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Chapter 443 kill them all

 Edgar turned around and started to talk to Christa again. While talking, his expression began to change, and it was getting worse and worse.

"What happened?' Chu Yunsheng patiently waited until they finished talking.

Edgar hesitated for a second and said. "Mr.Lennon, she asked us to surrender."

"Surrender!?" Chu Yunsheng suddenly laughed out loud. "Why all of sudden?" He asked.

Edgar took a secret peek at Christa guessing that she probably didn't understand Chinese, so he quickly said. "She said that we can't defeat her, and this island can't fall into the hands of The Fire Bug."

"Fire bug? She meant those insects?" Chu Yunsheng was confused.

"Yes, she claimed that they are here to correct the fire bug's mistakes. This is their mission. So she will not give it up. She said that we have to surrender." said Edgar.

"Correct?" Chu Yunsheng was even more confused now. However, he didn't plan to find out what the mistake was. He just thought for a second said to Edgar. "Tell her that I will surrender, but I will need some time to think. Ask her to stop attacking us right now and give us a few more days to think."

Edgar always could not find out Chu Yunsheng's real strength was, but he slightly understood what Chu Yunsheng wanted him to do. He knew that Chu Yunsheng wanted to stall for time. In terms of why he needed more time, Edgar knew that it was not his concern. So he thought for a second about what he needed to say and then spoke to Christa again.

After a few minutes of negotiation, Edgar finally said to Chu Yunsheng again. "She said that she could only give us three days to think."

"Okay, three days it is." Although Chu Yunsheng said casually, he was actually very concerned about if the woman was lying or not.

So he returned to the main tomb with Edgar while his mind was filled with concerns. The swarm from both sides also retreated from the front line very soon. The desolate island finally fall into a peaceful silence.

But, in the next day, Chu Yunsheng was relieved, it was not that Christa kept her promise and didn't attack Chu Yunsheng. It was actually that she seemed realized that Chu Yunsheng had lied to her. So she began to march her swarm towards Chu Yunsheng's creep area again.

Because she found out that since the moment she pulled her swarm back from the front line, Chu Yunsheng was constantly hatching the higher level Insects. She was not stupid, she immediately realised what Chu Yunsheng wanted to do, It made her very angry.

Chu Yunsheng was not confident at his own intelligence when comparing to those aliens, he had dealt with aliens many times already, but every time he would end up falling into their traps. This was the main reason why when the woman gave him three days allowance would make him worry, but when she attacked him, he would feel relieved.

The war once again broke out on the island. But Chu Yunsheng didn't plan to join the fight at the moment. There was Dark in the creep area commanding all the insects in the swarm, it was much better him.

His attention was attracted by that seven stone pillars. Apart from its gigantic shape and the ability to block spiritual force, it seemed like very ordinary stone pillars.

However, when the island Min was replaced by Dark, and when it's Life force was sucked into that unknown space, he suddenly felt that there was a strange fluctuation around one of the pillars.

He didn't pay much attention to it at that time. After all, for the stone pillars that were able to block spiritual force, a little energy fluctuation seemed very normal. It was at the second time when he noticed it, it really started to alert him. When the swarms from both sides pulled back to their territories, and in the day when both swarms didn't fight each other, the fluctuation appeared around that pillar again.

This time, it was very clear, even Dark also felt it.

Under the influence of the strange energy fluctuation, the insects from both sides eagerly wanted to fight each other.

Chu Yunsheng was a cautious man, when he noticed the strange phenomenon, he immediately started to pay full attention to it.

However, after Christa marched her forced into the creep area again, the fluctuation disappeared.

"Why incited the war?"

Chu Yunsheng had been sitting on the tomb top thinking about this question for the whole day.

"War... war... war..." suddenly there was a strange idea flashed in his mind. He suddenly gazed at the front line and murmured. "War... death!"

"Dark, send out an elite group to capture one live insect from the spore forest, and use the tomb at the front line to engulf it!" Chu Yunsheng's eyes were revealing the cold gleam.

Dark would never disobey Chu Yunsheng's order, and it would also never ask. All it did was just following Chu Yunsheng's order immediately without any hesitations.

Immediately, five purple flame monsters were sent towards the front line, and with the help of the insects in the sky, they captured a live green ripple insect and pulled it back to the creep area.

On the front line that stretched out for almost 10km, this special operation didn't affect the overall situation of the war. And since the elite group quickly retreated from the front line, Christa didn't do anything.

Dark's clone quickly arrived at the tomb that was near the front line, and Chu Yunsheng followed closely behind. Despite the green ripple Insect was struggling very hard, it still couldn't help but seeing itself being dragged into the tomb.

Once it was dragged into the tomb, countless tube immediately spat sticky liquid at it and wrapped it into a big meatball.

"Engulf it." Chu Yunsheng said coldly.

Dark immediately executed the order without saying a single word. Instantly dozens soft tubes flew out from deeper inside the tomb and inserted into the meatball.

With the insect's special engulfing ability, a trace of Life force went into Chu Yunsheng's unknown space through Dark and monster seal talisman.

"No reaction?" Chu Yunsheng frowned while looking at the stone pillars.

"Dark, capture another one!"

Half an hour later, another insect from the spore forest was dragged into the tomb...

"Still no reaction?"


Three... four... five...

Finally, when the 36th insect was engulfed by the tomb, the stone pillar started to react!

"As I expected!" Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath and stared at the stone pillar coldly.

He just found out that the strange fluctuation was trying to steal the life force!

But the strange thing was that when Chu Yunsheng tried to stop it. It immediately flew away.

"Why does stone pillars needed life force? Is it because...?"

Although Chu Yunsheng found out that what he thought was correct he was not happy at all. To him, anything that was related to life force was extremely dangerous.

It was not hard for him to realise that there was someone behind this. And that person was still trying to hide its existence.

"Dark, the plan has changed!" Chu Yunsheng frowned and said.

The original plan was no longer safe. This island was no longer suitable to be Dark's base. This was someone else's territory. But he still needed high-level insects. So his only plan right now was to use the Insects from the spore forest to upgrade his insects, and leave this place as soon as possible.

"Kill them all!" Chu Yunsheng pointed at one area at the front line and said coldly.