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Chapter 440 My master is the book of insec


"I need to use the human's scent to cover mine in order to avoid other enemies in the sea." Chu Yunsheng quickly came up with an excuse and said.

However this time, the Min didn't answer him. Chu Yunsheng's heart sank. He didn't know if it really noticed that he was lying or not, but He was ready to give up this plan.

The boat was moved closer and closer to the beach that was covered with creep by the waves. But Min still hadn't responded to him.

"Min!?" Chu Yunsheng asked one more time to see the other side received his response or not.

"....." it seemed like it was busy doing something.

Just when Chu Yunsheng wanted to start the boat again, Min finally responded.

"Okay, I found it!" Min suddenly said excitedly. "According to the 3122nd rule of the book of insect, your conditions meet the requirements, so your identity is now verified."

And right after it finished talking, Chu Yunsheng immediately heard some noises and saw some areas on the island were suddenly pushed up as if something was coming towards him. Soon, he saw a strange tube broke out of the creep area that covered beach near Chu Yunsheng.

'Is it inviting me to go to the tomb?' looking at the long bump that caused by the tube crawling underneath the ground seemed to link a giant tomb, Chu Yunsheng thought.

He took a deep breath and picked up Edgar who was still unconscious, then jumped out of the boat. He stored the boat back to his talisman before he ran into the tube with his full speed.

Once he got into the tomb, there would be nowhere to hide, and his real identity would be exposed.

So he was running while trying to distract the Min. "Min, base on the book of insect, when two Mins meet each other, each Min will need to have a name to differentiate themselves from each other...."

"A name? ...." The signal went silent for a second, and then came back on. "Oh, I found it. Okay, you can call me Island Min."

"No, that name is already taken by other Min." Chu Yunsheng immediately said.

The island Min was dazed for a second, and perhaps it was because of seven stone pillars on the island, it said again. "Then, call me Pillar Min."

"No, it is taken..."

"Seven Min"

"No, it is taken..."

"Sea Monster?"

"No, it is taken..."


"It is taken..."

No matter what name the island Min gave to Chu Yunsheng, Chu Yunsheng would immediately say no without even thinking about it.

After a dozen times, the island Min eventually fell silent. But Chu Yunsheng could see the end of the tube.

"You are a human!" Min finally found his real identity, and it was furious.

"That is right!" Chu Yunsheng didn't want to find another excuse, because he knew that the Island Min was determined this time.

He immediately tied Edgar to his back using the tendon that he brought from Shen Cheng city and activated the armor's speed ability.

"I am a human." he carried on sending the message over, and dashed forward, splitting the first red-shelled insect that was charging toward him.

"Kill him!" the island Min immediately gave the order coldly. Those insects that were guarding the tomb instantly flocked into the tube like a flood.

Chu Yunsheng's pupils dilated instantly. He immediately unleashed an around a sword Qi and clashed into the insect's group.

The ordinary red-shelled insects could no longer withstand his attack, the higher level insects were already deployed on the front line, within such a short period of time, the island Min could not pull them back in time.

Chu Yunsheng used exactly this time gap to break into the tomb. No matter how many ordinary red-shelled insects were there, they could not stop him at all.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three icicle whirlwind talismans that cast out by Chu Yunsheng formed three horizontal icy tornados blasting the first batch of red-shelled insects out of the tube.

But insects were not scared of dying, just right after the first batch was pushed out of the tube, the second batch of red-shelled insects immediately flocked in. At the same time, the end of the tube slowly became smaller and smaller.

Min wanted to cut the tube completely!

Chu Yunsheng took back the sword and took out the bow, he immediately unleashed an arrow of light toward the end of the tube to stop it from closing.


As the arrow of light exploded when it hit the end of the tube, it instantly blasted open a huge hole.

"How is it possible?" the island Min could not believe that Chu Yunsheng was that powerful. It was a star-rank three tomb! He did not expect that a human would destroy the wall of the tomb so easily.

A sense of humiliation and anger both surged out from its mind and made it stop the attack at the front line instantly. It ignored all the consequences that might cause after pulling back the force, it just wanted to kill this human!

"It is too late now!" Chu Yunsheng snorted coldly. When Min sent out the signal, he immediately felt the ground began to shake violently. It was the insects rushing back trying to save this island Min.

At a place far away behind the frontline of the spore forest's insects force, a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes was standing on the back of a horrifying triangle-shaped monster floating ups and downs gazing afar at the swarm moving quickly away from the frontline. Her brows were pressed tightly together, and her eyes were filled with confusion. She raised her hand and gently swung it in the air, instantly all the insects from the spore forest pushed into the creep area.

Of course, Chu Yunsheng who was in the tomb would not see this. He was currently busy using his sword to cut many offensive tubes that were shooting toward him. At the same time, he once again started to infuse his life force into the monster seal talisman.

In fact, since he got off the boat he already started to infuse his life force into the monster seal talisman, and it was because he had a rich life force, that was why his appearance did not change much.

"Puff!" as Chu Yunsheng recited the summoning incantation, Dark instantly appeared inside the tomb. And as Its bloody eyes glared around the tomb, all the insects inside the tomb suddenly stopped. Moreover, some of the red-shelled insects that just came out of the meatball were trembling in fear under its cold glare.

"Min?" the island Min was completely confused. It was just a human earlier, but why there was a Min suddenly came out of nowhere.

While island Min was confused, Dark who was extremely cold immediately unleashed its spiritual force to forcibly take over the control of Island Min's swarm.

Although the life force could not recover its physical injuries that caused by the blue light beam in Shu Du city, it enhanced its spiritual force, and made it several times greater than the island Min.

All the insects that just rushed back from the frontline instantly stopped at outside the tomb. Not a single one of them moved.

"You! Based on the book of insect, you are violating.... " the island Min shouted in horror.

"In here, my master is the book of insect!" Dark suddenly said coldly. It also made Chu Yunsheng very confused.