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Chapter 441 what would you do

 "Your master? You! You?" the island Min was slowly losing in the spiritual fight, it was struggling in pain.

This was a type of withering process, it was like using an invisible knife splitting one's mind from its physical body, but this type of pain did not just exist on the spiritual layer of one's mind, it also appeared on its body as well. Hence, the island Min was still struggling in pain.

But Dark already stopped talking. Because it could feel that Chu Yunsheng didn't seem to 'like' that it had an ability to talk. Although this type 'dislike' was very obscure, it who shared the same life force with Chu Yunsheng could still feel it.

Rage, panic, fear, all kinds of feeling were mixed together while the island Min trying to find an answer in the book of insect. However, it still couldn't find it.

More and more insects were pulled back from the front line and rushed towards the island Min's main tomb. There were countless insects both in the air and on the ground.

Half an hour later, the spiritual fight finally came to the end, the force of Dark was like a powerful shockwave spreading outward like waves!

The method of replacing the old ruler with the new ruler that Dark used was extremely cruel, primitive and barbaric. All the insects bowed their heads down when the new ruler's force reached them.

At the same time, the island Min's consciousness was slowly fade away. But it still kept sending signals over to Dark asking it why it would do this...

However, Dark coldly ignored all its signals. Not a single word nor an explanation, it was quiet and indifferent.


When the island Min's force was wiped out from the last tomb in the creep area, the entire fourth-dimensional space around the creep area was instantly filled with Dark's force.

The new force suddenly boomed in the fourth-dimensional space and spread outwards reaching the first batch of the insects from the spore forest.

Instantly, all the heads of the lower-level insects of the spore forest that entered the creep area first exploded.

Even Chu Yunsheng who was in the tomb also felt a powerful force bounced back to him. Before he was able to react, the black vortex in that unknown space immediately began to speed up spinning, forming a powerful suction sucking something into that unknown world. Then, the part of life force that was consumed by Dark was quickly recovered, within a few seconds, it was recovered to the original amount.

Chu Yunsheng's heart skipped a beat. 'I sucked its life force?'

In the next moment, a great and vast life force chain that extended from the deep darkness towards the unknown empty space, crossing countless galaxies and many extremely strange and mysterious places suddenly flashed in his mind within a billionth of a second, as if it was a dream....


Edgar was woken up by the force. However, seeing himself was surrounded by the insects, he shouted. ""Oh my god!" and then passed out again.

Despite Dark took over the control of the creep area, the danger was not over yet. Although Dark notified Chu Yunsheng about the situation of Edgar, he didn't have time to check him at the moment. The swarm from the spore forest was still pushing fiercely.

Originally, Chu Yunsheng wanted to Dark give a list of things that it needed to do after it took over the control of the creep area. However, Dark already started to do it even without him mentioning them.

What was more surprising was that Dark even began to deploy the new energy gathering process that he used in Hong Kong. Whether it was ordering golden shelled insects to dig tunnels or ordering green shelled insects to transport the energy, it knew every detail of the process.

The insect's learning ability was truly terrifying. Even if it was done by the monster he controlled, it still scared Chu Yunsheng a little bit. He felt like there was something carved deeply between them.

Standing on the edge of the tomb top, Chu Yunsheng stopped thinking about the mixed feelings he had inside his mind. He took out the ancient bow while gazing coldly at the edge of the creep area.

As he made a step forward, a green shelled insect immediately flew towards him and carried him towards the front line.

The war was not over yet.

After Dark took over the control, Chu Yunsheng asked it to order the swarm to form a defence line on the creep area. The reason why it was a defence order was that they could not defeat the spore forest's force at the moment. They needed to stall for time and use the creep area to their maximum advantages.

Soon, Chu Yunsheng arrived at the defence line. Underneath him, a tomb was under the green army's heavy attack, and it was nearly collapsing. Around it, countless green Insects clashed with red insects. The Insect's dying screams, angry roars appeared constantly from one side of the island to the other side of the island.

Chu Yunsheng was not scared of fighting the ghastly kid now. When he was still an insect, he couldn't do anything to this monster. But now was different. Even if he didn't have the sword and the bow, he still had many offensive Talismans.

However, after he flew around the defence line, he still couldn't find any ghastly kids.

The reason why he came to the front line was to fight the most powerful insect from the spore forest. If the most powerful Insect didn't show up, it would be meaningless for him to stay there. He was not able to change the situation of such a large battle, unless he used everything he had in the battle.

But it was not a wise move. It has not arrived at the most critical moment yet. And what if the most powerful Insect showed up after he had nothing left? Chu Yunsheng didn't want to take that risk.

He didn't know when the other side would send out the most powerful swarm, but he was sure that there was definitely a ghastly kid in the spore forest.

So he had to wait. In the meantime, he wanted to save energy to produce as many high-level Insects as possible.

After he flew another lap around the front line, he used his bow to kill one green ripple Insect that broke through the defence line, and then flew back to the main tomb.

The sky slowly turned dark until it became pitch black. But the attack from the spore forest never stopped a single second. They continuously pushed closer and closer to the main tomb. Gazing afar at the front line, every once in a while, there would be a powerful light soaring into the sky, and every time it would bring many insect's lives with it.

Chu Yunsheng was patiently sitting on the tomb top. Qian Bi sword was laid next to him.

After a while, he suddenly said. "You are awake."

Behind him, Edgar was slowly being lifted up by a tube. He nodded his head and said with mixed feelings. "I'm Sorry, I became your burden again. "

After he said it, he suddenly let out a bitter laugh. He thought that he knew Chu Yunsheng better than anyone else, but every time the reality would remind him that he just knew the tip of the iceberg.

"There is no such thing as burdens in this world..." Chu Yunsheng paused for a second. It seemed like he didn't want to carry on this topic. He didn't know why he would suddenly think of the last words that the Island Min said.

"Edgar, let me ask you a question. What if... what if you found out that the belief that supported you to live on this world no longer existed, what would you do?" he raised his head staring into the dark sky and said.