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Chapter 442 Christa

 Chu Yunsheng had thought of many answers that Edgar would give him, he even thought that Edgar would hesitate for a long time and still could not give him an answer, but he didn't expect that Edgar would answer him immediately without thinking it properly. "Mr.Lennon, as far as I know, belief will be changed, but it will never disappear."

Chu Yunsheng let out a hollow laugh and began to smoke a cigarette. Then he carried on. "Oh is it? I don't understand this philosophical thing. But I have been thinking, that maybe only the things that don't exist, or the things like you said that people want to have but couldn't have, would be pursued by people and would become their beliefs. Maybe they are just lies that people force themselves to believe in, because the things that we could easily get would never become..."

He didn't carry on saying it. Because he suddenly remembered the creatures that were imprisoned inside the crystal dressed beings ship. Those both strange and familiar creatures, those that seemed to be straight out of the myth...

Chu Yunsheng was not stupid, he might not be able to recognize other creatures, but there was no way that he didn't know that female human-like creature who had a pair of wings on her back.

It was just that he suppressed himself from thinking that thing. He felt like if he followed his original thoughts, he would end up finding out something that he didn't want to know and he would have a hard time to accept it.

Both people fell silent one after another. Edgar didn't want to speak because he still needed something to process what he saw. Chu Yunsheng didn't want to talk because his mind was in a whirl, he needed a moment to pull himself together.

To be honest, Chu Yunsheng actually envied of Edgar. By saying 'you should be strong and courageous!' the man would always get rid of negative thoughts from his mind completely.

After a moment of silence, Chu Yunsheng suddenly remembered that Edgar has not eaten yet, so he took out some food and a bottle of unknown alcohol that Feng Yuting gave to him. The weather on the island was very humid and cold, with the strength of Yuan Tian stage Three Chu Yunsheng did not think that he would have a problem with it. But Edgar was different, he was just an ordinary man. Although he had an energy shield, if he was not careful enough, he would get sick easily in this kind of weather condition.

Eating the food, drinking the alcohol, Chu Yunsheng was still struggling to grasp the things that he felt when he heard the island Min's last word, and Edgar was still thinking about his wife and kids. Both of them fell silent again, only the sounds of insects roaring kept reminding that they were still sitting on the tomb top.

With the help of Dark, there was no need for Chu Yunsheng and Edgar to take turns to guard the area, both of them later went into the warm tomb. Until the next day when the hazy shimmer appeared in the sky, Dark suddenly sent over a strange message to Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows and jumped up, through the tubes on the wall of the tomb, he quickly got to the tomb top. Over there, the only forth-formed green shelled insect in the creep area was already waiting. He then immediately got on the back of the green shelled insect and flew toward the front line.

The message that Dark sent to him was both strange and shocking. There was another human on this island! What was more surprising was that the human was from the spore forest, and it was that human contacted Dark first.

Chu Yunsheng was not a reckless man. Not to mention that the current force of the spore forest was greater than his, even if it was smaller than his, he would not underestimate the potential enemy.

The green shelled insect quickly dived down and flew into the front line. Soon, a big triangle-shaped black insect appeared in Chu Yunsheng's sight.

Ghastly kid? Chu Yunsheng's heart sank, he quickly took out the ancient bow and began to think several fighting plans.

When he got even closer, his eyes suddenly dilated, behind the gashly kid's back stood a human! To be precise, it was a woman with blond hairs and blue eyes, her slender body was covered in a strange leather-like skin-tight suit, revealing her voluptuous body shape.

This was the second time for Chu Yunsheng to see someone that could stand on the back of a ghastly kid. Last time it was outside the yellow mountain area. It was a student like a girl who was also wearing a pair of glasses. The calm and peaceful feeling that she gave to Chu Yunsheng at that time was very clear.

But the woman in front of him right now was different, despite the same feeling of vigorous life that was emanated from all over her body, instead of giving Chu Yunsheng a peaceful and calm feeling, this time, she gave she a feeling of the wildness of primitive life.

"Are you....?" the woman could not see Chu Yunsheng's real face, so she asked something in English.

Chu Yunsheng was only able to understand the first few words, but he completely lost what she said after.

"Send Edgar here." Chu Yunsheng immediately ordered Dark to get Edgar. Both he and Dark did not understand English, he forgot what he learned in the school, and Dark never engulf any foreigner before to study their language...

The woman frowned. She probably also realized that Chu Yunsheng did not understand her. Just when she was thinking what to do, she saw that another green shelled insect was carrying a black man toward them.

The woman's eyes instantly were wide open. She was extremely surprised.

"Ask her who she is, and which alliance she belongs to. Also, ask her why she is looking for me?" Chu Yunsheng quickly asked Edgar to translate the question for him. No one expected that on a remote island, there would still be humans here.

Edgar nodded his head and said something to the woman.

The woman was dazed for a second and then began to examine Chu Yunsheng more carefully from top to bottom. She then said something carefully to Edgar.

"Mr.Lennon, her name is Christa. She said that she does not belong to any alliances. She only belongs to The spore forest." Edgar tried to explain as much detail and as accurate as possible.

"Not even the Wood Race alliance?" Chu Yunsheng has never seen anyone from the wood race alliance before. So he instinctively thought that the woman belonged to Wood Race alliance.

"Let me ask her again." Edgar also did not know the answer, so he asked her again.

This time Chu Yunsheng understood what she said. Because the woman just simply shook her head.

"No." although Edgar knew that Chu Yunsheng might already know what the woman was talking about, he still translated it for him.

"So, why she is looking for me? " Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and asked.