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Chapter 438 Crashing

 The arrow-headed golden triangle-shaped flying machine instantly broke through the sound barrier as it speeded up. But strangely, probably because of some special mechanism, it didn't make a loud booming sound.

Within just a few seconds, it shot across the sky of Wu city like a shooting star then disappeared in the darkness.

At the same time, the fleet that was originally flying towards Wu city from the North suddenly took a sharp turn and headed straight towards the direction where the 'shooting star' went. They chased after the 'shooting star'!


It was the first time for both Chu Yunsheng and Edgar to get on this type of flying machine. But Chu Yunsheng was very calm, because he had been on an even more advanced ship before, which was the cubic ship before.

But Edgar was completely new to this. He was completely stunned by the super futuristic cabin and the equipment inside it.

They immediately began to glance around the inside of the flying machine as soon as they got on the ship. Only now did they finally believed that this machine was fully automated, since there was no one inside the machine, not even a robot.

The flight path probably had been set up by Tan Ning. The cockpit of the flying machine was locked so Chu Yunsheng couldn't get in. There were some other doors that were also locked as well. But he didn't think there would be people hiding there.

After the machine began to speed up, Chu Yunsheng and Edgar quickly grabbed the seats in the cabin to prevent them from falling over. Compared to the cubic ship where Chu Yunsheng didn't feel anything when it was flying, Chu Yunsheng could clearly feel the G-force when this flying machine accelerated.

Moreover, from the brief interaction between him and the crystal dressed being, Chu Yunsheng noticed that every aspect of the crystal dressed being reflected their ideology of pursuing the extreme perfection, and grand elegance.

The use of their technology was based on such pursuit. Their ship and their dress were unnecessarily elegant like artworks.

Compared to other aliens, whether it was the Ice race's five thrusters flying machine, Duo Neng race's ship or this flying machine that made by the Metal race, they were all designed based on the practical aspects and usefulness of the ships. None of their flying systems, weapon systems, defence systems, etc... looked flashy and unnecessarily fancy.

However, in terms of the reasons why they were like that, Chu Yunsheng didn't know, but he faintly felt that there might be a big secret behind it.

Since Chu Yunsheng got on the flying machine, he already threw the veiled woman's cube back into the storage talisman. He couldn't count on them anymore. With just one small flying machine, it could easily scare them away, not to mention that there was a fleet of flying machines chasing after him.

The level of the caution of the crystal dressed beings was beyond Chu Yunsheng's expectation. Maybe it was really like what they said that they were still not powerful enough to deal with the other five alien races, or maybe they had other plans. But that was no longer his business anymore.

The reason why he didn't destroy the cube was that he had an inexplicable feeling that that cube might be useful in the future.

While Chu Yunsheng was pondering, the flying machine had already flown into the sky above the sea. Tan Ning was right, the Metal race's flying machine was indeed very fast, the first batch of the flying machines in the fleet that was chasing him was only able to shoot out one round of attack before they lost Chu Yunsheng.

Looking at the hologram image showing that they were gradually getting away from many flying machines that were chasing behind them, Chu Yunsheng finally left out a long sigh of relief. However, in the next second, the flying machine they were in suddenly began to shake violently.

They were still hit by them!

Then, the warning sounds began to ring out in the ship, many strange data-like numbers began to move quickly in the hologram image.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know how bad the damage was, despite the flying machine seemed to be still moving fast on the scheduled route, new strange symbols began to appear on the hologram image with a strange graph, and as the graph became shorter and shorter, the symbols also began to change.

"Tick, tick, tick..."

Chu Yunsheng who had a sensitive hearing suddenly noticed that every time when his watch ticked, the symbol in the hologram would also change.

'Shit! It is counting down!' Chu Yunsheng instantly realised what happened.

"Huh? Base 20 numeral system?" As he looked carefully on the hologram image while listening to the ticking sounded. He suddenly noticed even more strange things.

As an engineer, especially a program debugging engineer, Chu Yunsheng was very familiar with all kinds of Numeral systems. He was even more familiar with his engineering skill than his sword fighting techniques. This was probably the only skill that was useful at this moment.

Base on the frequency it changed its symbol, the roughly estimated meaning of the symbol and the comparison of the ship's speed on the map that was shown in the hologram image and the size of the map, Chu Yunsheng quickly came up with possible crashing time and location.

'The ship will crash into the sea somewhere about 500 kilometers off the west coast of the United States!'

"Edgar, get ready to jump off the ship!" Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth and said.

The ship was shaking more and more violently, surprisingly Edgar didn't scream or panic, he held the edge of the seat tightly to stop himself from moving left and right in the rapid ship.

Time was ticking away quickly, the only thing that Chu Yunsheng felt fortunate was that that strange gigantic claw monster which appeared outside Hong Kong didn't appear this time.

He quickly made an energy shield and cast it on Edgar while he was in the ship. Whether the ship will explode immediately or crash straight into the sea. He needed to prepare for the impact.

Of course, he would not sit there and wait for the ship to crash. The energy shield for Edgar was just a precaution. Although the armor of the ship was very strong, it still couldn't handle the arrow of Howling Cloud.

He wanted to use the arrow to break out the ship and use his armor's levitation ability to slow himself down.

Just when he was about to do it. He suddenly felt another violent shake. Then, the speed of the ship falling into the sea was slowed down. He quickly looked at the hologram again noticing that his cabin seemed to be separated from the main ship.

The ship seemed to have an emergency escape system. After the cabin was ejected from the main ship, it began to glide in the air.


The main ship suddenly exploded in the air even before the cabin can glide a safe distance. The shockwave instantly made Chu Yunsheng's cabin tumbling in the air.

"Puff" despite the energy shield, Edgar still spat out blood and pass out instantly.

The cabin also lost its ability to glide in the air, it started crashing downwards very fast.

Chu Yunsheng quickly grabbed Edgar, and at the same time, he used the other hand to grab something on the wall to stop themselves from tumbling inside the cabin.


Just when Chu Yunsheng wanted to shout to wake up Edgar, the cabin they were in finally hit the surface of the ocean.

The impact was so great that it was like they crashed on the concrete floor, it even made Chu Yunsheng almost spit out blood.

Fortunately, the cabin didn't explode during the first impact, but Chu Yunsheng could clearly see the wall of the cabin was suddenly pressed inward by the powerful impact force.

Finally, they were slowed down. Chu Yunsheng let go of his hands and quickly checked Edgar's injury. Edgar completely lost his consciousness, and he was bleeding everywhere. Chu Yunsheng used his hand to check Edgar's pulse. Luckily, he just passed out.

However, the danger was not over yet. Although the impact had slowed the cabin down a lot, the inertia still sent the cabin deeper into the sea.

The system inside the cabin seemed to be still functioning, but Chu Yunsheng didn't want to stay in a sinking cabin any longer. Just when wanted to break the cabin open and escape from there. He suddenly noticed a huge sea monster was swimming around the cabin.

It made him gave up the idea immediately. It was at that moment, the cabin seemed to activate something, then it began to slowly move upwards.

The strange sea monster didn't seem to be interested in the cabin he was in. It soon disappeared in the hologram image.

Several minutes later, Chu Yunsheng finally saw the surface of the sea again through the hologram image...

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