveyard of spaceships under the ground and heard of many alien's secrets from Yan Min and the crystal dressed beings. So he was sure that this Christa alien definitely knew something that he didn't know.

And it was definitely those secrets that made her change her expression.

Chu Yunsheng didn't have time to find out what the secret was, even if he had time, he would not want to know it. Christa completely lost her ability to fight. There was no way he could win this.

'Run!' this was his only thought and his only method.

He believed that with one hundred high-level green shelled insects and Dark, plus many offensive talismans, there was a chance he would be able to escape from here.

Of course, if Christa could join him now, his chance of escaping would definitely be increased.

Having thought of that, Chu Yunsheng planned to try to wake up Christa and persuade her to join him. But when he glanced at Christa one more time, he completely lost his composure.

"Shit!" He cursed in English. What he saw made his heart sank even deeper, and even his body also began to tremble slightly.

When he looked at Christa one more time, she was no longer standing, she was on her knees! All the insects from the spore forest bowed their heads down, it even included the ghastly kid!

Chu Yunsheng couldn't describe how shocked he was. He almost couldn't believe what saw. If Dark didn't replace the Island Min, he believed that the insects from the creep area would do the same thing.

This was not the divine realm's and the crystal dressed being's mind control. They all willingly surrender to the voice, especially that Christa woman, her eyes didn't lose focus at all.

However, despite what they did, the voice didn't seem to be happy with their behaviors at all.

"Filthy lowly creatures, you are not qualified to kneel before me!..." the voice said coldly and arrogantly, there was a trace of anger in its tone as if it felt humiliated.

What voice said shocked Chu Yunsheng, however, what shocked him even more was that even after Christa and all the Insects below her heard the humiliating words, they didn't show any signs of dissatisfaction. Instead, they became even more devout to the voice.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know why that there was an unprecedented sense of shame and stigma suddenly stabbed into his soul like a sharp knife.

"Huh?" the voice was not interested in Christa, however, it seemed to be very interested in Chu Yunsheng. "Why do you not kneel?" There was a trace of confusion in the voice. It didn't even realize that what it just asked contradicted to what it had said earlier.

"Kneel your mom!" Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth and said angrily. The strange sense of shame and stigma made him inexplicably angry. He quickly turned around and said to Dark. "Let's go!"

"My mom?" the voice suddenly stopped. Then it began to murmur something as if it was trying to remember the past. Only after a while did it finally let out a strange laugh. "Haha... the lowly little creature, how dare you insult me? Oh wait a second, how can you understand what I am saying?" The voice suddenly became very surprised as if it suddenly discovered that a mouse could talk.

It didn't know, and Chu Yunsheng didn't care. All Chu Yunsheng was thinking at the moment was to try to break out from this place.

"You still want to run away? Truly a strange lowly creature..." the voice didn't seem to be concerned at all. But then it seemed to discover something new again. "oh...such a pure life force. It was a shame that this lowly body ruined it... sigh... I will try to figure out how to make the multidimensional body in the future. In the meantime... I really can't stand the filthy smell of the body of such lowly creature."

Chu Yunsheng had already stopped listening to the voice. He was on the back of fourth-formed Green shelled insects trying to fly out of the island.

However, just when he was about to fly out of the spiritual force barrier, he suddenly felt like his soul was being grabbed by something and 'he' was instantly pulled out of his body!

He was sure that in a millionth of a second he had seen the back of his head.

Then an extremely acute pain began to appear everywhere on his body as if someone was peeling his skin off his bones.

Chu Yunsheng immediately realized what was going on. What happened to the island Min is now happening on his body.

He immediately bit his own tongue trying to stay awake. At the same time, he ordered the green shelled insect below him to get out of the area as soon as possible.

However, his body was once again hit by the force, and it almost made him pass out.

"Again!..." Chu Yunsheng was struggling to keep his eyes open. He immediately ordered to green shelled insect to push out again.

However, in the next moment, Chu Yunsheng felt like he hit on a concrete wall. He was instantly thrown off the back of the green shelled Insect.

"Mr.Lennon!" Edgar shouted in panic. The fourth-formed green shelled insect quickly flew back and caught Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng felt like his 'soul' finally came back to him. However, his body started to stop moving.

"Little creature, stop resisting, you can't escape..." the voice said arrogantly.

Chu Yunsheng still ignored it and tried to harness the energy to stimulate his body hoping that it would help him to move.

Once, twice... each energy circulation would help him to regain some abilities to control his body. However, each circulation also made his body bleed even more heavily.

Sixth... seventh...

"Very interesting..." the voice suddenly stopped Christa who was about to capture Chu Yunsheng. There was even a trace of compliment in its tone.

Eventually, Chu Yunsheng resorted his ability to move again. When he was back on the green shelled Insect's back his armor was already covered with his blood.

But he did not order the green shelled Insect to fly outside again. He was standing on the back of the green shelled insect with both of his hands down. Looking at Edgar who was not far away from him, he let out a hollow laugh. "I'm sorry Edgar, I can't take you to America now."

"Don't give up Mr.Lennon! There must be a way!" Edgar said with full of hope.

"Way? There is on...e!" blood suddenly burst out from his mouth. "I'll try to destroy that pillar... you find a way to escape from here!"