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Chapter 439 strange island

 Fortunately, apart from the first sea monster that appeared, they did not encounter any other monsters afterward. After all, the ocean was too big, even if there were many sea monsters, they would be spread out all over the ocean. Moreover, Chu Yunsheng guessed that large sea monsters would have their own food circles, so there was no way for them to gather in one place, unless there was a special reason.

After a night of drifting in the sea, Chu Yunsheng made a big hole on of the wall of the cabin and got out of the cabin when the shimmer appeared in the sky.

Edgar still hasn't woken up, but since he had energy shield on him, Chu Yunsheng believed that he would eventually wake up.

Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to take out the boat that he prepared before. Although the sea monster was not interested in the flying machine, it didn't mean that it would not be interested in his boat. So before Edgar woke up, he didn't want to take any risks.

Moreover, after he got out of the cabin, he realized that he completely lost his sense of direction. There was not stars or sun above him. There was only water around him.

So he sat on the edge of the cabin thinking what to do while the cabin continued to drift in the ocean. But soon, he noticed something far away from him.

It was an island!

And as he was getting closer and closer to the Island, he noticed that there were some gigantic stone pillars neatly placed in a row on the island.

What was more shocking was that the shape of those pillars. They looked like nails! it was like someone just nailed the island on Earth using those gigantic nails.

No matter how bad Chu Yunsheng was at Geography, he knew that the Island in front him was not Hawaii Islands.

The cabin was still drifting closer and closer to the Island. He began to see more things.

"Tomb? Insects?" He instantly frowned.

He was then shocked by what he saw next. "Spore forest?"

'How come two Insect's races that always fight each other exist on the same Island?' Chu Yunsheng was confused.

Soon, Chu Yunsheng began to hear insect's roars, and see the insects from two swarms constantly crashed into each other.

From the angle Chu Yunsheng was in, he could see that the Spore Forest had the upper hand in the battle. They had already captured two-thirds of the island, and they were still pushing forward!

However, the strange thing was that Chu Yunsheng couldn't feel Min's force.

After he reached the Yuan Tian stage three, and since his sixth nerve-like line began to glow in the space that had the black vortex, he no longer needed to sense Min's force through a medium.

'Without a Min, the swarm wouldn't attack and move like this!' he who used to be an insect was very sure about this.

As he was thinking, he suddenly felt like as if the cabin drift past the boundary of something. Then, he suddenly felt the force of a Min.

"Huh!?" Chu Yunsheng immediately frowned. 'What is going on in this place?'

Looking at the row of gigantic nails, Chu Yunsheng suddenly realized something. He quickly got to the back of the cabin, then the Min's force was suddenly cut off.

'Disappeared!' Chu Yunsheng was shocked.

Then, as he passed the strange boundary again, the Min's force appeared again.

'So, it is this....' but then Chu Yunsheng was confused again. 'What kind of force is this? How come it is able to cut off the spiritual force?'

In his memory, he remembered that the divine realm seemed to have that kind of power in the yellow mountain. However, compared it to the divine realm in the yellow mountain area, the divine realm was only able to gradually cut off the spiritual connection, but the strange force here was able to cut it off instantly.

Moreover, there was no point for the divine realm to be here, since Tan Ning was the fifth heaven's messenger it meant that all the heaven's messengers had returned already.

So it only left with seven strange nail-like stone pillars. Chu Yunsheng thought.

He always had an instinctive vigilance towards the unknown, especially in this type of situation, he was even more cautious.

He quickly took out the modified boat from the storage talisman and wanted to leave the island as soon as possible.

It was at this moment, the Min's force suddenly went into his mind. "Who are you."

Chu Yunsheng wanted to leave this place as fast as he could, however, he was also feared that Min would send out a group of insects to destroy his boat. So he quickly replied. "Who are you?"

He wanted to stall for time until he left a safe distance from the island.

"I am Min!" The Min's answer was very clear.

Chu Yunsheng didn't pay attention to its answer. Only when he was about to start the boat did he suddenly realized something.

'it just said that it is Min! It doesn't have a name yet!' Chu Yunsheng who used to be Feng Min immediately realized what happened.

This Min had been isolated from the rest of the world by that strange boundary!

Then a bold idea suddenly came into his mind. If he could kill this Min and take over its place. It could build an army before he went to America.

He knew that once he showed up in New York, he would be surrounded by many alien forces. At that time, with he and Dark, they would not have any chance to escape.

Not only that, if he had an ' air force', he could also get to New York much quicker.

The only problem he had at the moment was that when a large group of insects flew over the sea, it might attract the mysterious giant claw monster.

"I am sent here by Shang!" Chu Yunsheng thought carefully about the pros and cons of staying on the island then said.

"Shang arrived?" The Min's voice had a clear sign of excitement.

'As I expected, it really doesn't know anything about outside!' Chu Yunsheng thought. At the same time he replied, "yes, Shang arrived already. But because the message channel was intercepted, so..."

"No, you are lying! You are a human!" Chu Yunsheng was suddenly interrupted. It almost scared the shit out of him.

"I have infested this human, if you don't believe me, you can check it using your force." Chu Yunsheng quickly unsealed the monster seal talisman to let out Dark's Life signal.

As Chu Yunsheng expected, the isolated Min couldn't find anything after its force scanned him. However, it suddenly asked another question. "Why there is another human."