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Chapter 444 No one can run away!

 When all the insects, including the worker worms, all came out of the tombs and rushed towards the front line, how powerful and shocking was that!

Sitting on the tomb top, looking at what happened below him, Edgar couldn't calm down at all. Amongst all the people he knew, only Chu Yunsheng could constantly surprise him and shock him. Although Chu Yunsheng normally gave people an impression of an extremely cautious and somewhat paranoid man, whenever it comes to a fight, he would often do something breathtaking.

Recently, he didn't talk much to Chu Yunsheng. The longest time he talked to him was the time he woke up. After that Chu Yunsheng had no more free time to talk to him.

But as a zoologist, after he had gone through the panic and fear period, he was quickly attracted by the insects around him. From culture fluids to the hatching of insects, Edgar really wished that he had the equipment to observe them more carefully.

With the special permission given by Dark, Edgar almost studied everything he could find in the past few days. From touching the purple flame monster to opening a red-shelled insect's mouth and checking how it looked like inside the insect's mouth. He had even gone down energy collection tunnels to check how worker worms collecting energies...

He believed that no scientists in this world had the same blessed conditions of studying the creep insects as him. So he wanted to make the most out of it.

After a few days of study, Edgar seemed to find some important 'knowledge'. He wanted to share his discovery with Chu Yunsheng, however, every time, Chu Yunsheng was either busy practicing his cultivation or thinking something very hard as if he was stuck with a difficult problem.

Seeing what was happening in front of him, Edgar let out a long sigh, and the sigh was filled with pity.

He knew about Chu Yunsheng's original plan, and he knew that Chu Yunsheng didn't try to hide it from him. He was grateful for Chu Yunsheng's trust.

After all, he knew that in that plan, this place would be a very important and secret base. He was also very excited to be the part of this plan. He had even planned that after he found his family, he would come back to this place to continue his research, and find out the solution for the future of humanity.

He didn't know why Chu Yunsheng would suddenly change his plan, but he had been following Chu Yunsheng very long now, he knew that this was not something he should ask.

Suddenly, Edgar was lifted up by something. He was startled and immediately started to struggle. Only after a few seconds did he finally realized that it was a green shelled insect, and surprisingly he quickly calmed down.

Soon after he was lifted up, and after a loud eruption noise, the tomb slowly started to collapse and many strange liquids began to gush out like a flood.

Edgar was very familiar with this scene, what happened in the yellow mountain flashed in his mind again. It made his body suddenly trembled.

Just when he panicked, a black figure shot out of the tomb and floated in the mid-air. It was holding a long spear; a pair of armor-like wings were spreading out in the wind; a full body black armor was revealing a cold and fierce gleam, and most importantly, it was its eyes. Its bloody eyes were indifferent and cold as if this whole world didn't deserve its attention.

It was not just Edgar that was surprised by its appearance, Chu Yunsheng who was ready to fight Christa was also both surprised and confused by its appearance.

Looking at all the liquid in the creep area was gathered together and wrapped Dark around, Chu Yunsheng frowned.

He didn't know if this should be considered as good news or not. But since the time he successfully reversed the monster seal talisman, Dark's behavior made him very worried. It was no longer a creature that simply followed the order of the Seal Mark, it was more like a standalone consciousness but closely related to him. When the blue light destroyed Shu Du city, it even disobeyed his order, tried to save his life by sacrificing its own life.

"Is it because of life force?" Chu Yunsheng shook his head and stopped looking at it. "I need to find some time talk to it."


Christa was calmly commanding the swarm at a place far away behind the front line. She was also surprised to see what the Fire Bugs were doing. But when she saw that Chu Yunsheng decided to destroy the tombs, she was completely confused.

She didn't understand why Chu Yunsheng would choose this method. It would only speed up its own death. There was no way that they could win this war.

But soon, she noticed something. Behind the 10km long front line, there was a high-level green shelled Insect in every few hundred meters distance.

Those green shelled Insects never joined the defence, but they would dive down from time to time to capture some spore insects and eat them.

There were around one hundred of them, spreading out behind the front line. They were trying to level up as fast as they could!

Christa had a chill down to her spine. She was not worried that those Green shelled Insects would change the situation of the war. But she was shocked to see Chu Yunsheng wanted to sacrifice his creep area just for a hundred green shelled Insects.

However, she was just shocked, that was all. She didn't plan to stop Chu Yunsheng's crazy action. Since his action did not affect the war much. She would eventually win this war. So she just stood on the back of the ghastly kid and watched her swarm pushed deeper and deeper into the creep area.

Time quickly passed, the insects from the creep area started to reduce rapidly and there were no more new units to join the defence at the front line. A hundred Green shelled insects were getting stronger and stronger, and Dark also seemed to almost finish what it was doing.

Chu Yunsheng was counting down the time. He didn't want to wait until all the insects died then leave. It would only give Christa a chance to chase after him. Once Dark finished what it was doing, he would immediately leave with a hundred Green shelled insects.

With those one hundred Green shelled insects, Chu Yunsheng believed that he could easily get to America, even though there might be a strange giant claw sea monster.

However, just when Dark stepped out of the liquid pillar, and when he wanted to send out a retreat order, an old voice suddenly rang out in the entire island.

"Want to leave? Too late!"

Chu Yunsheng instantly changed his facial expression. The thing that he worried the most still happened. "Who is it!" He asked instinctively.

"Who am I? Hmm... let me think..." the voice seemed to come from the ancient time.

"Who am I? Sigh, it has been too long, I couldn't remember it..." the voice murmured.

"Go, now!" Chu Yunsheng face was livid. He quickly sent out the retreat order.

"Naive little creature, you think you can run away? No one can run away once you entered this space!" The voice suddenly laughed coldly.